Klondike Nachos’ Shenanigans

Hey ACP!

 I’m sure your all bored of the constant result posts going up. Sorry about that, we’ve been busy with a “war”. Anyway, congrats on defeating the Pirates along with the Nachos and literally destroying them. Loads of medals were provided which, in turn means promotions! Let us delve into the world of this post. So, this weekend we have two events planned. One is the practice battle with our old nemesis, the Nachos whilst the other is the defence from the Metal Warriors.

The Nacho Practice Battle

So, our old enemy the Nachos have challenged us to a practice battle with them. They are one of the longest standing armies in the community and have been fighting us all the way back to very shortly after our birth. The Nachos have been known to be one of the ACP’s greatest enemies outside of the occasionally very strong alliances together. Another honour the Nachos have been noted for is their fantastic tactics. Now, the ACP has recently and in the past had some great tactics. We’ve started to use different one’s lately(ish) and they’ve been rather impressive. If we put our month or so of training into practice we can pull this off.

Importance of this event

 The Nachos are our old enemies and it would be a shame to lose against them. This event will probably determine who gets first in Club Penguin Army Central’s Top Ten. The position may be an opinion but it means a lot to us. It will help show we still cannot be beaten easily and it will take a lot more than just an army with a few tactics to beat us. Gets the old sense of rivalry back even though we are enjoying our friendship.

The Metal Warriors Invasion of Klondike

The Metal Warriors have arrived for another go at our nation(DRACP) and this time they’ve gone for Klondike. Invading before and somewhat cancelling has gone ignored but this time It seems they’re carrying on. Klondike is a very important server to us and the army community as a whole. In 2010, the ACP donated Klondike to armies by making it a server everyone could use. It is basically a new sort of scheduled Mammoth where armies hang out. Many small armies use the server for their first events and it’s a source of many uses. Mainstream news sites such as CPAC and SMAC use Klondike to host tournaments which many enter. Basically, ACP owns the server but we let other armies use it. We wish to keep it that way so we must defend it. If you want some more information on the “Server for Everyone Project(Klondike)” click here which was originally posted by former leader, Matre10.

Importance of this event

Klondike is a very important server to the ACP and the army community. It helps small armies get larger which is essential for the growth of armies. The server helps out a lot of armies and recruiting for is used by many organisations. We use this server quite frequently as an army and we wouldn’t want to lose it.

Event times can be found on the main page of the site. Good luck to both armies who are facing us. Let’s pull off a spectacular win on both events. Which one’s can you attend? On a side note, remember to private chat Kenneth saying that he’s loved.

101 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Wow cakes? Really classy

  3. First LEGIT one *wary*


  5. i has at all of them

  6. made it… almost 50 medals here


  8. i can make em
    but why 30 medals for 1 rank and is this a world war cuz mayb it is but idt it is one but we do havve many ppl participating, except for the BMA (LT) lol XD

  9. yumme cake

  10. flipper or keeneth i quit take me off the ranks im joining nachos theyre better 🙂

  11. lets forget war with with nachos because i have a nacho sister and we only ave one computer so every 15 minutes i will have to switch off on events lets go to war with pretzels because their leader rex is a foul mouth you know what and hes tanting our chat and saying bad stuff


  13. We will make the events and do what we can to maintain our #1 placement, but like you said, it’s all a matter of opinion. I know nachos have been training heavily and I’ve witnessed some pretty difficult tactics like color changes and clothing changes during practice battles. (I have a nacho sister, so I watch what’s going on..hehe) We have to think of some new tactics and practice them to use against nachos (and others) because they are looking pretty impressive. We are going to need everyone possible for these weekend events and at their best performance too. Please submit new tactic ideas to Kenneth or Flipper ASAP, we need fresh ideas.
    EK, it’s your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂


  15. I look forward to facing off with the Nachos. Let’s hope they put up a good fight.

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