Training, For a Brighter Future

*European Results at the Bottom of this Post

Hai dere, ACP!

Isn’t this title so corny?  Haha.  We train for a brighter future.  Even though it is extremely corny, its possibly true.  We train so we become a stronger army as a whole.  Training more often gives an edge to your tactics; updated tactics that an enemy army couldn’t defend against.  Today’s training (don’t know how the European training went, sorry about that) went decent.  Penguins could have listened a bit better, but without having Flipper7706 or Kenneth1000 there we did great.

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March 3rd-4th Events!

Club Penguin Army Forum

PB with IW results

Hey ACP,

The weekend is right ahead, and this is a post to tell you all of them! We have 3 events, a Euro Practice Battle with our good allies the Ice Warriors, a Recruiting session to get more soldiers, and to round it off, a training session to improve our tactics. I wonder if you can make all three? Sorry about the poor notice with the PB with the Ice Warriors, but after it was scheduled by Funks earlier this week, it hasn’t been on the top of my list, and I think it would be good to see how we react with a short notice, but an important event. I don’t think we have a USA event over the weekend, so apologies for that, but the PB with IW could of been  considered an early everyone event. :mrgreen:

  1. Saturday 6PM GMT [Practice Battle with IW]
  2. Saturday8PM GMT [Recruiting]
  3. Sunday8PM GMT [Training]
Click read more for a full list of event times, and a bit more information about it.