Practice Session Review/Practice Battle

Boomer’s Edit: We’re approaching 5,000 hits today, and we already broke our record for Google searches with almost 350, so I want everyone on CP recruiting.  Lets see how far we can increase those totals!

As many of you know, I have been trying to get us to work on spreading out, so this practice was dedicated primarily to that.  We started in my igloo, and then we went to test the strategy in many different locations.  I think it went really well! 😀

We had 45 soldiers in my igloo 15 minutes before the practice, and by the time we moved to the Snow Forts, we had 55!  Here is the fruit of our labor.  We spread out, no way! 😯


A different level of spreading out, here were confined into a smaller room, but still did pretty well at not bunching together.


We formed a circle in under a minute! 8O  That’s gotta be a record.  Last time, it took us almost 15 minutes to get that down…


Clover circle 😀


Now we limited the space to only half of the Ice Rink, but we executed the shoulder-to-shoulder approach pretty well!  This is what an army should look like, although we could have been a bit more spread out 😉


Now that’s a Clover Bomb 😀


Recruiting at the Dock.


We takin’ over 8)


Moving to the Beach.


In the Lighthouse.  I tried to get you to group on the stairs but people were confused if we were at the Beacon or the main floor, so we just moved to the Beacon.


Trying a circle around the light, but it was tough to get enough people behind it 😆


Like old times, back in the Dojo.  Why couldn’t Card Jitsu be somewhere else? ;(


Marching from the Cove through the Town.  Who are the pink people? 😕


The march ends at the Mountain.


Peace out! 😉


Overall, I think we did better than I expected, both with the enormous turnout and getting the spreading out thing better under control.  Don’t forget about this for the Practice Battle tomorrow, it will always be a fundamental tactic in battles.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  I feel as a whole, we are really becoming a well-trained army.  I was talking to Ankita about it early, and we both agreed this is not the same army that won the Christmas Tournament.  We are way better!  No more are we just a large group of penguins in green, but now we are an army that can execute charges, regrouping, and spreading out while moving from room to room without losing soldiers in the process.  This is not to say that we cannot still improve, because we can and we will.  I am looking forward to what we will be able to accomplish with even more practice!

Comment if you made it to the practice!


Don’t forget the Practice Battle tomorrow!

When: Sunday, February 1, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Red vs. Blue


9:30 am Pacific

10:30 am Mountain

11:30 am Central

12:30 pm Eastern

5:30 pm U.K.

As you may know, there are two teams, Red and Blue.  Each Division will represent a color.  Division I (Alpha, Delta, and Echo), led by Abercrombe29, represents the Red Team.  Division II (Gamma, Kappa, and Sigma), led by Rapidy, represents the Blue Team.  Please arrive at the battle in appropriate colors.  If you do not have a Division yet, names starting with A-M will be Red, and N-Z will be Blue.

Here are the uniforms.  They can be adjusted based on what clothing items you have, but you must be the color you are assigned.



In case one of the team leaders cannot make it, here is how we will work the battle leadership.  If the first leader on the list cannot make it, the second will lead, and so forth.  Once a leader has led a practice battle, they will move to the bottom of the list so the next person on the list can lead.  Make sure you know who is leading so you know who to listen to, and if you are your team’s leader, make sure they know you are in charge.

Red Team:

  1. Abercrombe29
  2. The Jungle N
  3. Casiusbrutus
  4. Cooltiger413

Blue Team:

  1. Rapidy
  2. Meggis1234
  3. Nodear
  4. Hattrick

Remember what we have been practicing, especially for this, because it will probably be more chaotic than usual.

  • Make sure to spread out and pay attention on Club Penguin
  • Stay quiet so you can see commands, and only talk when you are executing a joke bomb, spam charge, emote bomb, etc.
  • Leaders should lead entirely on CP, so soldiers, don’t worry about checking the chat
  • If everyone is ready on CP, you will have much better execution on charges, etc
  • Make sure you know who is leading.  Check the list above, and whoever at the battle is highest on that list will be leading
  • Leaders, make sure you are there early so you can make sure your soldiers know you are in charge

Comment if you can make it!


