Valentines Day Party

A Valentines Day Party is being hosted by Cytrd. . .

Server: Snow fort

Room: Lighthouse


2:00 pm eastern

1:00pm central

12:00pm mountain

11:00pm pacific

7:00pm UK


Check the post underneath

The BIG Surprise!!

Boomer’s Edit: I moved the Valentines Party post back so it doesn’t cover over the big news, but please read it as well.

Shab: You guys have all been confused on why this post was posted. Well I saw that Bell rank a pretty big cp blog and that he always had atleast 5 ppl min on his chat so I decided that if mcp would put the acp banner on their site, I would advertise their army and put their banner on our site to get us more soldiers and hits and to help them get the same. If they become big enought, they will be a great ally to have in battles. Think about the last big war:

Acp vs Nachos, IW, RPF, WW.  Acp defended themselves enought to keep the battle at a draw if not a win for Acp. If we have mcp on our side, we will most likely win the next big battle.

Today is the day :D. So you all want to know the big surprise? Well its a new army created by Bellerophont with co-creators Woton (Acp Lt. Colonel 😉 ), Reeves246, and Alighf. I expect this army to be a big army from the amount of ppl of Bell’s chat usually. It might even become big enought to be concidered a “world power” or a major army. Now before I give you the site and chat, Shab says this “Acp soldiers can join this army, but keep ACP as your main army and continue being active in it.”

The Site:

The Chat:

Ty Boomer and Shab for letting me post this, it was fun and you will probably see me again sometime with another surprise ;).  Njr14matrix