900th Post!

Boomer’s Edit: W00t 900 posts!  I just realized that we beat our record for hits in a month yet again! 😯 .  We still have some time left in the month, so let’s keep getting the hits 🙂 .

Shab: im really tempted to delete this post and make my post be the 900th XP jkjk good job Acp and no jungle i atleast didnt even know you were on vacation

Congratulations ACP site and ACP members!!! With this post, we now have 900 POSTS!!!

With our recent 50,000th comment combined with our record recruits, record views, and almost-record hit counts combined with this post, we are now… um… immortal, I guess XD.

Anyway, so ya. This is a pointless post but I am proud to have the 900th, lol. Good job.

March On!

-The Jungle N

PS: I’m back from my vacation if you haven’t noticed, lol.