Promotion Day: January 2011

*NOTE: Leaders, add all new recruits to this post!

Hello ACP,

Congratulations everyone for working so hard this month!  It has been a good month for ACP, and I hope these promotions finish off this great month.  I know everyone has been working hard.  I will try to make sure that everyone who deserves it gets a promotion.  Before I get in depth in the post, I’d like to point out that I’m very sick.  I have missed a lot of school and stuff; just wanted to get that through.  If you notice in the promotions I did not promote any Corporals through Warrant Officers.  If you are ranked in that category than please fill out this following form.

What is your Club Penguin username?

What’s your rank in ACP?

How long have you been in ACP?

Now I understand that in the past leaders would put another form for people whom did not get a promotion and felt as they deserved that.  I will not do that, in some way.  Instead of commenting come to me on chat and talk to me.  It’s hard to tell weather you are lying, or if you really deserve it.  I just feel as this will be in a better way.  If you get demoted, do not freak out, if you comment about it than you will get your rank back.

NOTE: I will be picking moderators in the first week of February.  We will be making every rank hand picked and we will have an un-modding month.

NOTE: Some moderators already got promoted.

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