• Update #3: Press the +/= key to reduce lag on CP.
  • Update #2: If Fog is full, keep trying to log in!
  • Update: Get on FOG! Meet at the Town. If the Town is full, the Snow Forts. Be on the ACP Chat.


Yes, the long-awaited Battle Plans post is here! Here I will talk about our approach to the Invasion of Fog: Which rooms we will fight in, how we will battle, tips, etc. Will it be our size that defeats the Night Warriors tomorrow? No. Sure we’ll have twice as many soldiers as them, but that’s not the point. We will win because we have a plan; we know what we are doing and we know how to fight. We will out-maneuver them, out-number them, out-bomb them, and overpower them.

Some people think the Nachos are stronger than the ACP. We will prove them wrong. Some people think the NW will beat us. We will prove them wrong. Soldiers of the ACP, tomorrow we will prove that WE are the most powerful army on earth, and we will do this by burning the NW capital to the ground.


Table of Contents:

  1. Starting Rooms
  2. Login Time
  3. Battle Tips
  4. Rewards


Tomorrow the ACP will be invading Fog. You all know that. But the two rooms we will start in are the Town and the Snow Forts! I won’t explain why I chose these rooms (do you even need an explaination? :mrgreen:), just know that you need to be there.

Battle map.

Start at the Town. Once the Town fills up, the remaining soldiers should go to the Snow Forts. There will be leaders (me, Mchappy, Boomer, and Iasgae) in both rooms, so don’t worry about being leader-less. Besides, you’ll get your commands from the ACP Chat anyway.

At the Town: Form two lines under the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop, along with a line at the chat bar. Don’t get covered up by the annoying Puffle Party decorations! Picture below . . .

I will be using the penguin Dog83466.

At the Snow Forts: Form a circle within the circular arangements of forts. Again, don’t let the forts or the decorations cover up your penguin! Picture below . . .

Oagal and Boomer: Best buddies! (he will be there too)

If both the Town and the Snow Forts are full, I recommend you wait in the Plaza or Dock and keep trying to get in. It will work eventually, trust me.

The flow of the battle might carry the ACP to other rooms (we do need to claim rooms, afterall), but we need to stick with these formations unless a leader orders otherwise. Leaders: I don’t recommend you order otherwise for at least 15-20 minutes after the battle starts. Once you do move, however, the ACP can act as either one or two units to capture rooms, this leaving the NW forces chasing one or split in half.


We all know the invasion starts at 1:00pm Penguin Standard Time (what the Clocktower says). Here are the time conversions . . .

  • 4:00pm Eastern
  • 3:00pm Central
  • 2:00pm Mountain
  • 1:00pm Pacific
  • 9:00pm UK

If you don’t know what time zone you live in, here is a visual guide . . .

BUT there is one problem. What if Fog becomes full? We refuse to move this to another server, so that isn’t an option. Personally, I suggest logging on an hour or two early.


These tips are very simple, and they will win us the battle. Please, follow all of them. (You’ve already seen them before, but they are important!)

  • Watch the ACP website Saturday morning for any last-minute alerts.
  • It would be smart to log into CP an hour or two early—Fog might fill up quick, and we aren’t changing servers.
  • Meet up at one of the two designated ACP starting rooms.
  • Follow orders on the ACP chat (main chat room), and carry out those orders on CP.
  • Be in uniform.
  • Stand shoulder-to-shoulder to appear as large as possible; don’t overlap!
  • Don’t log off when the leader logs off; we have several back-ups incase Mchappy needs to go.
  • And above all, have fun! You will want to enjoy a battle as huge as this.


There are two major rewards you can earn by attendingthis battle: Promotions and Ownership/Modship on the ACP Chat.

Promotions: This is the key to success in any army. The higher you are promoted, the more power you yield. Only the best soldiers receive multiple promotions, thus ensuring an impressive amount of leadership at the top of the ACP. We believe that if a soldier is willing to spend hours fighting for this army, and if he/she is disciplined enough to follow exact commands, that soldier deserves a promotion.

  • Every non-leader who attends the battle—start to finish—and follows the exact commands given on the ACP chat will be awarded a promotion.

Ownership/Modship: The ACP chat is the king of all army chats. It has the most members by far, and Ownership/Modship is highly covetted there.

  • OWNERSHIP will be granted to one lucky soldier if these things happen . . .
    They fight at the battle, start to finish.
    (1 more owner) If we get 100+ soldiers.
  • MODSHIP will be granted to three lucky soldiers if these things happen . . .
    They fight at the battle, start to finish.
    (3 more mods) If we win the battle.
    (3 more mods) If we successfully take Fog.

NOTE: Awarded Modship/Ownership will last for one week, unless you abuse your power. If you abuse your power, we will member you instantly.


Anyway, this will be a battle to remember. I hope you can join me as we march through the rubble that we make of Fog.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment HERE if you can make the battle! ❗

Just a reminder . . .

The Battle Plans post will be up in less than two hours! So check the site, ok?

