A Step Aside

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Hello ACP,

Today, I speak to you, not as a former ACP leader, as a former soldier of this army as well. This post is very important, and we hope for everyone of you to read it. As in we, for all the former ACP Leaders, since 2006, till now, 2011.

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Hey ACP!

Flipper here, with the results to quite a lot of things. Remember the last post with numerous polls? It’s time to decide what is going to happen! If you don’t remember polls were put up to find out if some things should return, or some thing should happen. They were:

  • Too Many Moderators? – A poll to decide if we shold raise the Mod line, to get rid of a lot of mods, there have been complaints that we have “Too Many”. If the Voting is too close, the choice “Keep it the same” will prevail.
  • Divisons? – This poll was to decide if the ever popular Divisions were to come back! Manny soldiers have voted, and it will be revealed soon.. This Poll needs at least 70% Yes to be carried out.
  • Which Divisions? – This poll was to decide which divisions, the names of them. Many possible names were thought of, but only 3 can survive!
  • Constitution? – A poll to decide whether we should use Iasgae’s constitution for ACP! This Poll needs at least 70% Yes to be carried out.

And finally, a poll that was released many days ago, a poll that many have been nagging me about..

  • Unmod/Domod Results! – A poll to decide which ACP soldiers should be de-modding or do-modded.

So, now you know what this post will be about, read on to find out what will happen..

1. Too Many Moderators?

This poll was used after complaints that the mod line was too low. A plan thought by Iasgae and Fiasco reccomended that the Mod Line should be raised by TWO ranks. After much debate, a poll was put up with the choices of to keep the mod line at what it is, to raise the mod line by ONE rank, or to raise it by TWO. The results  were as followed:

  • I disagree with both, it should only be raised by ONE. – [49 Votes] 24%
  • The mod line SHOULD be raised by two ranks. [54 Votes] 27%

So, the winner of the first poll is..

  • They should stay the same, it’s fine as it is! – [99 Votes] 49%

By over 20%, the mod rank will stay firmly where it is at the moment. This topic may rise again soon, but for now, it is closed!

2. Divisions?

This poll was used after Kenneth and I discussed the topic in a PC. Many people had wanted divisions back, as they were a great experience to soldiers before they were scrapped. They helped the rising talents get to lead their own little “Army” inside ACP. The poll choices were “Yes.” and “No.”. But remember: If Yes is to win, it needs to have at least 70% of the votes. The results were:

  • No. – [57 Votes] 29%

So, the winner of this poll..

  • Yes! – [140 Votes] 71%

By ONE percent, Yes surpasses the 70% barrier to welcome Divisions back to ACP! When they will be up and running again will be decided later, but for now, you can get excited for divisions coming back!

3. Which Divisions?

If Divisions were going to come back, we needed to know what they were going to be called! There were several choices, and the voters could choose a MAXIMUM of 3 division names. Among the choices were the old favourites: Alpha and Echo, along with peculiar ones like Foxtrot! Anyway, the voting begun and soon enough we now know the names of the divisions in ACP, here are the runner ups..

  • Charlie – [26 Votes] 6%
  • Foxtrot – [32 Votes] 7%
  • Beta – [41 Votes] 9%

There were 7 choices on the poll, but only 3 runner-ups.. Does that mean we will have 4 Divisions? Sadly no, there was a VERY close call for the 3rd division, we will have another vote on those two. The two divisions who will still have another vote are:

  • Delta – [70 Votes] 16%
  • Omega – [72 Votes] 16%

As you can see, there were two votes in it! That was too close to call. By now you have probably worked out the remaining two divisions, who could they be? The legendary divisions that will make their comeback soon are:

  • Echo – [83 Votes] 18%

But, miles ahead, is the one and only red division..

  • Alpha – [127 Votes] 28%

By 10% Alpha is the most voted division! Maybe that shows an early insight to who will dominate the division battles.. who knows? Now the poll for Omega and Delta. In this poll, it doesn’t matter if the difference is by ONE vote, the one with higher votes will win.

4. Constitution?

This had been brought to my attention numerous times by Iasgae56, a constitution that he had created. It’s basically the rules of the army, what will happen when a leader retires, etc. At the moment, it does need quite a lot of edits, edits that Ken and I will discuss with him if it is chosen. The answers were simply “Yes” or “No”, but remember. For “Yes” to win, it must have over 70% of the vote. Simples, right? 😆 The results were:

  • No Thanks – [37 Votes] 24%

So the winner must be..

