Practice Battle Reminder/Recruiting

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: Snow Fort is full so go to Snow Globe!

Boomer’s Edit: We got another 15 recruits from our recruiting today, which brings us to 75+ in 4 straight weeks!  Great job everybody, and for those who just joined, welcome to ACP! 😀

*IMPORTANT*: This is a SILENT Practice Battle, a.k.a. NO TALKING.  Make sure you are quiet so you can see my commands because it’s going to be harder than usual with the increased number of people because of the Fiesta Party.

Don’t forget the Practice Battle!  Hopefully it’s okay with you if I lead this one. 

There was a lot of confusion over who was leading the last one, and since there will probably be way more people on the server this time around, it would probably be harder to control.  That’s why, for this one, we need to make even more of an effort than we did the first practice session to be quiet, because you need to be able to see my commands.  We are going to have everyone in Green, and we are going to practice moving, charging, regrouping, etc.  We’ll save the teams for a weekend when there isn’t a big party…

With that in mind, here is the info:

When: Saturday, January 24, 2009

Server: Snow Fort

Room: Snow Forts

Teams: Just ACP Green


9:30 am Pacific

10:30 am Mountain

11:30 am Central

12:30 pm Eastern

5:30 pm U.K.

Sorry if it’s kinda early for some of you, I’m trying to make it more accessable to our soldiers over in Europe.  The practice session will be 30 minutes, followed by some recruiting.  I hope to see you there!  Maybe we’ll try some other shapes this time 😉

Comment if you can make it!


Here are some pics I took of some recruiting we did today.  I think we did pretty well considering it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  For those of you who we recruited, welcome to ACP!








The Fiesta Party has begun!

The free item is something the nachos will enjoy. *DRUMROLL* A mini sombreo! It’s really cute.


Whaaat? Only ONE item? Hmph. Oh, and there is a new postcard. ^_^


A note to ACP: RECRUIT.

Boomer’s Edit: I have a half day, so I felt like doing some party updates like I did a while back with my old site… (Click to Enlarge)



Coffee Shop:




Dance Club:






Pizza Parlor:




Ski Village:


Snow Forts:






Personally, I think the party is pretty lame, but the Forest is probably the coolest room.

Comment and tell us what you think!

Since I have a half day, I think we should do some recruiting.  I will be on throughout the day, but I would like Division and Brigade leaders to get your Division/Brigade on Club Penguin.  You shouldn’t need me to initiate these things.  The Brigades were set up because the high ranks wanted more to do, but so far no one has really done anything.  If you are on ACP chat, you should be on CP as well.  We need to make more of a presense on Club Penguin since we are the Army of Club Penguin.  Brigade leaders, if your soldiers are not cooperating with the recruiting or ignoring orders, report it to me.  Likewise, soldiers, if your Brigade leader won’t get on CP even though you have asked, please report that to me as well.  I will be coming on throughout the day to help with the recruiting, but I hope to see everyone there already when I get there.

Since Mammoth will be packed with people, I would prefer we just move our entire army to Snow Fort to avoid splitting up the members and non-members on two different servers.  Here is the info:

What: Recruiting Session

When: All Day

Where: Snow Fort

Here are the directions to whoever is the highest rank online at the time.  Pick a room that is crowded but not to the point where people cannot see you.  Because there is a party, the Town is probably not the best choice.  I would try to stick to the Dock or the Snow Forts.  I will be on to help you out.  Remember to spread out, etc. to make yourselves look larger, and feel free to take pics!

See you there! 😉


P.S.~Don’t forget the Election Results!  Congrats to everyone who participated!