For information on Promo Day, click HERE.

For information on the Mittens situation click HERE for ACP information, or HERE for SSACP information.

For information on the ACP Nation Flag Contest, click HERE. The Flag Contest will end on Tuesday.

Promo Day/Practice Reminder

Note: Rapidy has been demoted for blackmailing and harming alliances with other armies.  Unless he proves he can behave like a leader, we will choose a new Commander General to replace him.

Note: Rapidy has been cleared of all charges from Boomer20.

Promo Day!! 😀

Promotions are in Bold:

Jedi’s edit: If you didn’t get a promotion, then please don’t be upset. . . Just keep working hard, and keep trying! You didn’t get a promotion this time, because probably we didn’t believe you wern’t ready, but keep fighting! To those who got it, Congrats!

General of the Army: Boomer 20

Head General:Jedimaster17, Shaboomboom

Commander General:Abercrombe29, Rapidy

—Owner Line——

General:Casiusbrutus, Cooltiger413, Hattrick, Manjensen, Meggis1234,Nodear, Sheila Gally, The Jungle N

Lt. General:Blue Speed 7, Clintos007, Dr Nono Jr, Jojofishy, Ktman, Lucario98765, Noka 11, Saint1119, Seanehawk, Tomtwelve

Major General: Baloon451, Bigpeng92, Chapa23, Ctar, Db Penguin, Ironkid2894, Jim456, Mr Random1, Nate950000, Penquin Jim, Solraida, Talyor455

—Mod Line——

Brigadier General: Arosso13, Bfan212, Black Icer, Borja, Coleslaw7175, Coolguy12348, Corvette 360, Cyrtd10, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Dragon 720, Gator360, Jcapp64, Jmmr88, Magic077, Matthewmsh1, Mrnooner, Npeppersn, Peguin21975, Speedyjason9, Stev712, Superhighfly, Therinator1, Waddlebox123

Colonel: 123nico26, Aang777, Acp Warrior, Bobcatboy10, Braves Z, Divotoo, Fishguitar11, Foxtails, Gideon, Jcd484, Jlm435, Johnhancoff, Jonnyboy432, Js Thgrourhg, K Wadler, Khalgar1, Lucario564, Mach1kid2, Marineman5, Penguin23800094, Pete852, Potatoes4, Purpur5222, Sblingsnail, Seancastle, Seert3, Tex9m, Thebridgett, Tommer651, Thomas0270, Wicket1235, Tylov5, Zdoger, Znozeberry

Lt. Colonel: Agentxd360, Alpha 315, Bc435, Benu2, Bigguyben, Biokid0, Bleu Missy, Csdfbgdhgg, Dddd99410, Drummer Boy, Ganger90, Gator58031, Gtracer, Hero12985, Howddy Yall, Jazz77, Jediseth, Knight521, Kpkrocks1, Maxthepen, Minerpenguin, Mpenguin123, Mr Deedledoo, Mrgreen10000, Person535, Pop, Rallan, Rapid867, Snooper1999, Snowrunt555, Speedmobile, Splot Man, Starlorb3, Striker214, Totaln00b, Woton

Major:Acatosh, Agent55562, Astrowby, Austin8310, Blete, Bomber Man20, Celticsean R, Dommo3, Dragonninja0, Drakebell46, Flippers 600, Fresca39, Gavadi45, Godplayer123, Golaba, Hi Yellow Hi, Hohjio8, Jake717, Jingle Jay, Jordybarker, Justinbronze, Matt 2k5, Meeaska, Missfrog4, Motor20, Mrmcgreen, Nyg13, Pengyster48, Peterpenquin, Poliwinkle, Satch, Sgt Jor, Sheepman, Small Troubl, Starwars5467, The Apache22, Tom Yellow, Unicow Rules, Wasabiix, Wombat 99, Zehroy

