Joining the Club =P

My anniversary of offically joining is Janruary 10th, but I have to go to a birthday party that day, so I’ll just post it now.

In the summer of 2007, I had a particular friend, named Howie. Since we were bored, and wanted to kill time, he suggested I make a CP account.. I didn’t know how to, so he then made an account for me called “Lieutenate”. It was a non-member, and naturally in my forgetfulness, I forgot the password to my penguin…

I had a cousin, (Well, he was just a close family friend, but we called him a “cousin”), was just quitting Club Penguin. His penguin’s name was Jedimaster17…and since it was a member, he offered to let me have it. Naturally I accepted.

Then,another friend of mine named “Alsdkj Gh”, had gotten into ACP. He wasn’t a registered member of ACP, just a CP fighter. He then, discovered the site right around the time his interest in Club Penguin was ending, and his obsession with other online games began..

He had enlisted me in ACP (without my knowledge as Lieutenate, and had gotten me the rank of Corporal..(he didn’t fill out the form all too well).

During the time he was into ACP, I was pretty much a n00b (back then I didn’t have Jedimaster17), and I saw ACP occasionally, and I used to fight, with them (or just chuck snowballs, and say random stuff).

He, then told me about the ACP site, which I googled, and  I got. I then filled out the form, and recieved a commison from then ACP Leader Oagalthorp, of the rank Captain.

I was rather inactive then, not really going on chat…

Around the time of the transition of power between then Second in Command Fort57,  and Oagalthorp..I got onto Fort’s temporary ACP Chat. I introduced myself as Jedimaster17, and got Fort to put me on his new ranks.

I’ve got to say, I was lucky in timing. If any other time after..I probably wouldn’t be a Captain, which believe me was a relatively good starting rank.

I became more active, and started coming to battles. I then met, Peugin21975, Capuzzi, Shab, Fort, Jcapp, Mr.Deedeldoo, Kg007, Fort57 and Abercrombe29.

Life was good, I got promotions from Captain to Colonel to Commodore.

Around this time, I had decided to run for Governor of Ice Breaker (present day mayorship), against a familiar face…Boomer20.

In one of the closest races ever, I campaigned like heck, and I made a deal with good ol boomer that aside from whoever was the winner, we’d still be friends, and whoever lost would become Lt. Governor. 

Boomer won, by vote…

I wasn’t too happy at losing, but I had learned a lot about ACP through the experience.

I had joined RPF then, as a Colonel (rank after General), and soon through Kg007, became a Marshal, to Head General (From Ziehen), and then RPF Navy Warlord ( via Furbur’s assistance).

No matter, I was promoted by Fort to Brigadier…mod rank!  Mod rank, the first major milestone in my journey.

Needless to say, I was rather happy. Then, during the time of crisis when Fort57 rebelled against Oagalthorp (the first time) and formed VLA, I took a decidedly ambivalent stand. I made a jump by joining VLA (although I was altogether sure ACP would come together), and..offically stayed with ACP.

Fort came to terms with Oagalthorp, and ACP came back…

Order67, the next step. It was a rather unnecessary step (In my opinion), to get all the smaller armies together and incorporate them into ANTA. I was the CPUN Ambassador (the small armies alliance, who I had joined through a link on the SSACP blogroll. (It was the Navy, an army, who’s leader, Mr.Deedeldoo formed CPUN). I tried to get peace through, but then was told by Shadow2446, that it was just a ploy… Rather surprising, but I moved on..

The next month was a total blur. Head was ousted from ACP, and I was promoted to Admiral (rank about Brigadier).

Not much happened then…

I met  Tostipablo, Luc, Shab (Those 2 I really didn’t know), Shnseymour (my then boyfriend), and others.

Next, the turning point in my career. Fort unexpectedly quit.. and appointed Dr. Nono Jr as leader of ACP.

Oagalthorp disputed this decision, and made Rapidy leader of ACP. 

ACP reeling from the sudden decison, decided to hold elections after finding they didn’t want Rapidy.

In the poll, there was  Kg007 (who I campaigned vigourously for), Shaboomboom who I was ambivalent to, and Rapidy, who I didn’t really mention… 😛 xD

Kg007 won by a slight margin, and became Leader. I was then annointed to the rank of Head Admiral.

I then ran for Senator of ACP (never quite expecting to win). I won decisively in my polls, easily becoming a Senator.

Then, afterward I ran for Top Senator (now Consulate), and against The Jungle N, Abercrombe29, and someone else..I forgot who (ONO).

Anyways, I won again :O , to my surprise and delight. And against The Jungle N, and Aber! People who had been in armies longer than I had, everything..
(I had formed a pact with Tiger, myself, and I forgot who). I think it was either Nakib, Rapidy, or Nodear.

Anyways, I had won ACP Top Senatorship, and RPF Senatorship. I was coming up in other armies as well.

Then..Kg quit.

I was facing the biggest race of my ACP Career. 

Against Shab, the Co-Leader incumbent, Abercrombe29, and others.

I won my party’s nomination thoruoughly ( I had some 110 votes to tiger’s 50) I was facing Cooltiger413, Meggis1234, and I think Mitch. I forgot who again (ONO).

Then, in the final poll against Shab and Aber, it was rather close. (Between me and shab).

I had gotten RPF’s, some of Nachos, some smaller armies support.

Shab had equal amounts of support, so you can see why it was close.

I decided to accept Co-leader with Shab, something that I would come to reconsider again and again.

Co-Leader wasn’t bad, and I kept going. After having a fight with Shab, I was seriously considering quitting ACP forever. (It was about something stupid, I forgot what). Then I was re-added as 3rd in Command.

Oagalthorp returned again, and I became President (equal leaders with Shab).

There was the battle for Mammoth, and ACP was in turmoil.  We hadn’t done that well..and yes, I’ll admit it, I never really liked the idea.

Due, to my inaction,  Boomer20, mediated the disagreements, and then helped pull ACP back together.

He was then annointed as leader of the ACP, with Shab and myself as Co-Leaders.

I am proud to serve under Boomer20, and I’d like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve you guys.

These are the people who probably influenced me the most:
Kg007, Fort57, Abercrombe29, Ktman2, Peguin21975, Capuzzi (I’m sorry your retiring), Cooltiger413, Casiusbrutus, Meggis1234, Thebridgett, Nate95000, Miroos,  Itachi6dark, Furbur27, Extreme the Great, Batista1822, Person (Sorta),  Saint1994, Hattirck, Magic777, Shnseymour, Ctar, Solraida, Theoriginalme, Foxtails, Boomer20, Oagalthorp, Dr.Nono Jr, Rockstar24 (where are you?), Rapidy, Tostipablo, Ennbay, Purpur22, Biokid, Bigpeng, Clint00s (I’m moving to canada soon :P) Mazachuster, Sheila Gally, Kid Robot, Commandro, Ziehen, Omega, umm…… and a lot of other people.

