US St Patrick’s Day Parade Results

Top of the morning to ye laddies! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today the US logged on breeze to have an amazing event maxing 20 and avereged 18.Comment I you came,  pictures are fromBbam.

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[UK/US Division] St. Patrick’s Day Party Results!

Greetings ACP!  Today we held our UK/US St. Patrick’s Day Party on Snow Angel.  We initially tried a couple of servers and also Maxy’s igloo, but bots annoyingly raided us.  Once they left, we managed to have a very good event, averaging 20 and at one stage we managed to have 25!  We also had quite good tactics.  Read more for some more pictures, and COMMENT IF YOU ATTENDED!




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AUSIA Training Session Results 17/03/15


Cześć ACP.

Today we logged on Mammoth for our daily AUSIA event. We averaged about 11-13 and maxed 15, although I didn’t manage to take pictures of that. Overall we did decently although we did have trouble doing some of the tactics. Great job to those who came.

acpevent9 smiles

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Goals for the week

Hey guys, Ahmed here,

Starting from today’s UK events, we will be creating goals for the week, these goals are, these are weekdays too:

AUSIA Division to max 15+ at all events on weekdays

UK Division to max 15+ at all events on weekdays

US Division to max 15+ at all events on weekdays

If we achieve these goals, three best-performing members will get temp mod for the weekend, or if a moderator, only one moderator, will get temp owner for the weekend. What are you guys waiting for, go recruit, be active, motivate troops!

Remember, if we max less than that, there won’t be temp mod and owner.