Summit Alliance: ACP & DW

Hello ACP,

Today it was obvious that we had won Summit, thanks to the help of DW.  ACP and DW have decided to make an alliance for the server for many reasons.  One of them to prove that we truly are in an alliance.  We did quite astonishing today.  Everything went perfectly, everyone listened well.  Some legends were distract a bit of us; but other than that I was very proud of everything that we achieved today.  It started out with me logging on chat around fifteen minutes before the battle.  No leader was on, so we had a small amount on CP.  I got everyone on and we went to our recruiting.  ACP and Nachos were about the same size, yet they kept dwindling.  We went around claiming five rooms, then trying to fight Nachos and NW at the Beach.  Of course the Beach was full at we went to the Dock to re-group.  NOTE: This was when we hit our maximum amount of soldiers.  It was a massive diagonal line with no gaps. 😀 After recruiting for around five minutes we claimed some other rooms, declaring a victory.  Nachos and NW now want to surrender.

We might invade a few more NW servers until we than agree to your surrender.  But yelling at me, calling me names and calling Oagalthorp a dictator [which makes no sense, whatsoever] makes me want to continue the war.  We would like at least some better attitude?

I know that NW went around “re-claiming” rooms.  Just know that in real life, and in CP warfare, that is an un-realistic thing and I would never imagine you’d do something so… weak.  On a good note this was a very good invasion.  We have two more coming soon and we need everyone to be there.  This will be one heck of a weak.  I need all owner ranks to be online as much as possibly starting Saturday, February 26th, to Monday, March 7th. I am officially going on my cruise soon.  We need everyone to be active.

  • Size: An estimate of around twenty to thirty-five.  Our lowest point was twenty-five and our highest was around thirty-seven.  We had an average of thirty-one soldiers.
  • Chat: Two pools towards the end of the battle.
  • Tactics: This was an invasion, we did mostly claiming but otherwise still went well.

Well done!  Remember that in the up coming invasions prizes will be given out.  I hope ya’ll are as excited as me.  It’s time to show NW who they truly are messing with.


BREAKING NEWS: DW joins ACP | Nachos & IW drop out

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Weekend Battles | Tomorrow: 2 more | BREEZE!

March of Destoruction: First Wave

Battle Reports

ACP Servers and Battles

In recent WW5 news . . .

Brought to you by ACP & Co. 😀

This weekend will wrap up an incredible week of success for the ACP and our allies! So far, we have taken six Night Warrior servers, tied one defense, and lost one battle (which we didn’t attend because we had an invasion at the same time). That’s incredible. And to think, one week ago no one gave the ACP a chance of making it out of this war alive. Great job troops! And thanks again to our allies, who we couldn’t have done this without—the DCP and Parkas.

Some soldier’s I’d like to thank in particular for their hard work: Flipper for leading 4 successful invasions with the ACP Euro Branch; Noka and Vedst for leading most of the Alpine invasion; Chase for helping to lead the invasion of Ice Age; and Bob, Matre, Ken, Matt, Ias, & Nosey for all leading to the successes at Jack Frost and Snow Fort. I know there are many more figures who helped, but we need to get onto the point of this post . . .

FRIDAY ( Today! )

Lots of invasions, lots of defenses. Troops, we need to be especially active today. We will steamroll through the NW empire and we will zealously defend our own. We fought for 4 hours to defend Snow Fort; very VERY few armies have the same level of dedication as us. I am confident that you guys will pull through and showcase our strength.

Invasion of Tundra

  • ➡ Our numbers were low but we did it.  We have gained control of Tundra!  The only opposing army was Nachos. 

Invasion of SUMMIT:

  • ➡  Amazing numbers, amazing tactics.  We did very well and we owned NW.  Thank you DW for helping us.

Defense of SNOW FORT:

  • ➡ Nachos were a no show, making a win for ACP.

Defense of BRUMBY (Klondike if full):

  • ➡ Nachos were a no show, making a win for ACP.

SATURDAY ( Tomorrow–most important! )

Two weeks ago, the NW and Nachos captured our capital server, Breeze. At this point the war seemed hopeless; everyone was certain that the ACP was doomed and would lose its entire nation.

As I type this today, we have done just the opposite. We have hit the NW even harder than they hit us; we have taken most of their servers, and haven’t lost a single invasion. We have defeated them time and time again, and proved that we are the true #1 army. Now we will use that momentum to crash through the NW gates and retake our capital! They will yet again see the power of the ACP, and we will have retribution.

Also, one soldier at the Invasion of Breeze will receive OWNERSHIP on the ACP Chat for one week! So y’all better be there.

This is one of the most important battles of the war; we will have a Battle Plans post for it tomorrow night.

Invasion of BREEZE (Klondike if full):

  • Time: 1:30pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:4:30pm Eastern
    :arrow:3:30pm Central
    :arrow:2:30pm Mountain
    :arrow:1:30pm Pacific
    :arrow:8:30am Australia
    :arrow:9:30pm UK
  • Who: ACP & DCP vs NW & Nachos

SUNDAY ( A little rest )

After 4 huge battles (and hopefully 4 huge victories) you guys deserve a bit of a break. So we’re gonna kick off our Sunday siesta by invading Oyster, one of the last NW servers.

Defense of FOG

Time: ➡ 1:30 Penguin Standard Time

4:30 Eastern

3:30 Central

2:30 Mountain

1:30 Pacific

Who: ACP vs NW

Invasion of OYSTER:

  • Time: 2:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:5:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:4:00pm Central
    :arrow:3:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:2:00pm Pacific
    :arrow:9:00am Australia
    :arrow:10:00pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs NW


Wow. This weekend is packed. Remember, it’s times like these that the truly great soldiers stand out (ex. Boomer became successful when we discovered him in WW3). We’ve already noticed a few soldier standing out during this World War, and we will offer dedicated troops like them many advancements in the ACP. Your actions will not go unrewarded.

NOTE: We will only accept server changes at the Battles of Brumby and Breeze, because they are usually heavily-populated. But the change must be to Klondike (as previously stated), and we must know at least two hours in advance. If we are not informed two hours in advance, the battles will not change servers.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment with which battles you can attend!

Our New Servers: Tundra, Jack Frost, Hockey, Ice Age, Ice Bound, Alpine, & Frozen

Hey ACP,
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ACP Servers and Battles

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