Snow Fort Training #2: Results

Hey ACP, 

Today was our 2nd training session on Snow Fort, but this time it was on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. I’ve got to admit this wasn’t our best event, but our Saturday event wasn’t the best last week. We seem to do much better on Sunday’s, our tactics despite it being a tactics session weren’t the best either.

I seem very negative right now, don’t I? :mrgreen: Our event wasn’t all that bad, but I knew it could of been much better if everyone had logged on to help us out. I lead most of this event, but near the end, Ekpenguin9 lead a bit of it, with Slider chipping in at times.

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St. Patrick’s Day Chat Rally/Contests

Top of the morning ACP!

The greenest holiday is almost upon us again, St. Patricks Day! Club Penguin’s last St Patricks day part was back in 2009, where the whole island was turned green! It was a great time for ACP to recruit and just party. Club Penguin may have stopped celebrating but we surely haven’t! On Saturday March 17th we’re going to have our own party for the greenest day of there year, the will be giveaways, parties on club penguin, and we’ll even visit igloos if you’ve decorated them for St Patrick’s Day! Thats not all, in the post I’m going to be explaining an igloo contest and penguin costume contest which I’ll be explaining more later in the post.

First thing is first, the times for the St. Patrick’s day party…

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