Slider You Post Killer! Fails of the Week May 24th and Recruiting Tips

Hai ACP,

The paper was my post and Slider is the guy with the knife.

Well Slider killed off my last post…

Since I told him to get going on the recruiting post,  but he got lazy and just posted it now just when I was about to just screw it and do it myself. Slider put it in with his Memorial Day stuff.

Anyways I will do some funny stuff which I have not done in a very long time, which is reserved when everything gets boring and when people need a laugh for something.Also there are more stuff to read at the bottom

Slider watch out, there are moose in the US too

Still technically correct isn’t he?

Since I told Slider to post my recruiting post, you know as a gift to him, in form of a free post, we better get ready to recruit. So I will list you guys some basic recruiting phrases you all should use on Saturday and Sunday. I will be able to make Sunday but not Saturday since I have to go to the doctors. So below I got some standard recruiting phrase you should use.

  1. Join ACP!
  2. ACP is Army of CP
  3. Turn Green
  4. Don’t Be Mean Turn Green
  5. Turn Green For Rookie
  6. Join Army of CP
  7. Join Us Today!
  8. Look ACP Army Up!
  9. Be Green!
  10. We welcome you to join Army of CP!

Those recruiting phrases will be sure to attract recruits so make sure you keep chanting them loud and in caps lock! That way it is more visible to someone in a way. Try to be very very green in the way you dress. You the troops will get many awards if we can get 45+ on Club Penguin during this event. More medals might be added and promotion day is coming soon so you all better work hard! Remember the recruitings will be on this weekend! Don’t miss it!


25 Responses

  1. cool post guys, but i dont do training. i just think that its not important enough to go into my schedule. no offense to you guys i completley unerstand why your doing it, but i really dont need the training. the only thing from ACP important enough to fit into my schedule are the battles for CP. other than that im mad busy. but have fun, this is the best army ive ever been in, and its an honor to fight with you guys *salutes*

    • Who said we were training? This is important. Do you want to get knocked off the Top 10?

    • We do training to keep events, we can’t just have no events for several months. The army size would decrease and we’d lose future wars.

    • Dude. You want promotions, yes? If you do, you’ll get as many medals as you can, which means attending as many events as you can. We do this stuff as an army. An army that you’re in. You can’t just attend it whether you feel like it. Look at the leaders! They’re super busy, but they find time to lead the biggest army of CP. Seriously. /facedesk

      • look i respect this army but i got bigger things going on in my life, and wether i have time to attend or not is up to me not the leaders.

        • I’m not saying that the leaders decide what events you attend. Of course, you have that freedom. But, you can only gain promotions by gaining medals, and we may not have a war for 2 months, so that means in your case, no promotion for 2 months.

          • I agree with Splashy you don’t just don’t do training. Even if it’s not a battle, you have to show up at events. Being loyal to an army means coming to events, not just the ones you feel like.

            Hold on, why am I lookng at the ACP site?

    • Lazlo does have a good point, training isn’t the most important event to attend. To be honest, I’d rather just skip a training session than skip a REAL battle. To me, he is right. People need to understand that typing in a word, or holding 2 keys at once don’t really require training xP.

  2. First! BOOYAH!!! I BEAT MCH!!! 😀

  3. 4th!

  4. Invincible moose, meet my new car.


  6. Slider nice car!!! I’ll fire at the moose and you drive! Fair? Oh so it not fair. Well I’ve got my own moose to…….. Wait for it!!! CHARGEEEEEEEEE!

    • It’s all a one person machine, isn’t that nifty? and it gets good mileage, 75 gallons to the mile, who who have known?

      • Now of course how large it is, every few seconds you just drove a few miles, but it has a big gas tank (that Ken’s wallet fills) :mrgreen:

  7. Why does the sign say 5 KM if we measure with miles? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?

  8. Ken, when’re you doing the active count? :mrgreen:

  9. I don’t see how the invincable moose sign is a fail it’s telling you that that ate invincable moose up ahead

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