Thank you for helping me become the soldier I am today. I’ve changed a lot from a noob, to what I am now. I’ve cracked up, torn up xD, and have had a lot of fun in the one year I’ve been in ACP.

I hope the next will be just as pleasent 😀

~Jedimaster17 , ACP President, RPF Warlord, CPUN Minister, Nachos Commander, UMA something, WW Brigadier, and  other stuff, but namely ACP SOLDIER!

Long-Overdue ACP Saga

Sorry for the big delay. I guess I’ve just been really busy these past few days. Anyway, enjoy!

  1. Prologue
  2. Part 1
    —-The Era of the Forums
    ——–Age 1: WWII
    ——–Age 2: The Age of Culture
    ——–Age 3: The First Depression
  3. Part 2
    —-The Era of War
    ——–Age 4: Pruging from the Forums
    ——–Age 5: UMA
    ——–Age 6: WWIII
    —————WWIII: Part 1
    —————WWIII: Part 2
    —————WWIII: Part 3
  4. Part 3
    —-The Era of Triumph
    ——–Age 7: An End to War
    ——–Age 8: The Golden Age
    ——–Age 9: Roots of the Cold War NEW!
  5. Part 4
    —-The Cold War Era
    ——–Age 10: Hostilities NEW!
    ——–Age 11: Open War
    ——–Age 12: The Second Depression
  6. Epilogue



          I, Oagalthorp, joined Club Penguin in the later part of March, 2006. During my first day, I soon learned to utilize the snowball capabilities, and, little to my knowledge, the fate of Club Penguin was then decided.

          My “birth server” was Wite Out, which was then in the American server page. During my first few months, I joined and fought with many of the nomadic Clans that wandered the servers in the ancient times of CP. Most of the Clans I would start or join were Color Clans, and I would soon find myself at the top of the food chain. My primary “mission” for these militias would be to clear the snow forts of enemy Color Clans, and stop any burglaries at the Pizza Shop. But controlling these groups was difficult, and no control was permanent.

          Soon, I moved to the server Snow Fort. From there, I found a Mob Clan, lead by a penguin names Max1234. I went undercover, and within a few days a Clan of mine ambushed them in the HQ. I came up with s revolutionary idea. I’d create an alliance with this group, and we’d be known the ASF, or the Alliance of Snow Fort. Though there was much preaching throughout the streets on Snow Fort — my troops and I would tell everyone that the ASF controlled that server — no definitive control was put forth.

          A few weeks later, I was surfing the web, and came upon the discovery of Ninjas. I continued my search for the secrets of these Ninjas, and came upon a large community within Miniclip: The Club Penguin MiniclipForums. During this time period, most new CP users came from Miniclip, and the Miniclip Forums were the center of Club Penguin culture. It was the Forumer Vital Viper, in fact, who founded Mammoth as the “Forum Sever.” Soon, there was an election to decide the president of CP, held on the Forums, between Vital Viper and Big Balla. A group of my friends and I acted as security for the elections, which were held in Lambofun’s house. Though I voted for Balla, Vital won.

          It wasn’t until over a year later when it was found that a Moderator, RFS, screwed up the polls, and Vital Viper was in fact the winner. But at the time, I talked to Balla, and asked if the army I was planning to make could be the official defenders of CP, and the capitol (Mammoth) in particular. He agreed.

          Soon afterward, on September 29, 2006, I created the Army of Club Penguin right there on the Forums. The ACP was a revolutionary concept. There would be an army with one leader, one set of ranks, a set uniform (not just a color), a website as the base of operations,  and a single server to meet on. The ACP was the first army of it’s kind, and would change the face of Club Penguin for years to come.

          Our first uniform was the Mining/Construction helmet (combat helmet), Green Letter-jacket (camo), Boots (combat boots), Messenger Bag (supplies and pistol holster), Electric Guitar — at the time, red was the only guitar color — (snowball rifle), black color, and any eye-wear.

          Of course, it would be a long time before this army would become a CP-wide phenomenon. We had to be able to make it through our first two weeks . . .




The ERA of the FORUMS



          The Army thread grew faster than any of the other groups in the “Clubs and Teams” sub-forum. Within a week we had over 20 soldiers, which was more than most of the much-older and experienced clubs had. But soon, a penguin my the name of Explorer7777 created an organized center for the Romans, a series of Clan that had recently invaded much of Club Penguin. Within a few days, he had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’s “grind us into dust” if we did not surrender. But the Army was not created to give up. We accepted their declaration of war, and decided to hold the battle at the Vietnam battlefield-styled house of the ACP number two, Koolaidman7. By the time of the battle, the ACP has 35 soldier, while the Roman Army had nearly 50.

          On Friday the 13, the Romans marched onto our battlefield. This was the first formal battle any of us had ever fought in, and marked the beginning of WWII. We waited on the right side of the battlefield while the massive Roman army advanced. At 3:00pm PST (though PST was not established yet), I fired the first shot, and all Hell broke loose. We had fought for half an hour, and neither side was starting to give. We were using cover, because if we were hit by a snowball, we’d need to head over to the enemy’s “jail.”

          Soon, Koolaidman7 was captured. I swerved and dodged over to their POW camp, brought him back, and we continued fighting. There was severe lag, but we kept up the fire, and gave them no slack. After three gruelling hours, we had won the battle, and defeated the Roman Army. A few troops on both sides started exiting, but the bulk of ear armies was relentless.

          Finally, half an hour later, enough Romans had retreated for us to declare victory. A few of the enemies failed to accept defeat, but most of them did. The first and last jajor battle of WWII was through. We had defeated the Roman Army, which vastly out-manned us, and upon their destruction most of their soldiers joined the ranks of the ACP. Though WWII raged on, it was isolated to Dojos throughout CP, especially on Mammoth. The Army didn’t give up, and allied with the Vikings and Nachos, who helped us in our fight against the Roman Clans that continued to stream into the peaceful servers of CP.

Battle of the Igloo Video

          WWII didn’t end until the December of 2006, but by then the roots of WWIII had already been started. But throughout this time, the ACP made several advances that would seal it’s fate as the army of armies for Ages to come . . .



          After our the first and last major, organized battle of WWII, the ACP grew at an exponential rate. During this time, not only did the number of soldiers increase, but our fame held an even farther reach. During November, our thread become the largest thread in the whole of the Forums, and become more viewed than the “Rules” thread itself. But that will be discussed later.

          During this stage of the ACP’s existence, the “culture” within the Army was at an all-time high. Most of the soldiers within the Army were some of the best of all-time, and are currently the standard to which all future generations of soldiers will be compared. These troops included Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, Gorond, Nrop, Goozgooz, and Lt Giovvani. We would frequently defend the Mammoth Dojo, the epicenter of Roman attacks throughout CP, as they tended to invade populated areas and try to take the high ground.

