US PB with RF: Results

Hey ACP, today we logged on thermal to squareoff against rf in a practice battle, we maxed 12 and average 10. Nobody took pics so we have to use Redemption Force’s pictures. Comment if you came!

One again comment if you came ACP. Expect more online though.

《《Fluffyboy3 Acp leader》》

UK/US Training Session RESULTS!

Greetings ACP,

Today at 4:30pm UK, we logged onto Caribou to have a training session. We did very good, we maxed 24, we couldn’t sustain it, but we averaged 22-23 anyway! Good way to kick off the new leadership. Let’s hope to be maxing these sizes consistently and even more. We circled the town for the first time in a while too. This event was quite good for it’s time, we had 30-35 on chat. Read on for the pics…


Pic of 23-24

This tactic was dedicated to Mes Mommy, as it is her birthday today.

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Ausia/UK Training!

Hello Acp!

Today we had an unscheduled Ausia/UK event on the server Breeze! It was great, despite the fact that a lot of you were afk. Make sure not be afk during events! We averaged 16 and maxed around 17, with a chat size of around 30! Well done, comment if you came! Here’s the results:


cute e+7
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Polls and Preferences


Salutations ACP,


Welcome back to another [slightly late *wary*] edition of Polls and Preferences! As a make up for the previous week’s P&P that I just couldn’t get to, there will be not 2 polls, but 4! So let’s get on with it, shall we? Read more for the polls.


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