Flipper: I object! And to prove you wrong, Kenneth, I have a picture of me on Club Penguin chilling out..

That’s so not blood splatters on my shirt and face, and my abnormal ears are so normal.. right? 😥

There is no hello this time. (You know what that means.)

Okay I am really really really really really bored. The tournament is fun and stuff but not as intense as a war! So, I am just asking people around if they would like a war. We should pick someone not too hard and not our allies but not too easy like I don’t know, uh LT. (Cause we owned them so badly last time and ended the last war with them in a triumphant victory for us.) If we have a war it is going to be after this tournament.

The options can be (CPAC is no longer available)


2. Metal Warriors

3. Night Warriors

4. Any other army ACP really wants.

I am just looking for a nice war to make stuff really exciting again. These are just armies we are neutral or do not have any relations with. Tournaments are cool and so are training and practice battles but they just don’t compare to a war! Remember Flip’s favourite event is war and my favourite thing is waging war. Fun right? Comment with this form that is shown below.


ACP Rank:

Do You Support A War? If So Which Army?

You must comment! We need to know so we can commence our awesome plans and uh stuff. Comment before you read about how I discovered my fellow ACP Leader and friend was actually a Vampire.

Flipper: Friend or VAMPIRE?

Okay so, I was driving to ACP Headquarters on Breeze today with my Rolls Royce Phantom. I did a donut and other cool maneuvers with the car in the ACP Officer’s Parking lot to impress some lady penguins nearby. After I parked the car, I walked in the building.  I said hai to the lady at the door and to some other people. I went to my office and then I talked to Flip who apparently was “painting”. He then talked  about how he posted everyday and stuff. I said it wasn’t healthy and asked do you ever go on a vacation?  That’s when it hit me.

The horror I was in. I am not a vampire and I couldn’t post everyday. I almost could though. But there was something about him that made me run out of the building in a crazy manner.I always thought Flip was one of these guys

. But he was really one of those guys…

Oh crap that makes me shiver. I have faced hails of bullets, killer Nachos with sombreros, bombs and artillery fire exploding everywhere,  and even Oagal when he was uh indecent. But this just gives me the creeps. I finally just called in sick that day and I felt like this

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Tundra Training!


Tundra Training [TODAY!]

Where: Tundra, INSIDE MINE!

When: Saturday, 24th March

Times: 1:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

1:00 PM PST

2:00 PM MST

3:00 PM CST

4:00 PM EST

8:00 PM GMT

Medals: 3 [[ could reach up to 5 ]]

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