          The ACP was not nearly as big as it is now, and we would often find ourselves outnumbered by the Romans. But we had an advantage over them. We would easily set  up a counter-attack at any time, whereas it took hours to form one of their raiding parties. Now, most robbery been halted, and the PSA in Mammoth was under our jurisdiction, so to speak. We also allied with the few Nachos on Mammoth, and many of the Viking Clans, along with some of the remaining Color Clans, especially Green and Black.

          By the end of the Age of Culture, the Roman raiding parties’ activity had been cut in half, we had united many smaller Clans who in turned joined us, our thread had become the largest on the Forums (which still remained the center of CP culture), we held Mammoth justly; defending if perfectly, our soldiers were loyal and perhaps the best of all time, and the world basically revolved around this Army. But this wouldn’t last . . .




           The ACP was on top of the world. But that would all change after a weekend-long absence of mine. For the first time, I would not be able to lead the ACP for a weekend. I left some of the Generals – David Shawn, Gorond, and Nrop — in charge while I was gone.

          But the Moderators of the Forums had had enough. Nrop started a big game of “Halo stories,” where soldiers could tell fictitious tails about space combat. This led to many new comments (known as posts) under the ACP thread. The Mods took advantage of this, and many accused them of  “spamming.” Meanwhile, Nrop had gotten carried away, and created his own army: the CPUNSC. This new group recruited mainly ACP soldiers, including Us Soilder, who was thought to be one of the most loyal troops we had.

          By the time of my return, the Mods were trying to close the ACP thread, my most loyal General had betrayed me, many noobs had been brought into the Army, and by the looks of it, all hell had broken lose.

          I quickly took action. I first pointed out that most of the “spam” was simply soldiers chatting, and a few stories. The only thing close to spamming was the debates I had with a few army-oriented people, such as Akabob, and even that was far from “Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messeging.” Though many Mods simply ignored me, due to their envy of the number of posts and hits my thread held. But I put up enough of an argument to keep the ACP from destruction. Meanwhile, since I put most of my energy into defending the ACP thread, I was not able to prevent the complete separation of the ACP and UCPUNSC, and a bitter rivalry was soon formed. The whole word of this Army appeared to be crashing down.

          I then decided to “out-source” the ACP. I joined a smaller forum, along with the Miniclip Forums, and set up an ACP thread there. This was the forum set up by Lt Giovvani, who was already a loyal ACP soldier. On his forums, a penguin by the name of Sf1998 saw the ACP thread. He thought it was pretty cool, so he decided to make the ACP a brother army: The Club Penguin Marines. After a small plagiarism argument,w e became close allies. The CPM soon grew as big as the ACP, but now within the Forums, but rather on a WordPress site. There, the CPM allied with the Nachos, as opposed to the Nacho Clans the ACP had allies with. The Nachos second-in-command, Zippy500, was already an ACP fan on the Forums. For this set of coincidences, the ACP and official Nachos had made an alliance through the CPM.

          Though our power on CP was growing, we still had a spamming problem on the Forums. And a whole heck of a lot was about to happen . . .




The ERA of WAR



          Soon, chaos broke out on the Forums. Noobs were running amok, and several small wars amonst the armies in the Clubs and Teams subforum. Because of the spike in posts under the army threads — which was caused by the wars — the ACP thread was pinned as the scapegoat for the madness. Several Moderators spent their entire time on the Forums trying to shut down the ACP thread, while some simply tried banning the noobs, spammers, and flamers. Contrary to popular belief, the ACP thread contained next to no spam. Sure, we had fighting, but it was more like debating. Even so, the ACP thread had twice as many views as any thread on the Forums, including the “Rules” thread. We also had three times as many posts under the ACP than any other thread.

          After an argument with RPF, the head Mod on the CP section of the Forums, the unthinkable occurred. The ACP thread was closed.

          I put in a quick relief effort. Frantically, I tried to find some place to host the Army. I looked at the CPM, which was crumbling under the pressures of war, and decided to do what they did. On February 19, 2007,  I made a website. This website, to be exact. I never suspected that it could ever live up to the thread on the Miniclip Forums though. However, withing a week of the ACP thread being shut down, the chaos was only worsened. The Administrators shut down the CP subforum . . . for good.

          Soon, the Admins gave RFS permission to construct new CP forums, under a separate address so that the regular Forums would not be “polluted.” By this time, the ACP had crushed the CPUNSC and their allies in total war. They had thought that the ACP would be weaken because we lacked a thread, but this website only made us stronger. The battle was in my igloo, on Crunch, and we outnumbered them three to one. The battle lasted just half an hour, and despite Nrop’s — the leader of the CPUNSC — stubbornness, our enemies finally accepted defeat.

          Not longer after our resounding victory, the new Forums were finally completed. I made a new ACP thread, and within two weeks, the ACP thread become the biggest, most active thread on the Forums. Naturally, RPF was pissed.

          But he was the least of our problems. A new army had been spotted, and — though we didn’t know it at the time — they would not be defeated as easily as the rest . . .



          Unlike the Roman Army under Explorer7777, the CPUNSC did not completely die out. We re-allied with them, and actively worked towards a stronger alliance. We were rebuilding from the Depression, an Age we did not wish to repeat, and things were going well. The Moderators and RFS had gotten off our backs, and many new armies were eager to become our allies. But, yet again, things were only going to get worse after we peaked.

          One day in the late December of 2006, Nrop and a recon squad of his had spotted a new group in the Mammoth Boiler Room. They wore all black, with red head bandannas, red backpacks, and red skin. This group first appeared to be known as the “Uma,” a name we figured must just be another meaningless Clan title. Over the next few weeks, I ordered many scouting parties to scour Mammoth for these Umas, and their allies, the Gangstas. We’d often confront them in the Snow Forts and Boiler room, and, rather than shrinking like the other Clans, they only grew after each skirmish. Things were truly puzzling.

          I decided to search the web for these so-called Umas. I came upon a website run be a penguin name Pink Mafias, and found that he had created an army called the Underground Mafias Army. I was fine with that, but then I realized two things. First of all, I knew that he was attacking the ACP and vice versa. But secondly, and more importantly, his massive website was used for hacking several aspects of Club Penguin, uncluding rare cloths and coins. This seemed despicable. Attacking the Army was one thing, but deliberately screwing with the content of CP was another. It was even illegal.

          As usual, I did not hesitate to take action. Immediately, I commented on Pink’s site, stating that he must stop advertising hacks, and stop attacking Mammoth, otherwise the ACP would declare war. One of his top soldiers, Michael427, responded with the words “Bring it on.”





          The UMA had accepted war. I expected that, after a battle or two, we would be done with this army and move on. I was wrong. In January of 2008, I set up a raiding party to intercept a UMA attack on the Snow Forts. We were greeting by a group twice our size, who attacked us relentlessly. I knew we could not win this battle, so we regrouped at the Plaza. After this defeat, I decided to reconsider the Army’s tactics for this war. At the time, we had no hope of winning a battle in open, face-to-face combat. I decided to adopt a new form of warfare.