Captain: 1234jkl, Aberacer, Aiqa123, Annie290632, Ashes1627, Blackhawk458, Blast46, Bloobloo1, Blueguy32, Blupichu, Bp98, Cccbbbnnn, Cccorbally, Centar, Chas3r, Cooper30Crazyboy86, Davy629, Dopefacedbro, Dryvit, Dxman9, Edwadu, Emilylondon, Farsight, Fatest83, Fluffykeogh, Freggiboy, Ganondorf787, Geyer17, Halo Friek, Halo67890, Han Solo12, Happybelly3, Hawkey16, Hbk399, Hidude45, Historylover, Icee Ellie, Icefactorx, Jatar, Jet the Hawk, Kingjared, Klug1234, Koolsdpngin, Kuro Wolf, Leoblue33, Lsund, Macaroni Jim, Magoo98, Mcwofin, Micewindo, Mr Gooff, Mr Icefin, Nine Tailed3, Ninja4778, Ojohii, Ox485, Pman Elite, Ribler, Rice44, Rugrat93, Shades2you, Shadows549, Slosh12223, Snowandice27, Snowland202, Soccer793, Soccerpr30611, Sonic The 1, Spiff313, Splotman113, Takeda95, The Flapjack, The Jokerman, Tone739, Trooper7890, Wadler1, Zoom93, Andrewf2

Lieutenant: 12345 Marine, 999pingu111, Abolerz243, Adioboard, Andi1×1, Andrewf2, As334, Band Guy1, Ben166, Berrygood5, Bighead2496, Bjzoo, Bloc Party97, Blue176, Byero, Byuii, Calgocubs21, Candycloud19, Captain Key6, Champ469, Chief145, Cobra70, Codymody1, Cole59287, Daiuf, Deco539, Destany64468, Edman2299, Elmikey, Emperer Josh, Even96, Exblade315, Fallingtail, Gangiel, Gligar117, Goomba121, Gopackgo8, Gougarglider, Hamie111, Han Solo6789, Hasanb123, Hockjopper, Icee95, Icey Cold27, Ickeee, Ivan Jr, Jacob6042, Jason Mcg, Jennings7, Jessica40267, Jet Nugget, Jimmy325jr, Johny 4, Jojo48545, Joshzzzzzz99, Keyser5, Kj Bulldogs1, Kooolmonster, L900ipop, M1zw1z, Magiczeus, Maxsue, Mimo 98, Motomike37, Ojoc, Ojso3, Oola Yoda, Orange Con, Pablo124, Pegsusm, Pengapop4, Pengie Man45, Pimplego2287, Posywillos, Reconspartan 2, Red 744, Redblast1000, Saphiira845, Shakybadger, Shedinja 777, Snowprince13, Spikeyty, Spongie555, Spyboy112, Stacy B, Stevebobal, Super Blip, Super24daisy, Superchaser1, Superdude109, Supersoulja17, Thunder562, Tiki2196, Tiny Finn, Tuxedo Man47, Vetsd, Wildnavy99, Wmb98, Wojanna2, Wtg2000

Warrant Officer: 11jb22, 27ht, 44gdog44, 7 Sparks 7, A Dawg4, Apedwards, Apocolypse66, Arbiter 99, Arotled, Artemisfoul9, Axevolution, Bedubu, Beeky128778, Billybob 16, Blackgamer22, Bob17467, Botman6, Brown Stan, Bubba Duffer, Cab8, Camowarrior, Capaay, Cargopenguin, Cca, Cheerbuger9, Chevydude, Clockyjj, Colleen Man, Comit8907, Con241, Coo1Dude2, Cooltape, Cowgirl19975, Crystal19999, Cupcakes 500, Dalek485, Daneswan36, Darwin Huxly, Deco1313, Devandsean, Devin A 162, Dj Pingu 2, Dubinsky98, Edogg9800, Eettuuyy, Emperor Plup, Fireball Ice, Fireblast47, Fluffball921, Flyiiingpie9, Footballhead1232123, Franco888, Fuzy430, Galaxynova88, Genus1, Golie Phil, Goofy Mac568, Grunty5, Gurgle528, Guytd, Happyface141, Hornet241, Horsekrzi, Hsw98, I Need Tea, Ibarreche, Icerida1, JadenandSy, Jakey44, Jdietle, Jea1023, Jinxman, Juujoob, Kairi1219, Keano73, King Kinz9, Kitty Cat04, Kk9024, Koolkat12312, Ladybug418, Late Me, Leftyman62, Liam Super, Louis32000, Luigi36340, Luk 232, Misty220, Mix 1011, Mo Mo1357, Monkek Man, Monstercjr, Moon Person, Mr Mario4, Mr Scars, Naruto 721, Neojet, Nick Jonas116, Ninja Chong, Noseycjr, Party222, Pengy60, Pipempoleon, Porterpeeps, Pouki888, Rabo4, Rex5556, Rocknroll63, Rorokn14, Rottenstein, Rovin 900, Rya4000, Silver2253, Skyguy008, Snuffles506, Sonic Xx, Sordman456, Sparky Jr 25, Spencers51, Starlorb, Starwarstrek, Super Bat Bo, Tholee, Tigers Class, Tiler232, Timmy79918, Tntclay, Todd678, Tomking1, Topstar1, Treeko311, Turbscavator, Tux 308, Us Army34, Wally4531, Wgfv, Wolves25, Wrath Strife, Xdog52, Yariza 32, Youg3, Zark56, Zelly56