  • Yeah! – [115 Votes] 76%

76% definitely is over than 70, if my calculations are right! So by a landslide victory, Iasgae’s constitution will be put into use soon. That’s all for this topic!

5. Unmod/Domod results!

Yes, the moment a lot of you have been waiting for! Whether some soldiers have been stripped of their moderator privileges for a month, or whether some soldiers are made moderators for as long as they are in ACP! Firstly, the DOMOD results. First thing first, like other major polls, you must have over 70% to be modded. However, for unmod candidates, whichever has the highest total will win.

Should 9ooo be modded?

  • No – [72 Votes] 49%
  • Yes – [76 Votes] 51%

So close! Although “Yes” won by 4 votes, it wasn’t enough to get past the 70% barrier. Unlucky 9ooo!

Should Kingfunks4 be modded?

  • Yes – [56 Votes] 46%
  • No – [65 Votes] 54%

Unlucky Kingfunks! Better luck next time.

Now, it is time for the UNMOD results. Many candidates were put up.. who will be unmodded?

Should Smartuin be unmodded?

  • No – [64 Votes] 46%
  • Yes – [75 Votes] 54%

What a shame! Smartuin, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Noseycjr be unmodded?

  • No – [57 Votes] 44%
  • Yes [73 Votes] 56%

Nevermind! Noseycjr, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Ganger0 be unmodded?

  • No – [41 Votes] 33%
  • Yes – [85 Votes] 67%

Unlucky! Ganger0, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Rjkcbo be unmodded?

  • No – [30 Votes] 26%
  • Yes – [84 Votes] 74%

Ahhh, tough luck! Rjkcbo, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Should Noka8 be unmodded [Well, unownered. 😆 ]?

  • Yes – [64 Votes] 42%
  • No – [89 Votes] 58%

Good job Noka! You will stay owner for as long as you are in ACP. You have survived THIS unmod week..

Should Bfan be unmodded?

  • Yes – [48 Votes] 41%
  • No – [69 Votes] 59%

Good job Bfan! You will stay moderator for as long as you are in ACP. You have survived THIS unmod week..

Should Mazachster be unmodded?

  • Yes – [77 Votes] 63%
  • No – [46 Votes] 37%

Unlucky. Mazacshter, you will be unmodded for a month, you will regain modship on 30th April.

Sign Off

That’s all from me in this “Results” themed post! Comment your opinions with the new changes, and how you think it will effect ACP!


Some topics to Discuss

Flipper: This is a good post, and very nicely detailed. But please Jcapp, only post about the senate. Although you have written well about the 3ic spots, it is not what you are on the site for. You did not know this beforehand, so I don’t blame you, but yeah, senate only please. ;3

Noka- This is a good idea also i think we should ban the Adolf Hitler simson picture on ACP chat. The reason being is because everytime someone has that picture  they threaten to hack somone and cause a lot of trouble and panic on ACP chat.

Hello ACP and ACP Senators!

Normally I cover senate, but today, I’m going to do a little bit of everything to help out ACP Morale, so everyone should read this post. Here’s your table of contents for today.


2.  Commander General Possibilities

3. Senate meeting and other priorities

4. Presidential Address to the citizens of the DRACP.


If you are a Lieutenant Colonel or below, JOIN ACPTR TODAY! ACPTR introduces material to you that has great significance to becoming a leader. Kenneth1000, our new ACP leader went into ACPTR and was an A+ graduate of it. ACPTR will provide you skills that help you throughout your ACP, or CP Army career. If Kenneth can do it, than how about you? Here is your chance today! Go to the ACPTR site and join!

2. Commander General Possibilities

I know all of you are anxious to know who even POSSIBILITIES are. Well I’ve been talking to Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 constantly about this, and I have also gone “Under Cover Boss” a little bit. But being a neutral party, these are your people that look like they are going to get it, from most likely to least likely (and note also that two spots are open, not one, so the top two are most likely to get it.)

1. Field Marshal Jcapp64, 2. Field Marshal Johny 4, 3. General Smartuin, 4. Field Marshal Monsterfully, 5. Field Marshall Khimo. I wish you all good luck! For those rooting for me (By the way, this is a neutral list. Please don’t criticize me of being bias of myself.) I will still be your president if becoming 3ic.