          In November of the previous year, the ACP was fighting a large group of Romans. All hope had seemed lost, when all of the sudden I had an idea. Why not break the regularly accepted, unspoken laws of combat? Why should we stay at one side of the field while the superior enemy continues gaining troops? Why not attack them in a full-scale charge? If we charged these Romans, we could through them into a chaotic frenzy, then they’d be too disoriented to fight. The ACP would regroup on the other side of the field, and charge again. We’d repeat this strategy until the Romans were defeat. This tactic worked better than I though; withing only thee charges and regroupings, they had been all but annihilated.

          I decided that we should attack the UMA with “hit-and-run” tactics. We would march throughout many rooms, gaining new recruits. When we saw the UMA, we’d attack for a little bit, and when they gained the upper-hand we’d fall back to another room and continue marching. We would repeat this until we were large enough to defeat them, at which time we’d march up to them, face-to-face, and fight o=in that room until we had won. The UMA may have outnumbered us, but we had a stronger chain of command, and a more centralized leaderwhip. This enabled us to move faster, and route them out. To this day, the ACP is still the “fastest” army in CP.

           Over the next few months, we continued fighting the UMA in a similar fashion. We’d win about three out of five battles, when all logic would dictate that we should win none of them. But we remembered the basic principles of warfare: You can’t win until it looks like you win. The victory of a battle was decided by what the average observer would see. This means that to win, we’d need to be able to outnumber the UMA. Though difficult and time-consuming, our new “Rapid Warfare” payed off. We managed to hold our own. That is, until April 14, 2007.

          Though the ACP had many small allied on the Forums, the UMA was undermining the ACP’s stronghold there. They allied with the CPUNSC, the second largest army there, and the Nachos. The Army was losing support, and the UMA was growing. On April 14, once the ACP had bottomed-out for this war, Pink Mafias decided to ambush the ACP at one of our meetings. Though I tried to inform every ACP soldier of this, it appeared to be all in vain.

          By the time the battle started, it took me nearly ten minuted to even get in the Dojo. It was lagging like crazy, and the room was absolutely full. By the time I got in, I saw nothing but black and red. The UMA had come early, and out-numbered us six to one. It took several minutes of chaos for me to rally a group of about 12 ACP soldiers to stage a counter-offensive, but it was not working. Most of the ACP soldier couldn’t even get in the room, and those that managed to get in could not see any of my commands due to the constant chant of “UMA UMA UMA.” Within twenty minutes of the most brutal massacre the ACP had ever been on the wrong side of, I decided that it was not worth it. No one was leaving the room, and my soldiers couldn’t get in. Even if they could, this battle was far from reversible. I had to surrender.

          I invited Pink Mafias to my igloo, where I formally surrendered; the first major defeat the ACP had ever had. Only a week beforehand, I had asked for an alliance. He had said no, but I figured I should ask again. Again, he said no. But he did agree to a small cease-fire agreement, which lessened the sting of defeat for most of the ACP soldiers.

Battle of Mammoth Video

          By that time I had learned many things from that battle. And next time, I would be prepared . . .



          I decided to give up Mammoth. For the first time in the history of the ACP, our capitol — our home sever — our birth place — had been given up. The UMA was everywhere in Mammoth, all the time. So I solemnly moved the Army to one of our smaller, satellite server: Breeze. There, like the Allies during WWII in Britain, I would plan the ACP’s redemption.

          First of all, I changed the ACP uniform. To the dismay of several ACP veterans, I adopted the Roman helmet to be standardized. This made many angry, for the Romans had been our biggest enemy since our creation. But there was logic to it. Firstof all, the Roman helmet would make us appear larger, which would contribute to our recruiting ability and give us a more intimidating appearance. But more importantly, it would get many soon-to-be Roman troops to join us instead. Now we would be able to command larger forces in CP, and gain many new recruits.

          From Breeze, we would use the “marching” aspect of Rapid War to gain many new recruits. Then I would send all of my soldiers into Mammoth as a raiding party. Now, we would have the ability to form large, formidable forces without the UMA defeating us before we were ready to fight. Once Mammoth would be cleared of the UMA soldiers at that time, we’d regroup back to our new base, the Breeze Cave.

          After two weeks of surprising success, Pink became angry. How could such a seemingly insignificant group cause so much damage to our reign in Mammoth? So he planned another ambush. He had won the Battle of Mammoth, and he looked forward to winning the Battle of Breeze . . .



           By this time, some ACP saboteurs had e-mailed the CP staff about the UMA and their hacking. Pink Mafias was then banned for ever, for excessive hacking,  and was forced to use the secondary file, Uma Pm. This weakened UMA morale, and nearly destroyed their leadership and chain of command. But they were still able to fight, and fight they did.

          The UMA decided to attack the ACP at one of their meetings on Breeze, to eliminate any threat before the Army could get onto Mammoth. On May 26, 2007, the UMA would yet again ambush the ACP and hopefully defeat us for good this time. But I could not allow that to happen. I chose the Cave as the ACP base so that, in case of another ambush, we’d have a more strategic position, rather than be crammed in the Dojo. Now we could get all of the ACP troops fighting, rather than just a handful that could get in the room. I made many tactical improvements to this Army, which include the new uniform, new base, and new allies.

          When I first heard of the oncoming attack, I immediately got to work. I made a post, reminding all of the soldiers of the impending battle. Then, I searched in the Web in the hopes of finding allies — any allies — that could help us during the war.

          I found many who were willing to help. First, I found the CPAF. Led by Db Penguin, they were nearly the size of the ACP, and were extremely well-led. Though a few of their soldiers had some disagreements with me, I managed to seal the alliance because I become a good friend of Db. Then, I found a seemingly small, less useful ally; the RPF. I was soon proven wrong about the “small and less useful” notion I had. The RPF had been fighting the UMA almost as long as we had, and they were led by Commando717. They accepted the alliance, and Commando and I, as with Db and I, become good friends. This friendship would solidify the fate of generations to come.

          On May 26, we were all waiting in the cave. The disastrous defeat at Mammoth had left us with a limited morale, but we had enough strength left to at least right. Soon, the RPF and CPAF arrived, and matched ur size. Then the UMA stormed the Boiler Room.

          I sent a scout to the Boiler, and he returned with the message “There’s a lot of them.” We tried holding the door, so that any new UMA’s wouldn’t be noticed by onlookers, but soon enough they flooded the Cave. The UMA sure gave us a run for our money. At one point, they outnumbered the Allies three to two. But I sent a charge of ACP soldier, and we started chanting “ACP ACP” over and over, until the UMA soldiers were covered in chat bubbles. But they just kept coming.

