Hi everyone, its Jedimaster17. I’m going to be on leave from ACP, or inactive because my Grandmother (Dadi) got a stroke. 😦 😥  

I’m pretty sure that she’ll get better, as soon as the clot goes away. She’s being given medicine for that.

Apparently now, she can’t recognize anyone, and her speech has been slurred a lot.

It’s not fair. My Grandmother has struggled so much in her life, she’s supported my dad’s entire family (9 people) when the late father of my father lost his job.  

Please pray for her. 😦

I’m expecting to be on in a few days. That basically means I’ll get on chat a bit, but I’m not really going to be “active”.


~Jedimaster17 aka Ankita, aka Aik bhuth dokhi bheti (It’s hindi)

Boomer: We are all terribly sorry to hear of this and we hope your grandmother makes a full recovery.  Take as much time as you need, you will always be welcome here.  We shall keep you and your family in our hearts and minds.

Shab: Good luck to your grandma. I will be on randomly so I guess Rap and Aber will have to be doing our jobs.

Recruiting/Rogue Nachos

Jedi’s edit: Congrats on getting this resolved! A great ACP soldier of ours, Benu2 aka Benny (I nicknamed him xD has created an excellent recruiting video. Now, I’ll adress this issue further in a new post. Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kY-fK_70lY&feature=related 

Oagal’s Edit: I applaud the nachos for helping us solve this problem. But a nacho leader recently stated . . .

“Heck, we’re recruiting them so they can learn the difference and whatnot.”

Well, that’s all fine and dandy. But I don’t think t hat will help. One in three of the nacho posts last month was entirely anti-ACP-based, and many of the nacho soldiers don’t seem to recognize and/or respect the alliance these two armies held. The problem is much more deep that recruiting and converting. We both need to work on not insulting each other — in posts and in comments — and maybe, just maybe, this alliance can finally hold some validity. I hope you guys take this to heart. 😉

Boomer’s 3rd (and hopefully final) Edit: Please don’t attack the Rogue Nachos for any reason.  Please try to convince the RN that we are allies, because we really are allies.  This is a message to both armies, we are allies, do not fire on the other army, and if you see rogues doing so, tell them that we are allies. Thank you for your co-operation.

To Person: I’m fine with the recruiting, I really don’t care if they attack us, all I was saying is it may make you as an army look bad when they act bad, and likewise for us.  I apologize if you took it personally because it wasn’t even meant as a critique on you or the Nachos.  Please talk to me about it before you criticize me in an edit.  We’re trying to resolve our differences, not fuel bad feelings for the other army.  Once again, I apologize if you took it the wrong way.

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: Scratch that, I think we’ll be okay.  Not a bad idea to look into it, but I think I won everybody over 😀

I convinced everyone there that we’re allies (which we are) and that we were having a joint party 😀 (which we were), plus I think this worked as a recruitment session for both armies 🙂 .




Boomer’s Edit:Ok we have a fairly serious problem now…please read the rest of the post however or this will seem way out of context, but basically, I’m trying to say that the Rogue Nachos are way out of control and the real Nachos are really the only people who can stop this…


I tried to reason with the RN like I said below, but they continued firing despite no retaliation from us, and said that they want war, which frankly is the opposite of what pretty much all armies claim to want, to protect Club Penguin, etc.

If you are reading this, I got on Mammoth ( 😯 ), so try to get on with me and we’ll do some recruiting.  In other news, the Rouge Nacho situation has improved slightly, but I would like to make the Nachos aware that the RN seem to have an issue with us, so Nacho leaders, maybe Person since they know who you are, should try to tell them that we are allies so we don’t have situations like this almost every time I get on…

The two RN present attacked these basically “unofficial” ACP soldiers, then the one yelling attacked a bystander who criticized them.  I am just making you aware of some of the things these RN are doing because it reflects poorly on you when they attack people doing nothing wrong…


I’m not sure how frequently this has been happing or whose fault it is, but I’m asking the Nacho leaders to work on this since they represent you guys whether they are actually part of your army or not.  We have already had some tense situations where both ACP and RN were attacking each other with the Nachos present, and I do not want this interfering with our alliance.  Thanks.

So come to Mammoth for some recruiting 😉