3. Senate priorities.

Senators will need to e-mail me a blank e-mail at acp.jcapp64@gmail.com ASAP by Saturday in order for me to give you an engrade.com code. No this will not be like school, although you are required to attend all senate meetings, not missing 3 senate meetings in a term. Engrade currently has an assignment for you, which will be your only assignment on there I ever give you. Please check it regularly. If you get below 75%, you will not be allowed to run next election. So again i reiterate: ALL SENATORS MUST PRESENT SOME TYPE OF BILL AT ALL SENATE MEETINGS. IF YOU PLAN TO BE ABSENT, SEND ME YOUR BILL.

Senators, please remember the times for next senate meeting. Here they are again:

What: Senate Meeting

Who: Senators, and anyone at or above 3ic

Where: Senate’s new chat! http://xat.com/theacp_senate/

Why: Let’s pass some bills!

When: Saturday April 2, 2011


9:00 PM GMT, 4:oo PM EDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM MDT, 1:00 PM PDT

(Note EDT, CDT, etc. is sort of the same thing as EST, CST, etc. Since daylight savings has occured, we are now under daylight time, or DT, instead of standard time, or ST)

4. Presidential Address.

My fellow DRACP citizens,

A new president is amongst the ACP lands and territories. Once more a new leader of senate will be. Coming with presidents are vice presidents, and of course our senators are new changes. There will also be new Commander Generals soon, and new bills to be discussed. I now begin our journey into this speech.

New presidency has now come upon us. I have taken term Saturday March 26, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST. I thank our former president Klug1234 for assigning me to a power of awesome responsibility. With my new presidency, I will be setting for Casiusbrutus as Vice President of the Democratic Republic Army of Club Penguin. I will set forth that only I am allowed to fire him, Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706 with a combined vote can fire him, or Vice President Casiusbrutus can be impeached and voted out with 75% of senate approval. Let’s go on more about new leadership.

The Commander General spot has been open with our new leaders coming in. We have also had lots of rumor that I have been nominated for it. Realize I am glad that I am able to see to it that I am nominated, but I will not leave senate in any way, shape, form or idea unless something happens. Also, a lot of talk is with Johny 4, Smartuin, Monsterfully, and Khimo. I wish these people well also. They seem like good candidates for a worthy position. Now the topic rests on potential bills I will try to send to senate.

A lot of moderators are on our chat. We do not like it. It has caused moderator fights, and punishments not needed. I will be sending a bill to senate in the future to raise the moderator line to the rank of general, give or take a rank. In the near future, it will be preventable to have such conflicts we do today. We also need to focus on hacking.

Hacking is a big deal. Blue Warriors, the top small army according to Small Medium Army Central (SMAC), was hacked earlier. Hacking is intolerable. We can not stand it. I understand ACP stands on the “No Hacking Bill” and is a proud sponsor of it, but I will propose more security measures that keeps ACP a safe, fun place for kids. I will be proposing that anyone of any army that threatens to hack ACP, jokingly or not, will be banned from any ACP events, and will not be allowed inside the army ever again. Hacking threats are something that aren’t always true, but when you get that one time it becomes serious, and we will regret it in the end. I will also try to pass one more bill in senate during this term of senators.

We will pass on a new constitution to take place. The constitution can be found here, and we credit former leader lasgae56 with this amazing bill: iasacpconstitution.wordpress.com and we will always have him credited for it. It’s vital we have a constitution. A constitution forms a nation. The United States of America would not be here without one.

In closing soldiers and senators, we are here for a reason; we must serve and protect Club Penguin. Without our orderly government and great leaders, Club Penguin would be a mad-house with no order or good conduct, and more reports of people. More importantly, ACP itself has taught me many lessons. It’s taught me a lot about today’s new and growing technology, and it has taught me how to live. Where would we be without ACP? Where would we be without a government? With that, I say “Defend Freedom; Preserve Justice.”

March On!

President Jcapp64, ACP Field Marshal


Retirement of Cpt Awesome3

Hello, this Cpt Awesome3, ACP Captain. I am officially retiring from all Club Penguin armies. I have been in Club Penguin armies since October 27th, 2010. I found out about these armies when I was trying to google, “Club Penguin Accounts” because I was seeing if I could somehow find a rare account that wasn’t banned. I stopped when I wrote “Club Penguin a” and saw “Armies” for the rest of te sentence. I clicked it and, vwalla! I join the ACP.

