My Retirement // What do you want?

Hey guys, Purp here! I know, and I DO KNOW, that many people didn’t attend the tourney event. That’s where I announced I was going to retire in 4 days (on my birthday). My retirement post, which is pretty huge, is going to contain a lot of things but there’s so many things to put on that I have no idea what to put on! AHHHHH! I also want to give back to you guys on my post, so here’s what I’m going to do…

I’m going to make ACP parodies of songs: dedicated to you. It’s my specialty to make ACP parody songs. I am also doing other stuff dedicated to you guys. All I want you to do is to comment your answers for these questions:

1) What song do you want me to make an ACP Parody of? (I can do any song. I can’t do many rap songs, but yeah..)

2) What do you want me to put on my retirement post? (example: polls, some sort of story, idk be creative!)

It’s 11pm at night, and now I’m signing off…

Cya! ~Purp

AUSIA Training

Hey guys, Purp here! This morning at 9:30am UK, we logged on for a training. We did very well on CP and executed¬†many great tactics, maxing 14 on CP. I’m not sure why Vex hasn’t posted the results, but I will anyway. Good job everyone who attended.

Read more for my pics and comment if you came!

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UK Training Event

Hey ACP!

We maxed 13 and averaged about 11. Our tactics were pretty shocking for the most part, so I expect big improvement in the upcoming tourney battle. However, we were interrupted by a bot raid, so I can let some of this pass, since we had to go to my igloo for the event. That generally causes more problems for people.

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