A Humble Succes

*This is a response to Vendetta’s new post :

Get proof for the Icebreaker one, otherwise you didn’t get it. Simple as that.
I’ve been in armies longer than you. You joined CP in December 2008, that was the month I joined ACP.
We decided to attack TG with Nachos because there hasn’t been a ACP & Nacho alliance in a long time.
Flame? I haven’t flamed. I’ve been speaking my opinion. You, Vendetta, are the one leaving several comments on ACP site.
Nachos and NW taking our servers? So far you haven’t taken any, whoops.
What happened to ACP? Nothing–except a rise.

I have made zero flame posts while NW has made three already!

Good work!

Hello ACP,

This is Mchappy, I’m just adding on to Oagalthorp’s post.  I guess I was too lazy to make a title, eh?  Yes, ACP owned Nachos today at the battle of Snow Fort! Also, DCP was helping defend our servers today; they didn’t get any decent pictures but here is their link :


This morning at eight central time zone I made an edit saying we have to defend against Nachos today.  The battle was set to be in ten hours and thirty minutes.  The Nachos on the other had about a forty-eight hour notice of this event.  Guess who wins?  ACP.  We are the almighty ACP and we won’t stop until justice is served.  On a bad note I will admit I did not take pictures.  I felt like our size was too small and that I’d just give a brief report on what happened.  Both armies had their size going up the chart but I think ACP had a more variety of tactics.  Mostly Nachos just copied us and we’d shout “COPY CATS!”  The battle started at the Snow Forts and ended at the Iceberg.  From the minute ACP got into the room it was clear that ACP had more a variety of tactics.  The size at the Snow Forts was probably fifteen Nachos and twenty-five ACP.  Of course neither army was going to give up but, unfortunately for Nachos, ACP kept getting better and better throughout the battle.  Nachos kept retreating with ACP on their back.  Basically just picture Nachos spread out in a room with ACP in formations doing charges, tactics, etc.  I will admit Nachos did quite one good tactic that caught ACP off guard but we kept going at them.  In the end it was just us chasing them around the server and beating the crap out of them.  We did a better job than them, but that does not mean we did good.  I was expecting a lot more people especially at the beginning when there was a potential of losing.

❗ Everyone needs to be more active during a war.  Promotions will be given out easily; as the same with demotions. ❗

I will do my grading, again.

  • Size : Thirty to Fifty-five online (estimate.)  Our lowest point was probably around thirty-three and our highest was fifty-two.  In total we had an average of forty-four online.
  • Chat : We had fifty-six on chat; third biggest chat throughout the battle.
  • Tactics : Good.
  • Grade : 7.5/10.

We didn’t do that much better.  I still know we can go above and beyond!  Remember to remind each other about our events.  We are all family and we must act as a family.  We have another defense coming up tomorrow; be sure to be updated at the stickied post.  Leave me a comment letting me know how you guys want to attack our enemies.  It’ll be cool to see all your responses, I’m looking forward to them.

I, personally, do not believe NW successfully claimed Breeze and Snow Globe today.  You cannot claim a room when an army is there trying to battle you.  Admitting NW did get most of the rooms but I don’t think all five.  You can’t claim you when a battle [room] when an army is still there ready to fight you.


Hello ACP,

Some of you may have known that NW invaded Brumby and Icebreaker yesterday.  It seemed to me that we lost those servers, which was quite sad.  We were going to invade them back so I didn’t think much of it; until I saw there picture.  They claim to own Brumby and Icebreaker when only claiming four rooms?  Four rooms of which server?  Don’t you need five to win a server?


Yes, this was their size.  They are number two, eh?  Anyway they claimed the : Dock, Town, Plaza, and Forest.  That is a totally count of four, not five.  Plus they didn’t say what server this was for and they only took pictures of one server?  Either way they can’t claim to own our servers when they don’t have the proof.  Even if they were at the Snow Forts it does not prove that they claimed it.  Here is my perspective of how they did not claim five rooms.

Picture the USA just going to the moon to have a nice view.  That would be outrageous.  USA had wanted to go to the moon to conquer it; planting their flag on the surface of it.  In some way this is just what happened to NW at the room of Snow Forts.  Instead of conquering it they decided to take a nice view of the snowy Snow Forts.  Forgetting to claim it they moved on.  If the USA did not claim the moon than they shouldn’t have the title of being able to claim the moon as their own.  Neither do NW.  In conclusion NW did not claim the Snow Forts room, correct?

I believe the story is very correct and if you think I’m right leave a comment!  😀  Isn’t it sweet that Vendetta believe that DCP was cyber-bullying?  I laugh at this statement, because in my own experience I believe NW cyber-bully people; the whole CP community.  We let them cyber-bully us and we take it.  They think that they know all and will conquer all.  I know that everyone will have a chance one day to face their fears.  Face your fears today!  We must help each other take down the bullies and we will unite as one once again.  As a strong warfare community.  Don’t believe me that NW cyber-bullies?


Now do you think I’d really say that about my family!?  I’d never say it.  And I don’t edit comments like this, I send my reply at the end of them.  This just proves how immature NW can be.  If you ask around almost everyone hates comment editors.  When you threatened me about my grave being dug deeper and deeper, I believe your reputation is going lower.  You have threatened to kill me? This is getting out of hand.  When I saw this it got me mad, I was falling into the trap of a cyber-bully.  A cyber-bully is someone who gets you mad and do things you don’t want to do.  They make you angry, depressed, lonely, etc.  I will admit this isn’t the worst they’ve done but it is still a sign of cyber-bullying.  Don’t know what cyber-bulling is?

the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.


I believe NW have been doing just that.  They support hostile behavior, they are a group, and they want to harm all armies that cross their path.  You have no right to call DCP cyber-bullies when you do it more than them.  DCP are actually trying to change; when I look at NW I see a loyal group that are intended to harm others.  So after a long reading of this post the main topic is. . .

NW does not own Brumby and Icebreaker because they did not claim five rooms.

Thank you for reading!