          Now that we had the upper-hand, we stormed the Boiler Room and sent any remaining UMA their retreating into the Cave. We held the Boiler for a short time with the CPAF, but the RPF was in need of help. We moved into the Cave, and the RPF were surrounded by dozens of UMA troops. We gave them as much support as possible, but the UMA still kept fighting. Then Commando and his army took the high ground, up at the life guard tower. The ACP seized this opportunity, now that the enemy was distracted, and took full control of the low grounds, where our battle-cries blotted out the UMA. Half od us stayed to fight, but half charged up and sent chaos into the mod of Pink’s troops.

          Once the CPAF and RPF gained enough troops to match the UMA’s size, I ordered the ACP into the Boiler Room, to block any entrances. Now the UMA was split between the two rooms, and we managed to defeat them. The ACP had finally managed to stand up to the UMA, and pull through a victory. We had won the Battle of Breeze, and the tides of the war had changed their course . . .

Battle of Breeze Video







          The UMA was breaking. Pink Mafias, now under the name Uma Pm, was losing his will to fight. The UMA soldiers had taken a heavy blow on morale, because not only was their leader banned, but also because of the unexpected defeat at the Battle of Breeze, at the hands of the ACP, CPAF, and RPF. But things, as they tend to do, would only get worse . . .

          Pink Mafias was quitting the UMA, and the whole of CP. The UMA soldiers were devastated. First Pink was banned by the saboteurs, and now he was gone for what appeared to be forever. If this weren’t bad enough, Pink was the only User on his website. This means that once he leaves, no one else will be able to make posts on that website.

          The top soldiers — Angel G8r and Mpenguin123 — were given full command of the Underground Mafias Army. As soon as they could have, they constructed a new website dedicated entirely to the UMA and it’s activities. But this site would not gain nearly as much notoriety as Pink’s, and the war effort seemed to have been crushed. But a few loyal soldiers from the first and only surviving sector of the UMA – Angel, Mpenguin, Michael, and Abercrombe29 included – would continue fighting, at all costs. It was this will power alone that kept the UMA going.

          But as the Soviets took their vengeance on the Third Reich in WWII, the ACPwould show no mercy. On June 13, 2007, the Army had reclaimed it’s capitol server — Mammoth — from the weakening grasp of what remained of the UMA. Commando717 and I led an undercover expidition deep within the heart of the UMA , and managed to find all of their plans and meeting places. Now, to solidify our redemption, we would strike. The tides had changed, and now we would ambush the UMA at one of their meetings. On June 25, we would attack the UMA at a gathering of theirs in their new sever: Wool Socks, Canada. We were ready for revenge, and off of Club Penguin knew of the merciless retribution we would have the UMA pay on that fateful day.

          The Army and our allies, the CPAF and RPF, would finish off the UMA, once and for all. We marched into the Forest, and were greeting by a UMA force a fraction of it’s previous size under Pink Mafia’s reign. From their, a Cowboy Clan helped us, while the CPUNSC helped the UMA. The Allies outnumbered their enemies four to one. The ACP used several fierce charges that threw the UMA into panic, while the CPAF attacked from below and the RPF from above. Surrounded, the UMA failed to give up. They regrouped at the Plaza, and by the time the ACParrived they had retreated back into the Forest. After victory was certain, I invited all soldiers of every army into my igloo, which was set us as the opening scene of “Saving Private Ryan.” From there, we would finish this battle-turned-butchery.

          And from there we did. The ACP had defeated the UMA in our last battle of WWIII, and won the war. Despite all odds and reasoning, we had somehow managed to win this war. Was it the espionage? The new uniforms? Pink quitting? The new UMA site? Maybe all of those. But I believe that from the beginning, it was the pure, unbridled determination of the ACP soldiers and allies that won the greatest war Club Penguin has ever seen.

          After the Battle of Wool Socks, I spoke with Mpenguin. We decided to set up an alliance, and that we did. The ACP and UMA would remain good allies. That is, until much later on . . .



          After the Third World War, there was a bit of a lull. There were very few open wars, and most people were content. During this Age, which primarily took place during the summer and fall of 2007, the ACP grew to it’s highest power.

          After the war, the UMA started shrinking, and the CPAF was soon dissolved entirely. But the ACP and RPF, the closest allies of the time, grew to an incredible size. The RPF gained many of the discontented UMA soldiers, while the ACP continued to produce a steady supply of frest recruits. The Nachos also grew, albeit less dramatically. But, as the UMA was the sole Superpower on Club Penguin in it’s Golden Age, the ACP and RPF were the Superpowers of theirs.

          Though the RPF worked mainly on maintaining alliances, the ACPworkedonkeeping an active army. Throughout this time period, since no huge war brought in many recruits to other existing armies, new armies were formed. These armies included the Golds, Ice Warriors, Silver Surfers, and several Roman Clans. The Golds were led by a rude, immature leader, so their destiny was limited. The Silver Surfers lacked centralized leadership, and the Romans had many dispersed armies. The Ice Warriors, however, were well-led. Iceyfeet1234 led an early successful invasion of Mammoth, but the current inhabitants — ACP, UMA, RPF, Nachos, Golds — defeated them several times at the Dojo, and an alliance was eventually reached. But several small wars broke out, including UMA vs. Golds.

          But a new enemy was on the horizon. A British army called the GPR (Gugu Penguin Romans), which was named after it’s laader, Gugu Penguin, started expanding from UK servers into American territory. Once we found their website, we found them to be extrememly evil. Beyong hacking, evil. Once I tried to make negotiations, they immediately insulted America. They thought we were scum, and not only insulted the brave Americans who fought and gave their lives for the sake of liberty during the Second World War, but also blamed America for the global terror crisis, even thought he USA was hit the hardest.

          This new, previously unheard-of type of evil and hatred locked the fate of the GPR. I quickly formed a Second Alliance to give us payback for what the GPR had said and done, and we would not stop until they were fully broken, their Empire was destroyed, and had apologized for past transgressions. Most armies were infuriated, and joined the cause. These armies included the ACP, UMA, RPF, Ice Warriors, and Golds. the Nachos did not participate, however, because Zippy claimed that there was no good reason for war — when in reality this was the most just war we’d ever fight. Even so, we still planned to march through the GPR like a hot knife through butter.

          The first attack would be on September 29, 2007, on the ACP’s anniversary of creation. We marched into the Mammoth Dojo. Our plan was to clear out Mammoth of any vanguard GPR raiders, and then attack their heart of operations: The Deep Freeze Dojo. It was simply. Clear Mammoth, move on. As we entered the Mammoth Dojo, we met a small raiding party of enemy troops, as expected. After a ten-minute skirmish, they had retreated, and ACP scouts scoured the server for any GPR survivors. When none were found, we charged straight into Deep Freeze, where we were greeted by a GPR force nearly the size of the ACP.

