Hey ACP!

On Thursday I quickly scheduled an ACP event for today, seeing as we only had an event planned for Sunday. We haven’t been doing our best on Saturday’s recently and our best performances have come on Sunday’s, but today was a little bit different. We started off in the MINE as the puffle party was still ongoing and I didn’t realise that, but later on we went to the TOWN to try and expand our sizes ever more. This battle was important to get our tactics straight and makes us almost impossible to defeat against the Light Troops, and I think we achieved that!

We did various tactics including Circle’s in the mine and town, but we didn’t do much moving bombs throughout the battle as it seemed a bit wasted, given we probably wont have the chance to attack the Light Troops with both our sizes, it will probably be best if we stood our ground and let the LT come to us. I said this event was going to be 3 medals which could go up to 5, and I planned it out so we could get up to 2 medals for size, and 3 medals for perfect tactics. In the end, I think we probably earned 4 medals as our tactics towards the end got better, but our size couldn’t break that 45 barrier.

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