The ACP Mall And A Diary Of A [Wimpy] ACP Soldier

Hai ACP!

Okay first I am soo sorry I can’t post everyday like Flipper. Although war has its downsides it provided me with lots of things to post about, but now we are at peace so I don’t have as many things. I am trying to work on my grades a bit more since I got a B in a certain subject (wary)

I have been inspired by the Ice Warriors and their Ice Warriors mall. Click here if you don’t know what it is.I am thinking if you ACP troops would want to, we could setup our own ACP Mall. Full of stores and stuff! Our ACP Mall should be even bigger since we are a bigger army. The IW currently has 9 shops! I bet the ACP can get at least 12! So all you have to do is fill in the form below to get your shop or restaurant on an ACP  fun page that Flip and I will plan out.


Name of Restaurant Or Shop:

Link to Picture Of Your Business:

Remember guys, we need the picture of your igloo aka your restaurant or shop for your business to be added to the ACP Mall. Okay now I am moving on to a more pressing issue.

Our Hits

Our hits are pretty low now for some reason. Our hits skyrocketed in February especially but now they are kinda down. Why do you guys think our hits are dropping now? Any ideas? March shouldn’t be a boring month! We have a number of birthdays for ACP troops including mine and we have a tournament AND St Patrick’s Day is coming plus some people in Canada and the USA have March or Spring Break. The ACP has training on Saturday so don’t miss it! Read my post for more info and we have a tournament the day after. Btw I punched Ken in the face and this he what he said back. Not so tough now eh?

Ooh Ken is now hiding behind the trees. I am so scared (Wary) Btw if any one has been in the ACP only mostly for like 2 years or so and got lots of spare time, talk to me.

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Hey ACP, 

After the end of the Rockhopper party which was pretty cool, it seems like a new party is taking place… The annual Puffle Party! But this isn’t like any other puffle party you have ever attended, this time there will be a slight difference. It’s not that big, just we are going to be PUFFLES instead of PENGUINS. Woah! I think this is pretty cool, and would provide some much-needed fun in ACP. Asdfghjkl888 has been starting some fun hide and seek events, and I’m sure they will be much funner over the puffle party.

The dates for this party are a week from today, so it’s not far off! This post is mainly telling you bits and pieces about it, some cool updates they will probably be bringing in and basically the latest CP news 😛 The party’s slogan is “Transform and Party” and the event will last for 12 days from March 15th – March 27th. This party could mean some changes around ACP and ACP site as in Graphics, New Tactics, and with puffles being considerably smaller, maybe we could fit more into a room causing bigger size?

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