I have some confessions to make before I list the people that were my friends… All of those people that you knew as my “brother” or Flipper111, were me. Flipper11 was me, Maverick50 was me and Mafd2 was me. I created those people to get out of my stressfulness it is to be me. I wanted to get away. Sometimes, I wanted to go back and time and start over as a n00b again. The truth is, I have 1 brother, and 1 sister. Both play Club Penguin, both zare younger then me, both are NOT affiliated with Club Penguin armies, and both are not Flipper111, Mafd2, or Maverick50. So yes, now for my friends…

Keith09- One of the Greatest friends I ever met. You were the best person to talk to on xat, and you always were there with me, thanks. I give my only 5 xats I have, too you. Good luck in armies and CPGT!

Boofgall1- Ohhh Boof. Your were also a good friend. Hope you become Golden Troops leader soon 😉

Mew2red- Oh Mew. I remember the old days when I would scold you in CPAR 😆 Have fun in armies Mew.

Nick5013 or Clivf- Awesome. You were my GFX designer and a good friend. I hope that you find a job and have a good life.

Morrisons2- You were the leader of the 2nd army I joined, CPSFT. You had my sister join, and welcomed me. I like you for that. Lead NMA good 😉

Timmy0000- Great friend, great person. Prosper in CPF 😉

Kooldude247- Awesome. SMAC will epicly Pwn with you, I hope you get head om SMAC. One of the best friends I’ve ever had.

ioioluk- We’ve had some up and down times, but overall, pretty nice guy.

Well, that’s it. I hope you all have good life’s, and do well in your armies. And yes, I am quitting 1. Club Penguin, 2. Club Penguin Armies, and 3. Xat.

Peace out my friends….

-Cpt Awesome3, The Living Legend

Unscheduled Events

Hello ACP!

This is a quick and short post asking you guys about how many unscheduled events we should have each week to help keep the army active and alive. The poll is directly underneath.

Today we did a tremendous job at a You Lead Session. We were all bored so Stew20 and I decided to get the troops on Club Penguin. The troops followed the orders amazingly well and very quickly. First Stew lead for a while then I lead the event for a short time before turning it into a You Lead Session. You guys followed your fellow soldier’s orders very superbly as well as my own orders. We got about 30 people on Club Penguin. Some soldiers claim they had so much fun they want to do this again tomorrow to get another chance to lead. A picture of the You Lead Session is below. I couldn’t get many pictures because I was constantly reading requests and PC’s for people to lead as well as ownering and un-onwering people that were leading. Some people I saw there were Carter, Weatherboy, Stew, Nicjackson, and Cait, amongst the other troops. If you were also at the event you can find yourself in the picture.  If you can’t see the picture very well at this size click on it for a bigger look!

This is what Stew calls a "perfect line".

Comment If You Were There!

ACPTR ~Training The Future Of ACP~


Want a higher rank? Need to know more about ACP? Want to have a better chance of exceeding in ACP(becoming a moderator rank or even a owner rank in the future)  And if you ever need any help find me or any ACPTR staff on the ACP chat we would be happy to help! Also try the ACP and/or the ACPTR help page. You can also find the ACPTR link on the sidebar of the site (ACP) and on the join page for ACP. Click the link below and join ACP!


ACPTR is training camp made for one sole purpose, to help and train the future of ACP. Our staff is made up of some of the best most experienced members of ACP. Once your added as a ACPTR cadet find your name HERE on the cadets page! If you are a new recruit of the ACP and your a 1st Lieutenant or below join ACPTR, not only is ACPTR fun, a great a experience, and will give you a great ACP education but graduating will give you a promotion! Attend classes and get a medal for each class heres how it works:

You may see a number next to your name. This means you have that many medals. Medals are used to figure out who graduates, and what grade they get! To get medals, just attend events. Each event is worth 1 medal. The amount of medals you need to get a particular grade varies with different months.

There are many different classes/events in ACPTR they are as follows

History-Basic army history, including the important events like the switch to WordPress and the World Wars, and a good amount of ACP History.

Army Basics-The basics of CP Armies, including what certain terms mean, rules, Xat basics, etc.

Leadership class-This class will teach how to be a good leader. This way cadets will know how to lead well in case of an emergency and will be a good leader once/if they get there.


~Recruiting Sessions

  • Recruit on ACP or captured ACP servers

~Tactic Sessions

  • Practice Tactics


  • This is in only drastic times

~Practice Battles

  • Battle Divisions Branches or Smaller Armies or even bootcamps!

~You Lead Event

  • When a cadet or visitor from the ACP leads in a battle type form of event.


New Leaders of ACP

Hello ACP!

