Server Updates

Well, I haven’t gotten all the servers completely but some of them.

If you are a mayor or governor, please comment on here to tell me the status of your server!

This post is just to update everyone one how Acp’s currect Servers are, as of January.

Snow Globe:

Govenor: Stev712. Status: Peaceful, some fights at times but nothing we can’t handle.

Argent State:

Govenor: Ktman. Status: No suspicious Activity. No misusage of Acp Land

Alpha State:

Govenor: Bigpeng92. Status: Calm, no suspicious armies around.


Mayor: Rapidy. Status: High Population, clear of all Armies.

Beta Section:

Govenor: Batista1822. Status: Quiet, no known enemies.

Ice Age:

Mayor: Pete852. Status: —


Mayor: Biokid0. Status: —

Ice Breaker:

Mayor: Magic777. Status: Quiet and peaceful.

Ice box:

Mayor: Tex9m. Status:  No New armies. quiet.

Gamma State:

Govenor: Blue Speed 7. Status: —

Ice Cold:

Mayor: King Jared 7. Status: —

Ice Cream:

Mayor: Seert3. Status: —


Mayor: Gibeon. Status: —

Ice Cube:

Mayor: Penguin21975. Status: Fine.

Ice Palace:

Mayor: K Wadler. Status: —

Snow Forts:

Govenor: Chapa23. Status: —


Govenor: Divotoo. Status: —


Mayor: Chas3r. Status: —


Mayor: The Jungle N. Status: —

Ice pond:

Mayor: Borja. Status: No suspicious Activity. Everything’s fine


Mayor: Miroos. Status: —


Mayor: Kprocks. Status: Doing well, some unknown noob armies around.


Mayor: Jim546. Status: —

This is the current state of our servers! Keep the info coming guys!