Sergeant: 1joe1, 1run, 100man, 11jrd, 2chrisfarley2, 41codered, 78724599, Aakiskool, Acolopse, Acp Maffia, Acp Pengiun, Acp Scout, Adw14, Ally Cat2000, Andypat, Angel Nymth, Aqua Drift, Aspy, Axxeor, Baconzone1, Bat007, Bearbear, Beckfan77, Beckham 2300, Big Al 56, Bismi, Blake7856, Blaze08, Blob152251, Blossom5679, Blue Bella4, Bonez15404, Brandonwags, Bread, Bri Bri16, Brodeeey, Brooky2222, Buneary63, Buster8, Bvv8, Caf1007, Callmebob101, Ccntty4nts, Chibo 460, Christiano50, Chykin X5000, Claude1997, Cogra1472, Coldblast27, Coleblacker, Coolbry, Crazy Raybod, Crazyfeet100, Cucu96, Darth Destro, Dhfd, Dino Boy7, Dinoco Blue, Djmarvin, Dkary, Dlp3, Dogboy355jr, Dogey 77, Dominik33, Doohicky23, Driver9, Drucle, Dsfdaefdcxcx, Dubz Rule, Dustindwd, Eisner8, Elifb123, Elliotfazza7, Emperor P3ng, Fabby201, Fernando906, Fghj49286, Firepingu4, Fishman 97, Flame Berg, Fluffy29567, Fray 101, Freezie56918, Frogjr, Frostbeetle8, Gaminpenguin, Garda10, Garin3, Gasolina777, Geo5213, Glerkk, Gojm, Gold Clone 28, Green Anole2, Guszzz1, Guyperson22, Heman4, Hunk 2, Hunt12321, Ice Shreder, Iceburg3, Jacks82, Jenny00777, Jessierox49, Jett 123, Jr Rinney, Jrmrpaddles, Johnyjoe, Jonh Simth, Katana49, Kayla, Khfinalmix1, Koolb8, Laney Roo, Lavarr Jnr, Leftywmm, Li Gi 99, Limpbizkit30, Lt327, Marchofthepe, Martyfdz03, Mattboy0610, Maxine2cool, Michealb3567, Mifoo, Moderator N2, Mr A39505, Mr Peteyk, Mrboonie, Mrchatterbox, Muddeles, Mum2ble, Napoleon21, Naruto394, Nnylgcm, Ohlie, Omar Bsaibes, Outdoorsman8, Pat97pat, Pengeyz6, Pengui25, Penguin40897476, Peruses, Pete Wentz89, Peterjr1, Pingo10003, Polly Happy1, Pollybubble6, Princeo, Puffleboy798, Puffs N Stuf, Purple Fart, Q Stein Gen, Rebeca Jr, Reddy Puffle, Rgrobbieg, Riley Ru, Rkjcbo, Rusty785, San Blu Man, Sarster123, Scrappy, Sea Squid, Sgt Capone, Shinydeoxys, Shocp99, Slurp N Burp, Slyora, Smiky4, Snickers1240, Snowbomb545, Something999, Sosy43916, Sourman, Spacersdude, Sparklemadey, Sportlover56, Stealth1555, Stone2cold2, Sydney511, Theflames, Tinkawood, Top Agent009, Trace, Tranderrick, Tree380, Trex69, Trinakat600, Troodon110, Tush, Uknow Me, Unauthorized, Uncle Army, Ur10, V177, Velcomrock, Vidge, Vio789, Wagon1029, Waldo Blue9, Wally470, Weird Al 12, Wohoo10, Xbd1, Xbox Jt1, Xelaro, Xlr8 64, Yo Mom 2, Yoda 1000, Yukon726, Yutyut2, Zackzipy1997, Zaenther, Zazazzzzz

