Hai dere, ACP!

We have been invited to Nachosmovie night.  This is the first official movie night that has been sponsored by Nachos that all armies are allowed to join in on.  We are very fortunate to be invited to the fun activity.  Below is a list of movies that have been chosen.  Please vote on which movie you’d like to watch the most.  You can only vote once so make sure it counts.

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A/N/E – Updates

Kingfunks4’s MUST READ medals post.

Hey ACP, 

Yesterday I was on our chat and a few people were complaining about how a few of the pages hadn’t really been updated in a while, the A/N/E (Allies/Neutral/Enemies) page being one of the top culprits. I got thinking, and thought it was time to update this page as it was getting quite outdated, and instead of going round every army asking do you love or hate ACP, I thought I’d make this post and armies that were interested could comment on whether they are allies or enemies with us their selves, as my way I could miss a few out.

This post isn’t really for ACP soldiers, but more for other armies who would like to get their name down as an ally of ACP, but I will also provide information to what each title means, and who would do what if we went into a war, so you can read along if you wish! Calling all armies who view this site, if you want to be classed as an ally, neutral or maybe even an enemy, to the Army of Club Penguin, click read more on this post so you can be recognised officially as one.

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Review on the Medals System

This post will take a look at the current and possible new method for the Medals System. This involves information, my opinion and asking your opinion. This could change the way we give out and check up on Medals, so make sure you read this post.

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