In case you guys are not aware yet, Flipper and I have become the new leaders of the Army of Club Penguin. With new leaders comes some new changes. Don’t worry the changes won’t be big or bad but just some little things that will improve the army and its performance on Club Penguin overall. I’m sure almost all of you have seen me around on Club Penguin and on ACP chat before, but if you don’t know me, I am Kenneth1000. I was your former Second in Command and now leader of the ACP, leading with Flipper.

I joined ACP about 2 years ago and I have been here since the first time Boomer lead ACP. So basically I have served through 13 leaders not including Flip and I. I have been an Owner rank since Matre was leading ACP and I am happy to see I still am one. 😆 Whether I shall lead for long or short, my time in the ACP will be devoted to your service. Flipper and I intend to keep ACP at the top of the Top Ten Armies and bring us to another good if not golden age for the ACP. We have a long list of things to do such as active counts and other things to improve ACP.

Having both Flipper and I as ACP Leaders probably has more advantages then disadvantages. Flipper lives in Europe and I live in North America. That is a perfect combination. He can attend the European events better while I can attend the North American events better. Remember in World War V, we were going on the offensive and invading the NW servers?

A lot of the invasions were scheduled for Europeans and we won most if not all of the European invasions of NW servers. Now imagine having a leader that can better lead those events. We can get more troops on as well. A leader living in Europe can plan and schedule more invasions and raids when everyone in North America is either sleeping or at school.

This leadership will last for a month, then we will review how the leadership is going. If it isn’t going too well, we may reform the leadership of the Army of Club Penguin, but who knows, only time will tell? There was a massive debate about who would become leader, including several private posts. However, our leadership was confirmed when Mchappy, previous ACP leader, logged on earlier today and confirmed our appointment.

If you have any problems with us as leaders, please comment. There might be some big changes soon, we will have to see! Below is a couple of topics that have been brought to our attention.


New High Ranks:

Obviously with the appointment of Kenneth and I, there are new high ranks. Here is a quick look at the high ranks at the moment, but they are not fully complete yet:

Supreme Commander: Kenneth1000, Flipper7706

Head General (2ic): Bobcatboy10, Noka8

Commander General (3ic): Chase50, [TBA] and [TBA]

——Owner Line——

Field Marshal (6): Slider (ACPTR), Johny 4, Jcapp64, Khimo, Lillie Rose, Monsterfully, Jordi30267

General (10): 12Declan12 , Happyman444, Jackie202 Lorenzo BeanNoseycjrRyann, Smartuin, Speeder109, Stew20, Talyor455

As you can see we have two Commander General (3ic) spots open, these will be decided in a couple of days, after the leadership has settled. Some changes that have happened is that Jackie, ACPTR leader, has stepped down from his role. He was a fantastic leader, and we hope he will be back soon enough to take over again soon! In the meantime, Slider, has been granted the chance of ACPTR leader. Good luck Slider, and good luck to all new recruits!


Too many moderators?

Shortly after we were confirmed as leaders, some higher ranked soldiers started plotting new rank changes. One that was thought up by Iasgae 56 (Former ACP leader) and Fiasco121 (ACP High Rank) that we should raise the mod rank by 2 ranks. This would make Major General and Lt. General member ranks, so that you had to be at least a Field General to be a moderator. This is something that we weren’t too keen on. So we turned to the soldiers, here is a poll to decide:

Me and Ken have already set about reducing the moderators, and have found  about 30 Inactive mods who will be demoted to High member or bottom mod. If you don’t agree with the demotion, you can always go to the “Help” page on the ACP site! As always, please do not hack the poll, or cheat in any way so the poll goes in your favour. That is all for this subject!



As you might know, division were scrapped after the last Division battle, in which Alpha won. They were replaced by “Patrols” where soldiers would make a comment once they had patrolled a server, a thing that has worked very well. The idea is Divisions might come back, but with Patrols still here. Many enjoyed divisions, and they were a nice competitive thing inside of ACP, the question is, should they come back? And what kind of divisions should there be?

Last time there was divisions, the majority of the time there were too: Alpha and Echo. Near the end of divisions reign, Omega was  introduced for a short period of time. However, the following week they were both scrapped.. Divisions were a good way to split the army in battles, to gain an advantage.. So what do ACP think? Should Divisions be re-introduced?

If they should come back, which divisions?

The above poll is multiple choice, so choose wisely!

ACP will either have 2 or 3 divisions if they come back, it depends on the most popular. That’s all on this topic!