Corporal:05bthompson, 1luvgreenday, 1tem Girl927, 123 Blu 321, 123456popo, 123maplespre, 19sammy17, 22 Dana 22, 2468simpson, 2greenhead1, 44kwiz44, 5star Cookie, 719cam, 77 Row, Aamor113, Abominable46, Accessory, Ace1002, Adam, Adam1947, Aero Master, Agentpingo50, Ajithan1, Aleks60, Alexlikesjd, Alfonsoe, Alybaba77, Anaya306, Antarcticone, Antman09, Arianajones, Army Gal, Ash7890, Autumnwalk1, Awerton, B56z, Bane D, Bazimon, Beakquin, Becca46001, Ben, Bennnney, Bigsboy1, Bio Fusion, Blackquick1, Blueskye, Bob, Boba3, Boball 007, Bolwdog 1245, Bomling, Boyjynx, Brad64, Brettcharb, Brisingr0, Bruins67, Buggsyboy, C358, Caca105, Car Crazy 1, Caseyboy97, Cayeja, Cece 53, Char2621, Charzaed, Chetbaker, Chlippa, Chudnee, Colorbeard, Coman0909, Con1623, Cooldude6334, Coolman96555, Correen, Crazytow, Csi Agent 11, Dalton1170, Dana2197, Daniel G1, Dannywsa1998, Dark Wings65, Ddotue, Deso23, Disdog45, Dudaogutaoju, Eddie98744, Edwardbaby10, Eevee Girl1, Elf70, Elijah 147, Emperor1213, Eoj1234, Erin, Ernean, Eskymogirl, Espeon Rox, Fanojames, Feng008, Feverish0001, Fiasco 121, Fireflame02, Fireice10, Fizzy Rocks, Flap Flap Jr, Fogo900, Frie67, Fudge 1, Geo Dode, Ggoa619, Gilisaurus, Giorgio12, Girlygirl583, Glmul, Goldekey, Google Naf, Goulielmos, Green12345, Gybr, Haley Davis1, Hawk50 2007, Henery Pikes, Hershey Xoxo, Homer66746, Howlowcnyoug, Hugibugi101, Ice Police25, Icebear10, Icee5184, Ihoo1, Ileeana, Ily5617, Im A Girl98, Invisable125, Iredniugnep, J O S H 1 0, Jacob O Ryan, Jacob8088, Jaller 57, Jarjarbinks0, Java2008, Jellojake, Jetrob, Jjohnson1, Joe Jonas884, Jordan101011, Jp568, Jr0315, Juliana8000, Jumpy 2219, Justin765, Karladino, Kcpb, Keeloglynn50, Kidvalar1, Kingtong15, Kjacques, Koo102, Kooi, Kyle93, Kyzcool, Lakerboii51, Lavaliker, Lazykid1111, Lena98, Leperkonwes, Ligpop, Lion King900, Little Ben 0, Littlebob63, Loop113, Lovehearts17, Lppes 23, Markkerry, Martinsen5, Marvon, Maskatchi, Master3848, Mccainpalin6, Mete Kni, Mjm772, Momjohi, Monster Main, Morganlh1017, Mryomama, Mvt Blue, N60storm4, Nathannj, Nb00, Negrutul, Nentendo123, New Bel, Ninja 703, Ninja1475, Njustin, Nog3, Nollie121, Nooland10, Norma Jean65, O1o2, Obocanobo1, Of Pie, Offspring23, Oggerzs, Oliball, Ospreys55, Owlz97, Oxytaurus, Party Sycic, Peaceofme208, Pegymar, Pendude32, Penguin X414, Penguin10305, Penguin48850621, Peyto, Pickachu611, Pickledud, Pindo34, Pinky Jezz 2, Pinkypie1083, Pizzapie35, Pokebag, Pokejd, Polli Peny2, Portyfan1, Poww10s, Puppyluvisis, Puufle96, Q1qq, Qazwsx432, Radrobot, Ramen123, Random Boy3, Randy260, Raquaza120, Redron135, Redwing99, Reima2, Riot Pengy, Rntl, Rocker5968, Rocker6501, Rocketer217, Rosy168, Roxs34, Rrla, Ruflles2, Sam0900, Samus9000, Sarah06, Saulemma1888, Scarlettboy, Scrathey, Shining Dark, Silentfart11, Sjdu, Skater2, Skyburst, Slippymon, Sloppyjoe, Slushy357935, Snapper101, Snowdrop5278, Snowy Pirate, Sofia, Spanner5, Sparky Joe 1, Stamthedance, Stan Butler1, Stinko I, Super Manj6, Supemankid, Superdog106, Swimmie614, Swordfight99, Team Black16, Teambb, The Yatter, Thehood117, Thelaw485, Timc1999, Timegirl4468, Tipidono23, Tj13153, Tomtom8366, Tonybrad1, Too Raa Roo, Tota Girl, Tracer1295, Trssxgtrjfy, Tyraone, Ukikii, Ukuka, Waddlepal68, Waterlord141, Whatruup2, Why Mason, Wizzfizz1, Wjack10, Worker Man97, Wolvetone, X0tqmx0, Xboy001, Xd 12345, Yello132, Yellowb56, Yesguy, Yoe101, Zach, Zackray1, Zacktheman24, Zeppen5, Zippy2001

