RuneScape Meeting

Yeah yeah yeah, you all voted, and you didn’t want a RuneScape Division, but any way, there are still plenty of ACP that play RuneScape. And Headofpolice has been begging me to post a RuneScape meeting so here it is. We will meet in the 3rd floor of the Varrock Castle.

World: 101

Where: 3rd floor of varrock castle

Date: Saturday, February 7th

Time: 3pm PST

  • 2pm pacific
  • 3pm mountain
  • 4pm central
  • 5pm eastern
  • 10pm UK.

Here’s how to get there.



Practice Battle/Servers/ANTA

Boomer’s Edit: Here’s the link to Rap’s post, sorry I’m covering over it…

First is the practice battle, which unfortunately, I had to leave just after the start.  The turnout seemed okay considering we switched servers right when it was supposed to start.  Here is the only pic I got 😐


I have no idea what happened after this, but if Ankita was around long enough, maybe she has pictures.  Anyway, thanks for coming out, although I think there were a bunch of people who didn’t know there was a second practice last weekend.  We may just focus on one per weekend from now on, because it is a lot to schedule…

Tell me what you think (comment if you have anything further to add).


 Next is, the ACP leaders need to meet to cut out some servers.  Here are the ones I am suggesting based on whether or not they are Safe Chat (we don’t need more than one of those), and the location on the page (ones at the top are usually larger, as well as ones around large cities).  The numbers are approximately the size I think they are (from 1 to 5).  We can discuss this further whenever we are able to meet.

  • Breeze (5)
  • Ice Age (3)
  • Ice Berg (3)
  • Ice Breaker (3)
  • Ice Box (3)
  • Ice Cold (3)
  • Ice Cream (4) (SC)
  • Ice Cube (4) (SC)
  • Ice Pack (4) (SC)
  • Ice Palace (3)
  • Ice Pond (3)
  • Ice Rink (3) (SC)
  • Icebound (3)
  • Iceland (3)
  • Icicle (3) – Edit: Back by popular demand
  • Klondike (3)
  • Mammoth (Neutral) (5) – Yes, we do not own it because it’s neutral, but since every army uses it (or can use it), technically anyone can list it here since it belongs to everyone…
  • Marshmallow (4)
  • Snow Fort (4)
  • Snow Globe (3)


Next, I was hoping that we could hold a meeting about ANTA.  Personally, I think we really need a way to keep track of servers and armies, etc. so maybe we could have prevented the FGR/Nachos and SSACP/UMA conflicts.  If we don’t want a separate meeting for it, maybe it could be discussed at Commando’s Allies meeting.

I feel like there’s more to say…

Ok, so if you want more info on the SSACP/UMA conflict, click HERE for ACP info, and HERE for SSACP info.  Also, the flag contest is probably ending soon, so you should get your submissions in (you can email them to me if it’s easier –

More info coming later, I’m sure 😉