Defence of the ACP Empire DEFENSE OF MAMMOTH of Alpine/Ice Box Void.


For ALL events we will login 30 minutes early

Sunday, June 3rd

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Mammoth, Town

Hai ACP,

The Light Troops have declared war on our army so we need to be on high alert and be on the ACP chat as much as possible. The weekday events are all USA-only events, sorry to all UK people. The LT said “why would we invade ACP if we lost the last war badly” and they have just put themselves in a very bad position. The LT now have the ACP and SWAT to deal with in two different wars and the ACP will come out victorious.

Friday, June 1st

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Snow Fort, Town

Saturday, June 2nd

3pm EST 2pm CST 1pm MST 12pm PST 8pm UK

Snow Globe, Town

Saturday, June 2nd

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Breeze, Town

Sunday, June 3rd

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Mammoth, Town

Make sure you comment if you can come! The defences of Mammoth, Breeze and Snow Globe are worth Five Medals and the other events are worth Three or Four Medals. These defences are important and we need to show the LT that we are not to be pushed around; we will make the LT fall again and they will not invade medium armies either. We will protect ourselves and the smaller armies. Sorry to the UK people, who only have one event this week against the Light Troops but we didn’t schedule the invasions (You’ll get some invasions of LT next week :)). By the way, sorry to Ken and Flipper if you didn’t want me to post this but we needed to get this out as soon as possible.

-Kingfunks4 ACP Commander General

56 Responses

  1. I can only come to the defence of Snow Globe – only UK friendly time.

  2. Can only come..ermm..what funks said

  3. My brother or I can make it to all events except for Friday and possibly Thursday. COUNT ME/US IN!! I cannot wait to extinguish the Light!

  4. I’ll try make them all. See how things go.

  5. I can come to Snow Globe only(Where all UK Times??!!??!!??)

  6. il be at snow globe for defo and maybe the friday usa event

  7. probably will make them all, all the UK events anyway

  8. i can make them all

  9. Penguin for Breeze???

  10. I can only make Wednesday and Thursday

  11. I might make it to Cloudy, but don’t count on it. I don’t think I can come to the rest.

  12. Can make all but Mammoth

  13. No war, LT? Really? Think you can get away with invading our servers? So it’s war!

    Should be able to make most of them, definitely Snow Globe, 60% chance each for the rest… we should invade LT in UK times.

  14. I will try to make all.

  15. yo dude idk about any of these, i know what i do like the day before, so well see

  16. I can make it to
    Snow Globe (maybe)

  17. Be at all

  18. get ready to be destroyed

  19. Ok, that’s it. LIGHT TROOPS, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!! I can make them all, but I will be a little late to Snow Fort, Mountain, and Cloudy.

  20. I can probably make it to all

  21. Probably make it to all
    Butt Whoopin time 😉

  22. All of these I can easily come too. Considering that it is




  23. I will attend all of these events

  24. For the War.

    “We the People of the Army of Club Penguin, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense,promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the Army of Club Penguin”.

    Be safe troops!
    And we WILL WIN the battles!!!!!

    GO ACP!!!!!!

  25. I will be able to make all!

  26. I can make it to all of them 🙂

  27. It said “EVERYONE COMMENT” on chat, so I commented..


  29. Even though I wasn’t reaccepted into the army, I will try to make all of these. 😀

  30. I can only come to snow globe

  31. I can most likely attend all! Sorry to UK soldiers, but at least Snow Globe is durable. 🙂

  32. I’ll try to make them all.

  33. i think can come for all

  34. OH WAIT I can’t come to any

  35. I can make it to mountain today!

  36. can come to snow globe

  37. I will be able to make the last three.

  38. I may be sick of cp, BUT IM COMING!

  39. Ken or Flipper. I am going to retire. Let me know were i can send a retirement post. Thanks.

    ~Bird Pingu

  40. I’m sorry i have been inactive. And i’l try to come at the sunday

  41. Breeze is on Sunday, I think

  42. Hi Im Ace Army and i commented on the join page about 4-5 days ago, and i still havent been added to the ranks. So i am just hoping that you could add me to the ranks today so i could participate in the events today.

  43. can you please un ban me on chat my name on ranks is pufpuf103 but my name is booblecakes on chat because im on a different vomputer

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