“Tenzin: WHOOOO!”

Hello ACP!

Today what I have in store for you is a mixture of topics from a possible brewing war with the Metal Warriors to ACPTR updates and some stuff in between. As you know the Metal Warriors have taken our warning to call off the invasion and thrown it in the trash, and they’ve been expressing their love toward ACP and I too, which I have added the picture below. The staff and I are also starting to improve ACPTR along with our beloved C.E.O Mchappy! :mrgreen: I’ve also put together some tips for our upcoming battles this weekend, all for you when you click read more…

1.) War With MW?

The Metal Warriors recently scheduled an invasion of Klondike one of our long time owned servers which a “server for everyone” foundation is on which was organized by Matre10 for all the small armies who need a place to train and recruit, it’s also used sometimes for CPAC tournaments. We politely asked MW to cancel the invasion and settle for a practice battle, in which they ignored. They claim to be eager for some events but clearly didn’t see it on our Nation page. Now, I wouldn’t hate MW for invading Klondike alone but I very much dislike them after how I was greeted today. This morning I decided to pay them a little visit on their chat, mostly just because I wanted to meet their leaders but instead I was greeted with this,

Not quite a warm welcome if you ask me, and they didn’t give off the mature and respective impression on me. This might be a nice little reason to declare war, and this is just adding to our reason to declare war. I was even more disappointed how these were their 3ics/2ics who represent the image of MW. After looking around at their ranks I found that Waterkid former leader of the Pirates is the 2nd highest mod in the army, just makes you think huh? I’d like to end this section of the post with a poll, do you think we should declare war on MW?

2.) ACPTR Official Updates

As ACPTR’s leader I like to keep everyone informed of changes happening, and because I don’t yet have my position on ACPTR’s website yet, I’ll put it here :mrgreen: First of all we had a brief discussion about the ranks of the staff members, and decided to fire Bird and Swimmerboy. We also talked about what our classes are going to be from now on, and we decided on 3 main classes, History, taught by Jay, Tactics and Tactic Development, taught by Antant, and Leadership, taught by Coolto. We were also opposed by an idea of making all staff members owners, but that was immediately vetoed because it would be total chaos. Finally we decided on joining restrictions for cadets, from now on only soldiers ranked Corporal – 1st Lieutenant can join ACPTR.

Starting May first anyone ranked Corporal – 1st Lieutenant will be able to join until May 15th. As cadets you’ll be expected to attend and participate in classes and events and for each event you attend you’ll get one medal, once you get enough medals at the end of the month you’ll receive a grade, depending on your grade you’ll get a promotion, if you get a high enough grade you’ll get a double or even triple promotion, which is more than you’d get from a regular promotion! But theres a catch, you can only graduate once after that you’ll have to depend on regular promotions. Good luck!

3.) Battle Tips For Saturday

Be fierce, like fire!

My final topic for you today is some tips for our upcoming practice battle with the Nachos, which could also be used for our battle with the Metal Warriors. Our practice battle with the Nachos is very important because they’re closing in on us as they’re #2 in the top 10, we need to prove we’re still on top of the army community and win this. But nevertheless the defense of Klondike is still very important, one of our most important servers is at stake and we can’t lose it! So below, I’ve put together a short list of tips…

  • Stay calm and collected even if we’re not winning at the moment
  • If you get locked out, don’t worry, just try to take charge and organize the other locked out soldiers
  • Try not to clump or leave gaps in formations
  • Stay glued to that screen! Try your best not to go idle and pay attention to all the orders
  • Log on Club Penguin and chat a half hour early
  • Stay focused and don’t make side conversations during the battle on chat
  • Listen to the leaders, no matter how much you’d like to try to lead by yourself it just causes confusion
  • Stay in the room ordered
  • Be in uniform

Well thats all for tonight, I hope you enjoyed my post!


30 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. Cool post!

  3. Lots of Avatar.

  4. i hate that creepy kid…

  5. yes ill come

  6. I changed you to Admin on ACPTR site

    • P.s if you need help with anything then just ask
      P.ss Bird Pingu is a really good history teacher who know’s what he is talking about, he has the ability and good teaching skills to be a History Teacher, please can you re-consider him

  7. Too much avatar, the old series was so much better…

  8. All that Avatar was distracting when I was reading the post

  9. I thought this was made by Mch, but I see Slider is a LoK guy too

  10. Noice post. Very Mch like. 😀

  11. After the Nacho PB we should forget the Nachos and declare war on the MW.

  12. I think you shouldn’t destroy such a small army

  13. nah man us going to war with them, would be like bullying a 7 year old girl it cant be done

  14. woah woah woah hang on u wanna go to war with them cuz they hurt ur feelings? big deal they want one server thats generally shared with alot of armies. its not like theyre trying to destroy our nation, or conquer us or anything. i say wait for them to declare war, and then well know if they just want our server or want our whole nation

    • I never said they hurt my feelings, they’ve been rude to ACP and I nevertheless, and invading an ACP server is an act of war.

      • Okay first.

        You guys want to declare war on MW, big deal.

        Shows how you guys treat armies like as if they’re soooo small and as if you’re the boss of them.

        No offense to ACP.

        But I’m only commenting because I do love Legend of Korra. 🙂

  15. BE THE LEAF!!!!!!


  17. Cool Post

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