          We immediately opened a barrage of fire. Most Ice Warriors and UMA soldiers stayed in Mammoth in the case of a counter-attack, but the RPF, ACP, and Golds moved onward. Neither the ACP nor the GPR gave an inch, but the Golds started faltering. Half of the Golds had been lost, but the Allies continued to fight. Gugu ordered a charge, but the ACP charged back, and the sides were reversed. From there, the RPF charged them, but the ACP stayed. Now the GPR charged back, only to face the full power of the ACP. Surrounded and outnumbered, the GPR bitterly accepted defeat.

          Their leaders asked for an alliance, but would not apologize for the atrocious things they said. So we attacked the following day, and the battle played out in a similar fashion. The Second Battle of Mammoth and the Battle of Deep Freeze had both bee won. Withing a week, the entire GPR had been decimated, and those who remained created a second, good GPR. This, however, did not last long. Soon, they were wiped from the history of CP. Until this account was written, that is.

           After the GPR War, there was a peace. However, in December of that same year, the peace would be disturbed . . .



          Shortly after the war, there was yet again a mild peace. The ACP and RPF were still at the top of the world, and we wished to utilize this power. So Commando — the RPF leader — and I decided on one fateful day to create nations. This would revolutionize CP warfare for generations to come; for better and for worse.

          Most armies back in those days were crowded onto one server. Mammoth. Which, theoretically, shouldn’t be a problem. Right? Wrong. Several Rogue UMA clans would frequently attack ACP soldiers on patrol, and many other Rogue clans would follow in suit. We were incredibly lucky for no war to have broken out then and there. So Commando and I decided that each army should have it’s own group of servers to defend. That way no unintended wars would break out, and we could rule our sovereign nations without the omnipresent fear of the eruption of battle between allies. Each army would have one capitol server, and a group of territories on which new, smaller allies could train and defend. So we presented this idea to the other army leaders.

          Each leader took to this new idea well. The ACP the first page of USA servers — USA North, as we called it — the RPF would get USA Central, the Nachos USA South, the UMA Canada, the GPR — a new, more peaceful army — UK, and the Golds Australia. Each army leader was enthusiastic about these plans, and things were looking bright. For the first month or two, all went according to plan. Each army defended their Region well, and no one needlessly complained.

          But soon, the Golds’ immaturity became out of hand. They had several inappropriate photographs on their “funny pictures” page, and cussed and insulted anyone who tried to talk tot hem. Outraged, the Army decided to stage an attack. Our terms: End this behavior or the Gold Army will face utter destruction. They accepted war.

          The Golds allied with some ACP rebels. But we allied with the Ice Warriors and PRA — the People’s Republic Army — led by the military mastermind CollinZFresh. We planned on grinding the Golds to powder, as we had with every other army that had stood on the wrong side of us. the battle was on October 28, 2007, on Mammoth. The Golds were now disrespecting international law. To top things off, a Gold leader hacked an ACP General. This made things personal.

          We entered the Dojo, and immediately took the uper hand. The loyal ACP forces, PRA, and Ice Warriors outnumbered the Golds four to one. The Rebels never showed up. After a series of charges — the ACP’s signature tactic — all Gold recruits had been decimated, and their veteran soldiers scattered. We Emote Bombed them, and conquered the battlefield. After a short come-back on the Golds’ sides, the ACP reinforcements finally arrived. After only twenty minutes of fighting, the Second Battle of Mammoth was won. Shortly after, the Golds agreed to our terms: The “funny pictures” were removed, and the cussing came to a halt. Within two months of these revisions, the threads of their army became undone. Like the Old GPR, the Golds had been wiped from history until now.

          But a new, back-handed war had just begun. A war of politics and espionage over open combat . . .







          Zippy500, leader of the Nachos, had decided he was discontented with the Nations. Even though the ACP had given them Blizzard — which was the Nacho capitol, and was located within the Democratic Republic of the ACP (DRACP, for short) — he still found it unfair that his army should be left with the last page. The Council of army leaders decided that none would give up their territory. Most others were win with what they had. But Zippy led an invasion of Canada, which was UMA territory, to gain more servers. Eager to defend the UMA and their rights as an army, the ACP staged a counter-offensive, to defend all UMA server from foreign invaders of any kind.

          But soon, an old UMA soldier and friend of Pink Mafias, name CompWiz, returned to the UMA. He gave up Canada to the Nachos, and took the UK, since the GPR there were dying. Now, Comp was determined to gain revenge against the ACP, the army that had defeated he and his friend during the Third World War. Several excuses were given for this war, none of which were reasonable. But even so, a war was about to occur.

          The new UMA declared war on the ACP. Though less evil than the old UMA, this generation was bad in a different way. For the first time, most of the war was fought with propaganda, not actual combat. On January 2, 2008, the war had begun. The UMA had attempted a WWIII-style ambush on an ACP party at the Coffee Shop on Mammoth. Soon, it was the ACP vs. the UMA and Nachos. Our top priority was to defend Mammoth. For the first time in  a long time, most battles were fought un-scheduled. The enemy forces claimed to have won most un-scheduled conflicts, while most battles I attended were won — scheduled or not.

          For whatever reason, the UMA decided to give up on this war, and the Nachos followed in suit. On January 10, the war ended just as quickly as it had begun . . .



          . . . to be continued . . .

Sheila’s History

Eh, hey! You know what they say, “When on the ACP Site, post whatever the other people are posting!” So, heres my history ((Btw, I reserve all the pastel colors. :P))

Sheila’s History

I joined Club Penguin during a fad at my school [Started by losers who broke meh heart]  during October ’06. The “Popular” crowd disliked me because I had Crohns and refused to play w/ me on CP. I wandered around some servers until I made a friend, Worrier111. I would of been a beta if I joined somewhere around 2 weeks or months earlier! So, I got the halloween items and made some friends. I showed CP to my mom and she agreed to get me a membership. I then bought some of the items in the recent catalog; the roman and viking helmet. Armies were already starting to rise in the mist of the evaporating snow ((I’m such a poet :P)) . I then led a mob of vikings into battle with the romans where I was reckonized as their leader. I led them for about a couple of hours and then I was overthrown by another penguin; Although he had made me the princess of the vikings {Which I regret today} I still thirsted to feel the thrill of battle. I logged off and searched “Club Penguin Cheats” and found Pink Mafias site. I was trained by a random UMA dude named “Hunter” and realized Pink’s evil intentions. My Membership soon expired too fast and I fell into inactivity, going on only on Thursdays for the paper and for parties. Then, after begging [And saying “It’s my own money!”] I regained a membership. This was in the November of ’07, before  I fell ill of Crohns. I joined ACP with a application under Oagalthorp’s mighty rule,  with my application filled with “I led mobs of Vikings into victorious battles” and “Participated in color wars.” I then became a captain, and later a medic [I’m both. . .] This was during the World War with the Nachos, and this took up most of my time. Seeing as our leader went against them, I instantly spat on the Nachos, which I regret today. I wish we could forgive and forgot [Although some of them are truly hopeless].I then began my life in ACP, as a solider who diligently fought and obeyed orders. Then, a couple of weeks after I had joined, I started a war with Chrisdude100. I wished to take Tundra as ACP’S, not knowing how foolish that was. “They’re just Rebel Uma.” I had thought. I quickly became enemies with my friend Tidle Fin, although after we decided we should put our differences aside and become friends. After a couple months I had fallen ill from Crohns and spent most of my time home with my virtual friends who lived in different time zones. From that boredom, I created my and led it through the saga of Club Penguin sites. After a stay in the hospital and surgery, at least 2 months of suffering, I was finally better [But not cured]. I then returned to doing normal things slowly with my new medication. I praised God & Jesus for how much better I felt. I had then become a Brigadier and higher, up to now, which I am a Lt. General.

