AUSIA Report: Training on White Out


Hey ACP,

It’s been a while since my last posts. Recently, AUSIA still hangs on and barely having to restore and get things to back on our way. We started off some sizes, 10-12, doubting that we should never give up.We maxed 15. Our legends told us not to give up and fight still the way you can. Let’s go and do it fight and fight.

Here are the results:

vyNvgnr QfaPBI3 Iy6hGKg RnOrcdx

Comment if you came!

~Rockstar, ACP 3ic (FIlipino Pride)


10 Responses

  1. came

  2. i came and 1st to comment

  3. jk not 1st

  4. Came

  5. i came 😀

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