Boomer’s 2nd Edit: The ACP Training Regiment is looking for new staff members, so Major Generals and up, comment HERE to apply for a teaching position.

Boomer’s Edit: Owners and Mods, start doing your job, or I’m making Commando an Owner because he will actually do something…if it comes to that, it’s your own faults.

Well, I’m back. The full story was, my area was having some serious wind (50+ mph gusts), and this caused a tree at least 50 feet tall to fall on my neighbor’s powerlines, which broke them, and the force of that split the telephone pole another house down right in half. So I had no power from when I got home from school Thursday until about 3 PST today. In the meantime, my house dropped to around 55 degrees, which made for quite the unpleasant attempt to sleep, as well as nearly impossible to get ready for school with it being pitch black and everything. So I’m happy the electricity is back, but I am now quite a bit behind with some stuff on here. There was supposed to be midterm Promo Day for Warrant Officer and under tomorrow, but that will probably have to wait until Monday. As for practice battles, we may have on either Sunday or Monday (I’m thinking Monday right now since the U.S. is off, and I think Europe would be home from school by the time it will be scheduled. I’ll post the details tomorrow hopefully.

Next thing, I want to reiterate Rap’s post about the forums, which is awesome!  The last forums were a ton of fun, so I hope you enjoy this one.  Click HERE for the link to the forums, and I will add it to the blogroll as soon as I can.

I am also hoping to get some specialty divisions up this weekend.  There will be at least two and possibly a third.  The two are a Non-member Brigade (non-members only) and a European Brigade for people from Europe.  Since they have a time difference, they can patrol when most of us cannot, so they should be able to better organize for that kind of thing.  The one I am debating about is an Australian/New Zealand Brigade for the same purpose as the European Brigade.  I am debating whether we will have enough people but I may just put it up there to check the interest.

Last thing I can think of is the DRACP Nation Flag Contest.  I believe I have all of the entrees, so I will make a page for them and the leaders will pick the top three, which I will give to you to vote on later.


P.S.~I updated the Divisions, so you can copy the new ranks onto your site.

!!0.2 smuroF PCA

!ydobyreve olleH Oh, I mean Hello everybody!

It’s Rapidy here, and I am here to release something legendary…

I’ll give ya hints. It was released 1 year ago, and since we’ve had changes in leaders and stuffs, it was put to a hault.

Do you want to know what it is?   WELL DO YA? If ya do, ya gotta read more.

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From Boomer

Jedi’s edit: Sorry Boomer, that sucks. We’ll hold up the fort 😉

 I have to send this from school cause I have no power cause a tree killed a telephone pole on my street, so I may not be on until later today or even tomorrow.  I wouldn’t worry about doing upddates yet though.  Maybe some patrols though.