US Invasion of Tuxedo [VICTORY]

Hey ACP,


Today we logged on to Tuxedo and successfully invaded the Light Troops server Tuxedo.

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ACP Hunger Games!

Hello ACP!  During this hectic war period I feel it’s important for us to keep ourselves focussed, but also have a little bit of fun in between!  So, click read more to see how you can enter the ACP hunger games!


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UK Invasion of Northern Lights [VICTORY]

Greetings ACP,

This evening at 6:30pm GMT, the ACP logged onto Northern Lights to invade it from the evil Light Troops. We did no good, we only maxed 8. LT logged on late, they were bigger than us for most of it. They won the lighthouse, the town, then we moved to the EPF Command Room, which we beat them there. The Light Troops logged off at 6:50pm GMT, then, the ACP very smartly moved over to two other rooms to claim them, making the score 3-2. ACP, make sure to recruit a lot, this is war.


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Ausia Invasion of Ice Box – Victory

This marks my 60th post on the Army of cp site!

Hello Acp!

Today the Ausia division invaded the server Ice Box against the Light troops who didn’t show up. We averaged around 11-12 and maxed 15! We can do much better than this, anyways here’s the results:

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