ACP N00b:Ennbay 0, Jcs11, Tostipotato

ACP Head Programmer:Rallan

Well there you go, 5 hours and a massive headache later… 😛 .  Nah, but I do enjoy it 🙂 .  I realise that I cannot possibly promote everyone who deserved one, but if you think you have a legitimate argument, please let me know HERE.

One of the things I love about Promo Day is watching the new recruits moving up in the ranks.  The ranks transform from a bottom heavy list of Corporals and Sergeants, and as the soldiers move their way up, the ranks become fuller at every level.  Or maybe it’s just me trying to make something out of a routine thing.  Ahh whatever…

I am very pleased with you all though.  You have really worked hard this month, I hope you are happy with your promotions.  We really are in a new era.  No more is ACP just an army of n00bs led by an elite group of soldiers at the top.  For months, the face of ACP has looked the same at the very top, just a bunch of veterans.  Now, I am proud to say, ACP has transformed into a much more diverse army full of old faces and new ones.  Soldiers of the newer ACP era like Chapa23 and Bigpeng92 have risen to the top in just under 6 months.  I would also like to acknowledge a few other soldiers that exemplify this change in ACP.  Bomber Man20, Divotoo, Dommo3, Dddd99410, Gator58031, Jake717, Jediseth, Person535, Thomas0270, Totaln00b, and Wicket1235, among countless others, have exhibited the undying determination of the ACP soldier.  They, among others, do not just stop because ACP is a “good” army, but continue to work to make it better.  Soldiers like these are what make ACP a great army.  There will come a day when I and soldiers of my generation will no longer be able to lead you.  But, with soldiers like you, the future looks brighter than ever.


Don’t forget the practice session today!

When: Saturday, January 31, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Boomer’s Igloo on the map, followed by the Snow Forts

Tactic: Spreading Out


10:00 am Pacific

11:00 am Mountain

12:00 pm Central

1:00 pm Eastern

6:00 pm U.K.

For this one, just come in ACP Green.  We will be starting in my igloo, and when I think we have succeeded in what I wanted to acomplish, we will move to the Snow Forts and try it for real.  We will also be following it up with a recruiting session.

Comment if you can make it!