A Giant Leap

Hello ACP,

Today was successful in our “invasion” of Breeze and Mammoth.  Apparently NW already gave back every sever than Mammoth, but we just invaded it a couple hours ago.  So it seems we have all of our servers back!  We still have some more “invasions” tomorrow.  Click HERE to make sure you will be there.

We have taken a giant leap in this war.  It’s obvious to me that we have the bigger hand.  We are bigger than Nachos and NW by a good twenty.  Our tactics are getting better and better.  I was actually surprised, I thought Nachos and NW would attack together, but they decided to separate.  We have gathered allies to patrol for us, etc.  Today we had about forty-five to fifty people with us.  I am expecting quite a few more people tomorrow.  We accidentally started to protect ‘Winter Land’, a server we recently dropped, and owned Nachos for the time we were there.  Thank you all for who have came; when ACP is in a war promotions will be more easier to get.  Hopefully you all will continue to patrol and come to battles!  ACP has “lost” their nation and “taken” it back in a matter of forty-eight hours.  Nice!  I see light at the end of our tunnel.  May we keep standing strong.  Lets get the “invasion” of Mammoth pictures first.

“Invasion” of Mammoth :


We get on fifteen minutes early to start recruiting.  After doing many multiple tactics we claim the Town with no sight of any enemy.  Weird, eh?  I will admit we started off on the wrong foot, but we kept getting better and better on our way.  Our few tactics seemed to work highly, recruit wise, and they made us look very big.  I am glad our tactics are getting better.


This took most of our time at the Dock, but we look very nice!  This just proves that ACP deserves to be at our number one spot.  I was very exciting with doing this very successfully.  It may have taken around five to eleven minutes but it’s worth it, eh?  Everyone was listening at the exact moment and I love how “Chewy5978” is ecstatic over our accomplishment.  Well done, soldiers.


I thought everything was going to go well from than on, so I got a little lazy, which was wrong of me.  We took a drastic fall in the event and people were starting to go do other things.  This is not okay!  We need for everyone to pay attention as much as possible.  That way this won’t happen again.



I guess this was a nice way to ending a great “invasion.”  We went through all the rooms quickly, quick tactics and everything.  The point of an invasion is suppose to claim rooms (these days) and seeing as we had no enemy I feel like that’s why we lacked size.  We all decided to bunch up for some reason.  😆


“Invasion” of Breeze :


A great start tho the “invasion” of Breeze.  We barley did any recruiting and already pulled off a great size.  This was a great picture because everyone listened.  Thanks!  I think in this “invasion” we moved a lot more faster.


We were getting more weaker, but this was still very headstrong.  Everyone is spread out nicely so that is a bonus.  Again we had the same problem of everyone getting lazy.  We cannot let that happen!


And we start to get better again!  We did as well as we started as, we had a decent size with decent tactics.  Nothing really bad or good about this picture.  Still good work.


Good work at spread out and listening to orders!  Probably one of our best pictures of this “invasion.”




We still did a very nice job!  I hope we can do a little bit better tomorrow; we even have some background support from other armies.  I will be giving you a link of them tomorrow.  Thank you everyone who made it.  For the most part you all listened well and were focused.  I know that this was right after school and some of you had some other activities going on.  Not to mention we were “invading” on a weekday and both of those servers can be very full at times.  I think we have taken a giant leap in this war.  We have proven that we will show no mercy in this war!  Please keep joining us at our chat every day for raids, etc. Interesting, eh?  Now I will be giving my status report on how well we did.  I think we deserve big time points on our tactics grade.

Size : Forty-five to fifty (estimate).  Our lowest point was thirty and our highest point was fifty.  We averaged around thirty-seven.

Chat : Top five biggest chats the whole event.

Tactics : Good!

Grade : 7/10.

Let’s shoot for a 8/10 tomorrow!  I know we can shoot for a higher goal.  Congratulations on a somewhat easy win today.  We have taken a giant leap in this war.  I know we shall be victorious.