What is it??

Shab: I saw some comments and I forgot to tell u guys, njr is a friend of mine in rl. I asked Boomer to add him as an author to the site. There is no hacking going on. You won’t see him on chat much if at all but you might see him on cp once in a while. 😉   


On Monday there will be something new…something expected to be big, something that might change who is concidered a major army…..More details will be announced tomorrow…..

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Brigade Sites/Divisions/Chat Rules

Boomer’s 2nd Edit: Yay, I fixed the evil green formatting problem 😀 .

Rap’s Edit: Justinbronze would like to apologize to everyone for what he has done in the past. He would be very grateful if you all would forgive him.

Boomer’s Edit: Sorry for posting over you Njr, but I will move yours to the front again tomorrow…  Here is the link for the post https://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2009/02/05/what-is-it/

Don’t forget, the following people need to get to work making a site:

  • The Jungle N – Working on it
  • Cooltiger413 – Done
  • Casiusbrutus
  • Hattrick – Working on it
  • Nodear
  • Meggis1234

Here is the suggested URL for your site:

acp[brigade name]brigade.wordpress.com

Ex. acpalphabrigade.wordpress.com

When you finish, let me know, and I’ll add the link to the Blogroll.  I will also be updating the Brigades so that you have a more up-to-date list.  To help you get the site up and running, Generals of your Brigade will be Admins (some Brigades have two Generals, so you are Co-Leaders), Lt. Generals are Editors, and Major Generals are Authors.  The sites will be used for scheduling and reporting patrols, recruiting, etc.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m pretty good with WordPress stuff…


Next, the Divisions have been updated, so for those who have already made your site, copy the ranks of your Brigade into a page.  If you do not yet have a Brigade, you MUST register for one HERE.

You can view the Divisions at the end of this post, or click HERE to view them at the page link.

If I counted correctly, we now have 237 active soldiers in Brigades, but I know from looking at the ranks that there are still a bunch that need to register.

**ACP** – 237

Supreme Commander: Boomer 20

Field Commanders: Jedimaster17, Shaboomboom

*Division I* – 121

Field Marshal: Abercrombe29

Alpha Brigade – 40

  • General: The Jungle N, Manjensen
  • Lt. General: Dr Nono Jr
  • Major General: Ctar, Talyor455
  • Brigadier General: Cyrtd10, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Jmmr88
  • Colonel: Fishguitar11, Lucario564, Penguin2380094, Znozeberry
  • Lt. Colonel: Benu2, Biokid0, Csdfbgdhgg
  • Major: Jordybarker, Motor20, Zehroy
  • Captain: Bp98, Dryvit, Happybelly4, Leoblue33, Mr Gooff, The Flapjack
  • Lieutenant: Calgocubs21, Goomba121, Spongie555, Stevebobal
  • Warrant Officer: A Dawg4, Darwin Huxly, Foleyethan, Franco888, Genus1, Late Me, Monstercjr, Us Army34
  • Sergeant: Rkjcbo
  • Corporal: Emperor P3ng, Pengui25, Xbd1

Delta Brigade – 42

  • General: Cooltiger413
  • Lt. General: Fugu Ninja, Lucario98765, Saint1119, Tomtwelve
  • Major General: Nate950000
  • Brigadier General: Arosso13, Borja, Corvette 360, Dragon 720, Magic077
  • Colonel: Foxtails, Purpur5222, Wicket1235
  • Lt. Colonel: Gator58031, Person535
  • Major: Meeaska, Unicow Rules
  • Captain: Bloobloo1, Crazyboy86, Davy629, Micewindo, Mr Icefin,  The Jokerman
  • Lieutenant: 12345 Marine, As334, Fallingtail, Gligar117, Gopackgo8, Han Solo6789, Ickeee, Tiny Finn
  • Warrant Officer: Axevolution, Fluffball921, Golie Phil, Rocknroll63, Xdog52, Zark56
  • Sergeant: Acp Pengiun
  • Corporal: Bolwdog 1245, Coleblacker, Tracer1295

Echo Brigade – 39

  • General: Casiusbrutus
  • Lt. General: Clintos007, Jojofishy
  • Major General: Chapa23, Penquin Jim
  • Brigadier General: Coleslaw7175, Coolguy12348, Jcapp64, Mattewmsh1
  • Colonel: Aang777, Jcd484, Seancastle
  • Lt. Colonel: Dddd99410, Starlorb3
  • Major: Dommo3, Poliwinkle, Wasabiix
  • Captain: Ashes1627, Han Solo12, Klug1234, Ninja4778, Shadows549
  • Lieutenant: Bighead2496, Daiuf, Hasanb123, Pimplego2287, Thunder562, Vetsd, Wildnavy99
  • Warrant Officer: 11jb22, 44gdog44, Feephill, Noseycjr, Timmy79918
  • Sergeant: 1run, Beaverflute
  • Corporal: Djmarvin, Doohicky23, Trinakat600

*Division II* – 116

Field Marshal: Rapidy

Gamma Brigade – 39

  • General: Hattrick
  • Lt. General: Blue Speed 7, Ktman
  • Major General: Baloon451, Ironkid2894, Mr Random1
  • Brigadier General: Mrnooner, Waddlebox123
  • Colonel: Divotoo, Jlm435, Js Thgrourhg
  • Lt. Colonel: Chaos345, Sgt Jor
  • Major: Bomber Man20, Fresca39, Peterpenquin, Sheepman, Tom Yellow
  • Captain: Blupichu, Hawkey16, Historylover, Hidude45, Trooper7890
  • Lieutenant: Band Guy1, Captain Key6, Jennings7, Jimmy325jr, Kooolmonster, Shakybadger, Wmb98
  • Warrant Officer: Clockyjj, Crystal19999, Dj Pingu 2, Jdietle, Pipempoleon
  • Sergeant: Naruto 824
  • Corporal: Baconzone1, Guszzz1, Tush