I have been told I am ambitous, although my path to power will not be weaved with betrayal and mistrust. I hope one day I’ll be called ACP’S Leader.

And thats how I came to be today.


Did you enjoy it? 😛 Wow, that took me a long time to type!


Rapidy’s History

You probably remember “The Secret Origin of Rapidy River” if you were on the ACP Forums earlier last year, I intend to make this shorter than that story, so, here we go.

I joined the Army of Club Penguin early September 2007 after joining Club Penguin in late April. I had an earlier penguin some time in 2006 named “Bazooka Suit” after my mom (yes, my mom) seen Club Penguin on Miniclip. I was looking for club penguin cheats on google and seen something about armies, so, I searched armies and found the Army of Club Penguin as the top result. I made my own army after making a WordPress account. The website was, but now it’s deleted. My original army wasn’t very successful, but I kept going. When I first joined, there wasn’t really any ranks in the Army, but only the start of the Democratic Republic of the ACP. I recieved my membership for Club Penguin later that month, and also during that month, I had my first MWW (Minor World War) versus the GPR which prooved them cowards if you were there. In October I had my very first major world war, which is possibly the largest in all of Club Penguin history. That’s right, the war versus the Watex Warriors. That war took over the entire server, and it’s something I’m not soon to forget. Sometime between October and December I made the Club Penguin Police Department, which, like my first army wasn’t very successful. In december Mazachster made the SSACP, I joined it, and it was there and then that me and Headofpolice started a series of arguements. I’d rather not go over it, it’s a thing of the past now. It was during December-January that there was a huge rebellion against the UMA because of some stories Oagalthorp made during a recruiting week. That was also during the return of Pink Mafias, and it was also the start of the new ACP Ranking System, which is like the brigades we are returning to now. After sending Oagalthorp what I did this year, I was the General of the Echo Brigade. It had taken me 6 months to be up to the top, and it was well worth it. Then Oagalthorp retired, and ACP had a new leader, Fort57. No offence Fort, but you weren’t that great of a leader. After a change of the ranking system and a few months, Fort retired. And then Oagalthorp was back to choose another leader. Fort got mad and made Dr Nono Jr the leader for about a day, but Oagalthorp came in and selected me as leader. During my two weeks I wasn’t able to focus on the ACP because of a major problem, a rebellion had arose, and I was supposed to stop it. ACP got impatient, and my co-leaders started to get powerhungry and tried to overthrow me with an election. Kg007 retired from RPF and joined ACP while I was leader, he knew he had a chance to be leader of ACP, and he took it. Myself, Shaboomboom, and Kg007 were in the final election. I lost to Shaboomboom, and Shaboomboom lost to Kg. Kg made Shab his co-leader and just left me there as if I were worthless. After Kg retired I thought I had a chance to resume my leadership, but failed in another election. Shaboomboom won because Jedimaster17 dropped out. Then Shaboomboom got overthrown by the ACP and Boomer20 was leader like it is today. ACP went thru 7 leaders in one year. Now I’ve been promoted to Commander General where I am right now. And this leads me to making a post about my history in 30 minutes. And now I’m writing about how I’m going on ACP Chat. I’ll just end the post now.


Fort’s History

Well, since everyone else is writing their history stuff, I figured it was my turn, so here’s Fort’s history

Sorry but it’s written in 3rd person.

December ’06 – Fort joined cp.

February ’07  – Kg 007 was looking up club penguin sites and found UMA, he told Fort about this army called the Assassins of Club Penguin so Fort decided to join it. Later he realized it was Army of Club Penguin, althought he was disaappointed, he stayed with ACP.

May ’07 – Fort was a non member and didn’t do anything for ACP till this point. He had just gotten a membership from his Mother Dearest, and started going to wars and stuff. Although Fort was very discouraged for not being noticed, he stuck with it.

September ’07 – Fort was in the ACP elections and finally got a rank. He went from nothing to a General, and finsihed 2nd in the VP polls to Texas Vs A. Then was later hacked by Fly4life, sort of, Fly just wasn’t very good at hacking coins. So Oagal started a war with Golds for some weird reason.

October ’07 – Oagal told Fort he was going to be the next ACP Leader so he wouldn’t join a decent army. He didn’t see through this.

December ’07 – Fort’s UMA buddies and Compwiz tried to get him to join UMA, he almost did but decided not to.

April ’08 – Fort finally got to be leader of ACP.

August ’08 – Fort started going out with Aber and later retired during this month.

The End




Hello ACP! I am the new contributor on the site, The Jungle N. If you don’t know what a contributor is, it means that you can’t do much on the site. Only post. And your posts have to be approved by an editor or admin. I hope to make it to author and one day editor on this great blog. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’ll give a history, just like Boomer and Shab did.

I joined Club Penguin on November 1st, 2006. I first heard about Club Penguin from my friend who’s CP name was Pachydino. He said there was a game called Club Penguin and if you went to a room called the Dojo at 11 PM on Halloween, and stayed there for an hour, a giant pumpkin would appear, blow up, and rain million dollar coins (I now know that you can only have 1 million coins, unless you hack). I believed him, and begged my parents to let me get a Club Penguin account. They said they would, but my computer wasn’t working. They didn’t want me going down stairs to the other computer and starting something when it was so late (I was barely 9, so 10:30 was late). So I missed this “Pumpkin Bash”, but I did join the next day. 3 days later, I got my membership.

I got my first taste of army warfare in January 2007, when a group of people dressed in a pizza uniform and a black color started flipping pizzas. There were around 20 of them, and I joined in. They called themselves the Pizza Invaders and everyone started throwing snowballs at us. I was the first of the Invaders to return fire, and then they all joined in. After a few minutes, we disbanded. I thought that it would be the end of my army career right then. But I was far from right…

In early April, I was wandering around a server called Mammoth (I had known Mammoth was the place the rich and famous hung out). I went to the Dojo, and there were a group of red and black penguins. I called them the Cool Dudes, and dressed up like them. There were only a few of them, and they just sat there, so I got bored and left. A few days later, I logged on at my friend Mier Cat 58’s house. He saw what I was wearing and said, “YOU’RE UMA?!” I asked him what UMA was, and he said it was an evil gang of people that attacked innocent penguns. I began to take an interest in these mysterious soldiers, and searched Mammoth for them.