As some of you may know (Seems like I start every sentence with that) Iasgae, former ACP leader, wrote up a constitution for ACP some time ago. It is a bit lengthy, but it is quite impressive. Some things may have to be changed, but it is a nice draft and covers most things. If you want to read it, click HERE. This takes you to a different site, one that Iasgae himself has created. I think only a few will vote on this one, as only a few will be bothered to read it, but anyway, here is a poll on the (Possible) ACP Constitution:

So that is that!


Sign Off

You can’t believe what an honour it is to be named ACP leaders, we promise we will try our best to keep ACP at the top of it’s game. We are YOUR soldiers, your wishes are our commands. More posts coming soon! That’s all for now.

Your newest leaders,

~Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706

The next meeting

Hello ACP,

As many of you may or may not know, I have become your new senate president. Klug unfortunately does not have enough time, and he will be in our thoughts a lot. You can read is resignation by clicking on THIS. Now onto my main priorities!

It has been forever since an actual senate meeting attempt. I am here for you to give you one. Here are the dates (note I stink at wordpress, so excuse me for having bad formatting):

What: Senate Meeting

Who: Senators, and anyone at or above 3ic

Where: Senate’s new chat! http://xat.com/theacp_senate/

Why: Let’s pass some bills!

When: Saturday April 2, 2011


9:00 PM GMT, 4:oo PM EDT, 3:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM MDT, 1:00 PM PDT

(Note EDT, CDT, etc. is sort of the same thing as EST, CST, etc. Since daylight savings has occured, we are now under daylight time, or DT, instead of standard time, or ST)

That’s all for now! Thanks for welcoming me as your senate president.


P.S. You can e-mail me at acp.jcapp64@gmail.com if you have any questions whatsoever. Also, I will be updated my website http://jcappacp.wikispaces.com/ soon with info on the senate meeting.

Retirement of 24Keyser

Yes i am retiring finaly

After 3 years in ACP i think its my time

I have been growing bored of cp armies

now lets just thank some people who brought me this far

Jcapp:Epic friend

Thebester: He was the bester

Mch:Epic freind

ACP Soldier:Thank you for going on Mammoth that one time and recuiting me

KG:Still epic

The Rest Of ACP:Thank You For 3 Amazing Years I Will Miss U All!

My Final Wish Is To Stay A Mod On ACP Chat

You Can Find Me On Transformice CP Or Whirled

For the last time


Over & Out to 24Keyser (retired)

A new day.

Leaders: Read the private post.

Many posts to read so be sure to scroll down!

Hey ACP!

First of all, something that may concern all of you.. You all know Mchappy/Icey Cold’s retirement, right? Well as sad as that is, we mustn’t waste time having NEW leaders to help lead us to a new future! When Mchappy retired, he told me the next leader should be between Kenneth and I. Hey, why not combine the two for maximum brilliance?

Now, today we had a battle against the famous Ice Warriors. It seemed as though we might of lost some size, with retirements everywhere! As well as losing one of the best leaders that we have been lucky enough to have.. so boy was I surprised when we started hitting 50. I logged on at about 5:15 GMT to get ready, but I was quickly warned by Ken that IW had already logged on.. We wanted to log on 30 minutes before, not 45!

Anyway, we marched onto Klondike to face our enemy, and stationed in the Plaza. From now on, I think I will let the pics do the talking!



We do Puke emotes in line, I think Ollie the janitor will need to clear that mess up..

Just to remind anyone who forgot, we chat: “WE ARE ACP!”

Snow Forts:

We move into the Snow Forts where our size really begins to pick up, we stay here for the rest of the battle.

A nice shot of our size without tactics, I count about 45+ in this picture, not sure the exact number.

We all like a bit of food, right? We show off our awesome pizzas in an attempt to bring the IW to us, if we wouldn’t go to them.

We show our love as we evacuate from our line, and venture into the unkown! *WARY*


At this point, CP failed for me and about 15 of us got logged off. Khimo stayed on and lead the remaining ACP, here are a couple of his pictures

Snow Forts Continued:

A nice Circle with flower emotes.. Nothing more to say. There were several other tactics, but no pictures were taken.


Ken and I settled on a tie with Icey, as neither army could fight one another in the battle. Based on tactics and size, CPAC may decide something else, but in the mean time.. Good job ACP, for a healthy battle with IW. I will update this with more news as I go on.

But one final announcement. Thank-you to Khimo who helped lead us in the battle, and is well deserving of a reward.

He has been given the Bronze Medal Award, for his services today. Good job Khimo!

That’s all for today!

~Kenneth1000 and Flipper7706