ACP War Plan: Possible Invasions

[[ EVERYONE! ]] Invasion of Ice Box



When:  Saturday, 14th April.

Times: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

Hey ACP, 

This is a more detailed description of the War Plan against the armies we are going to war with instead of “we are going to invade them”. Kenneth1000 made a post suggesting 2 possible war plans, and it seemed the 2nd one got a more positive reaction. I am involving that here, but also with added invasions and events and possible servers for us to invade with. I will also be explaining who we are going to war with after my post giving you guys 3 options.

It was a tight race between BMA and SWAT in the comments for who to declare war on, so ACP are deciding to kind of declare war on BOTH. Kenneth1000 will post the official declaration of war as soon as possible! You can see from the above picture that if we had declared war on SWAT on their own, they would have bought in BMA anyway, so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? 😆 Nachos are helping us with this war and I believe that the Golds are also, and I have devised a plan.

I know a lot of SWAT soldiers are in ACP, so ACP will be mainly focusing on invading and defending from the BLUE MINERS ARMY. Nachos/Golds (our allies) will be focusing on SWAT and Nachos have already started invasions against them. We will not be completely ignoring the war against SWAT though, as I know a lot of you wanted war with them too. Our main goal against BMA is to get Ioio out of leadership, and to officially claim all the servers that are rightfully ours that BMA have put on their nation page.


Friday, 13th April

Ohhh, it’s Friday the 13th.. That means it will be bad luck for BMA of course! We will be starting the war against BMA today with 2 invasions, one using our ever strong EURO force and another with our US force. We start with an invasion of one of BMA’s recruiting servers, Snow Flake…

  • Euro Invasion[8:00 PM BST (UK)]Invasion of Snow Flake [RECRUITING]
  • USA/Canada Invasion[8:00 PM EST]Invasion of Zipline [RECRUITING]

…Followed by an invasion of their other recruiting sever, Zipline. These two servers are fairly important to BMA, so hopefully they will defend instead of invade us. There is no invasion that will include all time zones as it is a school day for USA/Canada so most probably cannot make such an event.

Saturday, 14th April

We again have 2 events for Saturday, 14th April. I have spread out the different types of event so everyone has the same amount of events and an equal opportunity to gain medals for their promotion. There will be a EURO event and then an event for EVERYONE on Saturday.

  • Euro Invasion [5:00 PM BST (UK)]Invasion of Migrator [SAFE-CHAT!]
  • ACP Invasion[8:00 PM BST (UK)] – Invasion of Ice Box [CAPITAL!]

We have a fairly unimportant server to invade earlier in the day even though it will be a safe chat server, then it will be the big one – the invasion of BMA’s capital server – ICE BOX! To be honest, they don’t even own it and it has been in ACP’s nation for a couple of months now.

Sunday, 15th April

Another 2 events to finish off the weekend, and this time there will be one event for EVERYONE, followed by one AMERICAN/CANADIAN invasion later on the day. Then, there will be a total of 6 events,  2 Euro, 2 USA/Canadian and 2 events for ALL soldiers, so everyone has an equal opportunity to gain medals.

  • ACP Invasion[8:00 PM BST (UK)]Invasion of Deep Snow [CO-CAPITAL]
  • USA/Canada Invasion[8:00 PM EST]Invasion of Outback [TRAINING]

With our second Full-Army Invasion we deliver another blow and invade their backup capital, so we leave them with no base of operations. We then invade Outback, an old server which became the New Mammoth a few years back, and we may make it neutral for everyone again.


This is a possible war plan for ACP, but I’m interested in your thoughts!



Following the results of this poll, the times of the events may change!


Remember, this isn’t definite and a lot of things could change, this is just a brief war plan which will probably be put to action if it gets a positive response. We may not even declare war on those specific armies, if everyone really dislikes the proposition. I am currently gaining more allies for this war, as I’m sure the other armies are doing so.

Comment if you think this war against SWAT and BMA is good, and if the war plan works for you!

57 Responses

  1. First!

  2. meeow! If we use this, I will probably make the 2 Euro invasions and the 2 Everyone invasions.

  3. well imma guessing this is flips side of the story .. i can be at all events til sunday

  4. Why are we bothering to invade Migrator…

  5. i can probably make the sunday one.

  6. I think we should keep the Euro Invasions at around 6-7 onwards as around then people may be having dinner. It all varies. I would be able to make the other 8 BST Euro and the other full ACP events. If I feel like staying on chat until 1am I will go to the USA/Canadian Invasions 😆

  7. ILL MAKE THEM ALL!!! 🙂 AND 9TH 🙂 im 9th ._. why did i say im happy in my comment 🙂 ._.

  8. I can’t make any of the Euro invasions. They need to be a bit earlier 😛

  9. Idk if I can make any, I have no schedule.

  10. this is a perfect plan

  11. um i dont get it the times aren’t that pacific


  13. Can make Friday Euro, Saturday ACP, and Sunday Euro. Generally think we should just focus on BMA, and only declare war on SWAT if they attack us.

  14. /smh
    I can make them all except Friday’s European invasion and Saturday’s ACP invasion, but I can make Saturday’s European invasion.

  15. see it sounds fun, but 2 things: not really sure what time the USA invasions are at, and why we are even going to war in the first place. even though i want to.

  16. I can make most of them I think, thankfully none conflict with my other army’s events.

  17. This war should be interesting

  18. I possibly can make all usa/canada events and the events for everyone.

  19. I could probably make every single one of them except for the safe-chat one. Also, I think this is a smart move. BMA is just LT in a new name, and their leader is still Iolo, and we all know how evil he is.

  20. whats the PST times

  21. I think I can come to some

  22. i can come to two of the three euros

  23. Anything but Sunday is good for us. Just give us the PST times:)
    I will recruit like crazy for this!

  24. I can make them but I don’t know what BST means so… I’m excited and getting my uniform ready.

  25. i will be there for all except Friday.

  26. sounds good sir

  27. I can make every event except for the first US event but if im licky mabey I’ll make it. I shure hope BMA shows up to the battle so we can have a war

  28. Does anyone know what 5:00 and 8:00 BST would be in CST time? Please reply.

  29. why is it that u don’t show other times (my time zone is pst)

  30. Excellent >=D

  31. I can only make Migrator,Ice Box and Deep Snow,im on my last day of my holidays so im sorry for being inactive.

  32. I can only make the Invasion of Outback and MAYBE Zipline because I will be away at my cabin which doesn’t have internet access all day Saturday, Sunday morning, and tonight.

  33. I can come to most! Sorry

  34. I may not be able to come to some of the US/Canada so I’ll make up by going to euro battles! Is that ok?

  35. This war plan IS good. I like the idea of war! I’m new. It’s my first!

  36. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be late for the 8Pm on Zipline today. I’m visiting someone but I don’t think that there is Internet connection. I’m going to ask if we could leave a bit earlier.

  37. i can make 2nd event

  38. I think I can make it to a few of them

  39. pr?

  40. PR!

  41. i can make some of them

  42. Ok, I can’t make Zipline.


  44. Should be able to make US/Canada invasion.

  45. Was there( forgot to comment again) :@ WARRRRRR

  46. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.

  47. I can come!

  48. I’ll be there

  49. hm I wonder when the pre-battle starts… I am a half an hour early


  51. waz there!!! sir

  52. Can, did, and will make all.

  53. im so sorry i wasnt there i found out that my computer was broken and it only just got working the morning 😦

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