My search came to an end on  April 14th. I went to the Dojo, and you can guess what I found. A few green penguins fighting off a riot of UMA’s. I asked one of them to come to my igloo, and found out he was a General. I forgot his name, but he promoted me right to General, and told me the uniform and leader. Everyone in my class, by that time, played CP. One of them wanted to show me a site one time during indoor recess. It was I told him Pink was the leader of UMA, and so I found the site. Just in time to know when to go to the May 26th war. I arrived an hour early, but was told the fighting had already started an hour before that! I fought hard, and I thought the UMA had one because I left early. This was the first time I saw Mpenguin123, ad Pink Mafias.

Armies died down for me after Pink left. But in late August, I was at my grandparents’ house in Vancouver. I was bored, so I went on the computer and checked out the site of the ACP, which I thought was evil. As a looked around the site (the current post was about the creation of the Army Council), I realized that Oagalthorp was pretty smart, and ACP was organized and not as evil as I thought. I joined on August 28th, 2007. I have been in ACP longer than the leader, co-leaders, and 3rd in command.

After some brief WordPress experience at, my UMA site, which was very disorganized and casual and that I had lost the password to, I created, my ACP site, on September 2nd (major run-on!). I stuck with ACP through the GPR conflict and was at the party that the UMA so rudely ambushed in December. In January, when Oagal was making ranks, I got promoted straight up to General (3rd in Command!). I was in command of my ex-idol, Tomtwelve, and I was very happy about that. I first went on RPF chat for their practice wars, which I attended and sometimes lead, and after that I decided to go on ACP chat. I was a guest until Fort took over, and made me Brigadeer, the first mod rank.

During that summer my activity slowly faded. I was on the verge of quitting ACP many times. In fact, one time, I did, but only for a few hours (oh, and Fort fired me a few times too, lol). But when Kg took over, I knew things were going to be interesting, so I tried to stay. I vowed that I would never let Shab be a higher rank than me, and that I would quit, but when he became 2nd in command, I stayed, lucky for me. I knew Boomer would do a great job with ACP when he became leader. I had always liked him and he had listed me as the number one candidate for leader in his list of best possible leaders during the Kg election. Unfortunately, that was around the time I had to give up my site. I didn’t ahve the time anymore. Anyway, after I got the approval of Shab and Aber, I came up to Boomer on January 3rd, 2009, and asked him for a job. His words were, “Contributor, yes. Author, maybe.” I was extatic about that. I finally had my dream job, a position on the ACP site. I had wanted that ever since Oagal made the nation and had “site ranks”. And here I am, 16 month ACP veteran. Working on the ACP site, 4th in commander (General) of Club Penguin’s greatest army.

For those of you who despise me, or think I will corrupt ACP, or do a bad job, think again ;). Just wait and see, and don’t judge me on mean things I did in the Spring of ’08. I hope I will do just as good a job here as I did on I’ll post again about my recruitment rally later. Just so you know, if/when I become editor, I am reserving the color lime green, so NOBODY USE THAT! Just making sure, lol. If you know me, I have a picture of my name at the end of every post. But, as contrib, it won’t let be put pictures in so I’ll just color it.

March On!

-The Jungle N

Cap’s Retirement

Oagal: We still need ACP soldiers to comment HERE if they wish to remain a part of this army. 😉

Shab: Cap you were a great acp soldier and it is a shame that you are retiring. I hope we get more recruits that were like you 😉

Capuzzi, a former acp soldier, wanted me to post her retirement post on here.

Please look at the Anniversary posts below 🙂

Every great thing must come to an end. This quote applies to everything in life. An apple falling from a tree requires gravity and the fall ends. A cake baking in an oven requires heat and at a certain time it comes to an end. Like life this great journey of friendship and intelligence must come to an end. That is life, and that is what nature makes it. Armies in club penguin isn’t just about fighting in juvenile snowball fights all day and saying pwn and omg. It taught me about judgements. I learned so much about people being here. I learned that life isn’t about how you look or how much money you have. I learned that people who are home-schooled aren’t brainwashed people as I thought. I learned that and more.I cannot thank all of you wonderful people enough for the great year I have been here(Late january). I have gone from private to general, friendless to popular, hated to most loved person and everything in between. The one lesson I have also learned from the experience is this. This wonderful game teaches you a lot. But the most important lesson is to learn how to take the experiences and apply them to real life. If you don’t do that then what’s the point of this experience. To sit in front of the computer all day and waster your days while getting fatter and fatter. If you do that then you probably will not be able to do that in any other situation. Anyways. Other than the thanks I am saying right now. here is the special thanks.

Abercrombie29- You were one of the first girls I met in acp. Great leader Great friend. Hope you do well in life.

Saint- Ha the third girl that was my friend. Hope you do well with ACP and Kg. ;). Have fun and please succeed in life. You are a great person.

Tex9m- Well I didn’t know you that much but from when I did you were a great person. I sound repetitive but I’m not good at writing thank you’s.

Person123- uh why are you on my friends list? lol jk but hope you mature a little and stop making youtube videos of people humping trees XD. lol.

Meat- We had our arguments but you are the person I probably learned the most over. I used to think home-schooled people were freaks. Now I think they are pretty cool
Theo- Ha hilarious. Thats all I have to say

Penguin21795- Sorry I broke up with you. you are still a cool person. Have fun in china.

Kyle- OBEY the SPAMCATS you liberal freak. Hope you beat GTA 4 another thousand times. Maybe I will get you an ipod when macworld comes out just to annoy you XD. Hope you do great in life.

Luc- Funny how you were named after a pokemon. Whatever. Great person. thats all I have to say

Mazchster- Sorry for being a n00b my first month of acp. I have defiantly grown to the level of “almost not n00by” lol. Have fun in Canada, and Sarah Palin :). She can see you from her house.

Bread- You don’t come on that much but you were still cool over the summer. Have fun ya big nerd. jk

Shab- wow we were great friends(at least to me) be wise leading such a great army.

Batista- WE had our arguments over the summer and now. But you are still funny. even know the chargers suck and Squab is a type of bird meat lol.

Kg- You were my best friend in acp. We disagreed on politics because Obama is a dirty stealing jerkoff. But you are still a great person. Have a great life. Random but funny is your motto.

Shad- Funny,nice,caring,random. The 4 traits of you. Have a nice rest of your time in acp.

Fiddyy- You helped me a lot in my site stuff. Hope you do well in life.

Ankita- I was your friend since you were below a mod rank. You have come a long way. Be wise and have a great acp career and life.

SoulRaida- Bear Hug. you were on of the best online Bf’s ever. I will miss that bear hug.