Kappa Brigade – 38

  • General: Nodear, Sheila Gally
  • Lt. General:
  • Major General: Bigpeng92
  • Brigadier General: Bfan212, Black Icer, Peguin21795
  • Colonel: Khalgar1, Pete852, Thomas0270, Tommer651
  • Lt. Colonel: Jediseth, Tex9m, Totaln00b
  • Major: Austin8310, Hi Yellow Hi, Jingle Jay, Jjdj235, Small Troubl
  • Captain: Gtracer, Icefactorx, Kuro Wolf, Magoo98, Rugrat93, Sonic The 1
  • Lieutenant: Exblade315, Johny 4, Jojo48545, Maxsue, Saphiira845, Wojanna2
  • Warrant Officer: Apedwards, Cab8, Daneswan36, Silver2253, Super Bat Bo
  • Sergeant: Axxeor
  • Corporal: Elifb123, Espeon Rox, Wolvetone

Sigma Brigade – 39

  • General: Meggis1234
  • Lt. General: Noka 11
  • Major General: Db Penguin, Npeppersn, Solraida
  • Brigadier General: Jim456, Speedyjason9, Stev712
  • Colonel: Braves Z, Jonnyboy432, Tylov5, Zdoger
  • Lt. Colonel: Alpha 315, Woton
  • Major: Astrowby, Jake717, Starwars5467
  • Captain: Aberacer, Cccbbbnnn, Dopefacedbro, Halo Friek, Icee Ellie, Slosh12223, Soccer793
  • Lieutenant: Abolerz243, Adioboard, Candycloud19, Gougarglider, Kj Bulldogs1, Wtg2000
  • Warrant Officer: Bob17467, Eettuuyy, Fireblast47, Tntclay
  • Sergeant: Pengeyz6, Polly Happy1
  • Corporal: Camore 12345, Garda10, Sarster123


Next, we need to update the chat rules because we have been having problems with them recently.  Many soldiers are no longer going on chat due to unfair mods and excessive language.  So here are the new rules.  Mods and owners, if you choose not to follow these rules, I will replace you with someone who will.  I never want to see bad language from mods and owners because you are supposed to be setting an example for the other soldiers, however, you more recently have been the problem.

  1. No Bad Language – This means do not say anything that would be deemed inappropriate.  This includes general curse words, racial slurs, homophobic language, and sexual language.  If someone says a basic curse word, kick them first.  If they repeat the offense, you may ban them for 1 hour.  If they have been banned for this repeatedly, you may increase the length of the punishment.  Anything else (f-word, racist comments, homophobic slurs, and sexual language) is a ban the first time – no warnings.  These can be for any amount of time determined my the banner.
  2. No Advertising (Spamming) – Do not come on chat and spam links to your site or chat, unless it is for a specific purpose, such as a meeting.  If you want to give someone a link, do it in pc.  Also, there is no spamming of inappropriate links (porn, inappropriate pictures/videos, etc.).  Spamming a link is a kick only offense, unless it is repeated despite the warning.  Then the punishment can be either a ban or being made a guest.  Porn links, etc. will result in a 6 hour to Forever ban with no warning required.
  3. No Flooding (Being annoying) – This includes no talking in CAPS.  The only exception is if a leader needs to give an order in a battle situation.  This also includes typing random letters or smilies repeatedly.  The punishment is kick only.
  4. No Politics or Religion – This usually results in arguements, so stay away from it.  It is not punishable unless it begins to make people angry, but it is suggested that it be stayed away from as much as possible.  If the situation begins to escalate, the punishment is a kick, however, if the problem becomes a full argument, those participating are to be banned for 1 Hour.
  5. No Joining or Helping Enemies – Soldiers of enemy armies are not permitted on chat during war time.  During war time, Martial Law can be declared, in which case, enemy soldiers are to be made guests and then banned.
  6. No Asking to Be a Moderator/Owner – This is a verbal warning first, followed by a kick if it persists.
  7. Follow Orders – If a superior (usually a leader) gives you a direct order, you must carry it out.
  8. No Personal Pics/Info – Please do not post pictures of yourself on main chat, because not everyone wants to know what you look like.  Likewise, do not post your personal information (hometown, address, phone number, cell number, email, etc.) on main chat.
  9. No Bribes – Do not promise anyone that they can be a mod for doing something or for giving you xats and days.  No exceptions.
  10. Do Not Do Anything You Know or Feel is Wrong – This can be pretty much anything.  If you think it is wrong to do, chances are it probably is.
  11. Do Not PC the Owners – This is not something that will be punished, but I need to say something about it because it is becoming an issue.  Part of the reason I do not come on chat as much as I used to is because I am almost always updating something on the site, and pc usually only delay me getting work done, so I try to avoid the chat when I need to do something important.  I have no problem with being on chat and doing work at the same time, but in order for this to happen, I need some peace.  I almost never get to talk on main chat anymore because I have at least 5 pcs at all times.  Do everyone a favor and use the ACP email (acparmyofcp@aol.com) if you have to ask to be an ally or to be added to the blogroll.  It is easier on everyone (especially me).  Likewise, if you want to say hi to me, please do it on main chat.

Moderators, I expect you to follow these rules diligently.  If you see someone doing something wrong, make sure to give the appropriate punishment given here.  No unfair bans.  You must also refrain from breaking these rules yourselves, because you need to set an example for how to behave.  If you are not being responsible as moderators (or owners), you risk losing your position for someone who can follow the rules.