Also, remember that the Invasion of Fog will begin TOMORROW at:

  • 4:0opm Eastern
  • 3:00pm Central
  • 2:00pm Mountain
  • 1:00pm Pacific
  • 9:00pm UK
Leaders: Do not delete or unsticky this post; it’s all part of the grand plan.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment HERE if you can make it, and read THIS for additional information! ❗

A War Worth Fighting, But How To Fight It?


For those of you that do not know me,I am Klug1234, former second in command, current President of the Senate, and served in the Army of Club Penguin from December 2008 until fall of 2010. I have been hanging around this army ever since, worked at Club Penguin Army Central for a period of time, watching and advising the leadership (most notably Mchappy) on the current events of ACP and armies in general.

As you all know, the Army of Club Penguin is in a state of war. At war with the Night Warriors, the Nachos, and whomever else may be in their alliance. As you should already know, this war is not to be taken lightly. The Night Warriors are a very capable and formidable enemy, and as they have been for years, the Nachos are more than great with tactics. Do not undestimate them. You have already lost your capital server in Breeze, and you may have lost Snow Fort as well. None of you should be underestimating them, and I hope none of you are underestimating them. Anyone that does expect the ACP to win this war easily has already seen that this war will be anything but easy.

So, why are you even fighting it? To help DCP? Perhaps you did join this war with the intentions to help DCP, but it is my belief that war would have broken out between the ACP and NW in time anyway, and moving in to “help” DCP out was ACP’s intentions, but war between these two great powers was certainly unavoidable. If you think about it, the weeks leading up to this could be thought of as sort of like the real-world Cold War, a period of tension between the then biggest millitary powers in the world-the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Now, I am not suggesting that the ACP is the alter-ego of what the USA was in this situation, and that the NW resembles the Soviet Union, or vice versa, but recent events do remind me of what I know about it.

If you take this into consideration-yes, the USA and Soviet Union managed to avoid getting into what probably would have been a nuclear war- not having war between the ACP and NW would be crazy. The two largest armies, bickering and battering each other with words every chance they got, but not having war? Unnacceptable. No matter the ACP’s reasons to get into a war, they did, and that was the best choice. This war will change armies as we know it. Ladies and gentleman, you are watching and taking part in the largest and the most influential conflict in years. The next World War. The true World War 5. I spent my time as a soldier in ACP wanting a war so badly. The best wars we got when I was in ACP were maybe a two week conflict with the Nachos. I never fought in anything close to this. It’s your war to win or lose. Just don’t end it until you know for sure that it is over.

How do you want to fight this war? If you, the ACP, want to fight it badly and flame your enemies all the time, go ahead. But in my opinion, that is not how you fight a war. In old World Wars, sure, armies argued like this, but it wasn’t on such a large scale. There was no CPAC to have comment arguments on. You could not go on the enemy armies’ chat and argue with them. Hell, armies didn’t use xat. But even so, I believe they respected each other a hell of a lot more than we respect each other today. We waste so much time arguing and fighting over who won what battle, rarely do we go out there and just fight. What I think ACP needs to do is respect the NW and whoever else may be fighting against you guys. You need to respect that NW is just as capable and great of an army you guys currently are-maybe even better, the way this war has been going recently. But you are most certainly not going to win if you keep relying on the old ACP of six months ago to show up with 70+ people. This isn’t that ACP. This is an ACP that has just lost nearly all of its’ servers, and is preparing to battle for the enemies’ capital server. You should respect that as of right now, NW has the better of you. If you can never respect that, you will most certainly lose this war.

If the ACP loses at Fog, the war may turn to NW’s side permanently. Maybe it won’t, but it is very possible. In my (hopefully good) opinion, you guys need this battle more than you guys know. Should you suffer another embarrasing defeat, it will just increase enemy morale and decrease yours. I don’t care how you guys win this battle, but you need to win this next one, or the war may slip out of your grasp. It’s bad enough that you lost your capital server, staging a massive invasion of NW’s capital and not coming away with it would be just as embarrasing. It would not be the ACP we have become accustomed to knowing. If this continues to happen, more and more armies may be persuaded to declare on ACP, just for the sole purpose of embarrasing you guys more.

What ACP needs is an ally. A real, capable army that can fight. ACP allied itself with RPF in WWIII. Without RPF, who knows whether or not the UMA would have been defeated? The NW have the Nachos at their side. The ACP can not fend off two of the armies in the Top 3 on CPAC-not in their current state. You guys need a good ally to help you out.

What else should you do? After this battle on Fog, lay siege to Breeze. If you have won Fog, then wouldn’t it just be a slap in the face to NW if you take their capital server and then take Breeze back? I say establish a permanent millitary presence on Breeze. Give soldiers the order that if they are on chat, they should be on Breeze, no matter what. Won’t it be great if you can take both Fog and Breeze? It may turn the tide in ACP’s favor. It will make this war more interesting. This is what you need to do to prolong this war and get back on the winning side for the next couple of weeks. Remember, this upcoming battle of Fog is one you really need. You need to remind the army world-and yourselves- that the ACP is still as strong as ever.

Once again, this war is up to you guys. It’s yours to win or lose. This is the next World War. World War 5. Losing it will have no good implications.