ACP Defense of Ice Breaker [Canceled] Newspaper Ads And Funbob Story

Hello ACP,

The Light Troops have decided to take another crack at us. They are invading Ice Breaker which is a historic ACP server. This server has been with the ACP for many years. IT is solely OURS. Need proof? Boomer was the governor of this server and this was his site.

Please lay your hands off this server as it is ours and no one else’s. We do not share servers except with IW. I suggest you remove this server from your nations page before hostilities break out between the ACP and the army who is soon going to get invaded if they do not relinquish claim. With that being said, we have an invasion to defend.



When: Wednesday, 21st March



3:30 PM PST
4:30 PM MST
5:30 PM CST
6:30 PM EST
10:30 PM GMT
11:30 AM AUS


Funbob also wrote a story a long time ago. Read more to find out. It is only the first 4 chapters. There’s also a newspaper ad. Continue reading

ACP top the group with a maximum 9 points!

Hey ACP, 

Today was our final battle of the CPAC Champions Cup group stages. We had already qualified after beating the Golden Troops yesterday, and now it was a 1st Vs 2nd finish. We already had 6 points, MW had 4, they still could overtake us and take first in the table, so ACP have a point to prove that we are the top army, unbeatable in our group.

In the other battle in our group, Pirates took on the Golden Troops to decide who would get 2nd. Pirates were already out, and GT needed a win to go even on points with MW if MW were to lose, so it’s an interesting ending to a group which was considered to be easy wins for 2 specific armies. We logged onto Klondike 20 mins before the battle started, and fought in the Mine as Forts was pretty messed up by the puffle party.

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CC [GS] — ACP vs GT Victory

Hai dere, ACP!

I’m so sorry I forgot to post about this yesterday.  I had to leave and go do some stuff with my loving family.  The battle was an important one, for us, seeing if we would get a full six points to move into the next stage.  We were expecting a close battle knowing Flipper7706 would not be there, and GT finally entering the top ten after a while.  Ekpenguin9 and I lead ACP to a victory to pull us through to the next round (Flipper7706 did show up for half of it.)  Great work, everyone!

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General Promotion Vote: Results


The General Promotion vote is a tradition in the Army of Club Penguin where the Generals will decide on who their next colleague will be. Who shall be granted the title of fame? Who shall become the next General? Who is the 3ic in training? WHO? WHO?!?!?!

I won’t tell you [now]. However, I will reinform you of how the General Promotion Vote works.

Each General holds 1 vote. The poll has 3 votes. The former General (promoted, demoted, or retired) also has 1 vote. All of the Generals’ votes will be collected and organized. Then, a poll will be released to the public. The  winner of the poll recieves 2 General votes, while the person in second place gets the other one vote. Finally, the former General shall submit his vote. Whoever that is will get honorable mention. I have results for you now! Here they are! Continue reading