Sick =(

Hi everyone.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, Jedi has gotten sick. Yeah pretty much. . . I have some sorta fever and cold type of thing.

I may be able to make the practice battle though.

Secondly, I’m glad everyone has came to a consensus about Shab and Commando and the whole thing.

A bit of advice to brigades, if some of your members are just hanging around on chat,  get together in a group, and maybe patrol a server, check for enemy activity.  

Governors and Mayors are pretty much inactive again, so I’m asking all of you that are Governors or Mayors give Abercrombe29 a report on whats going on. 

Next, Senate and Consulate. I’m really glad that we’re actually getting something done here, and not being just some title.    I’d like to congratulate everyone that showed up, and is doing their job.

 Finally, remember da practice battle at  1 PM PST, at Snow Forts, Snow Forts. (Kinda like Ny, NY lol)



(BTW, Nate95000, I have to talk to you about our project.)

Poll Results/This Weekend

Aber: I had to make this post the first post everyone sees b/c everyone was asking when the practice battle was and its on here. So dont unstick this post! its important! Oh and Boomer or someone else, can u add this quote to the quote page? Its not letting me edit it

Coleslaw: Jcena listen to the news tomorrow there might be a report saying “9 year old kid shoots himself with a nerf gun from being cyberbullied!”

Aber: OMG HE DIED SO YOUNG!! and the evidence…. a nerf gun with a power launcher.


Aber: why?

Enn: b/c there is a story about a kid who killed himself using a nerf gun

Fort: wow that was fast…


Boomer’s Edit: You may have noticed the new Quotes page.  I decided to post some funny and inspiring quotes (mostly funny) that I have heard in my army career.  I just added a poo-load, so go check them out!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 😀

Aber: Great Idea, Boomer. We should really get everyone more active again! And please report if you can make it to the practice battle!

From the poll, it looks like most armies agreed with the poll question, which was “Do you think Shab and Commando should stop arguing so we can get the Alliance back up, etc.” 

ACP agreed heavily with about 82% saying Yes.

IW didn’t submit many votes, but it was 60% Yes.

Nachos finished with about 53% Yes.

WW totaled 52% Yes.

UMA finished with the lowest percent at 47% Yes.

RPF is the outlier because they randomly accumulated over 100 extra votes in the Yes column, so the basically invalid data was 88% Yes out of 185 total votes. 😕

Oagal had a pretty good quote about it:

“If you want the tallest building in the city, you have two options. You can either build the tallest building, or tear down all those that are taller than yours. Most of those who voted “no” are trying to put others down so they can think they’re better than they really are. :roll: It’s kinda sad, really . . .”

Person’s was awesome, but I think it’s a little bit borderline… 😛

It is my understanding that the Alliance will need to vote on how to restructure itself, including which armies will be allowed in.

Commando and I agreed that Shab needed some sort of punishment for his actions, so we decided that a week as a Contributor would be fair.  This will start tomorrow after I have a chance to talk to him about it.


There’s a bunch of stuff going on this weekend.  The first is going to be a practice battle, which should be at 1 PST on Saturday at the Snow Fort Snow Forts.  I will post about that in full detail tomorrow.

Numero dos es la competencia de bandera (Number two is the flag contest, idk I just felt like saying something in Spanish since I am finally taking Spanish again, so I remember some stuff now… 😐 ).  We will hopefully have our top three by Sunday so we can vote on them.  I will make a page for the leaders to be able to do that soon.

There will also be three new Brigades:

  • A non-member brigade – You can join at any time when you become a non-member
  • A European brigade – This has been requested in the past, so it will be nice to actually have one
  • An Australian brigade – Same as the European one, and it also includes New Zealand, Oceania, etc.

These will be available to register for this weekend, and I will notify you when that is.


I’m supposed to mention UMA because I feel bad for not being able to put up a banner for them (we kinda have too many already 😐 ).