UK U-lead/Battle vs. IW

Greetings ACP,

Tonight our UK division logged onto Slippers to have a quiet U-lead session. Halfway through the event, IW raided us so unfortunately the owners had to take over. We maxed around 10 or 11 and averaged 9. This is not too bad, for a UK division that is rebuilding. 2 medals for those members who attended. Read on for the pics taken by Alexa. Also, I must say, when IW logged on, the tactics became absolutely atrocious. Try to listen up and not be AFK during events. I could’ve taken pics but my laptop’s screen burnt out, so l am using my mother’s laptop, and it doesn’t have lightshot.

Comment if you came for promotion credit!!

Some people were cropped out here.

Soldier of the Month – FEBRUARY 2015!

Greetings, bonjour and smello to all.

Are you ready? I know you’re ready. Sorry for the wait, but now… here is the new AWESOME soldier of the month who has worked hard during the harsh month of February- 2015!

And for the usual, drumroll pleaseeee…


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Yesterday USA/UK PB VS Water Vikings [Cancelled]

Hey ACP! Purp here. Yesterday at 4:30pm EST, we WOULD have battled the Water vikings but they cancelled it. Therefore, we had a little training session. It went out alright, we maxed 12-13 on CP and did some very nice but simple tactics on CP.

I lost connection halfway through the event, so I hope you troops or owners have pics I could add on (King Mondo, I’m looking at you!). 2 medals if you came and read more for the pics I could find! I’m sure we did many awesome tactics, so come on!

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AUSIA Training Session Results 6/03/15

Cześć ACP.

Today was an average day for the AUSIA division. We logged on White House (a 1 bar server) and maxed 10+. At the end we had another hide and seek session in which Jaisick and Rockman won once more. I’m pretty satisfied with our results today, seeing as I was the only owner on to lead the event. 3 medals to those who attended.

acpevent2 9

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