War is Off

Oagal: I know you’re disappointed, soldiers, but your leaders have spoken for you. You don’t actually want a war. 😀

Anyway, I still the the RPF should be forced to pay retribution for their crimes against the DRACP (and, ya know, the whole hacking thing). So I think we should have a strictly ACP vs. RPF practice battle next Saturday, on the same day we would have won the real battle. 🙂


Jedimaster17: Nice! This ends a really retarded and useless war. *Claps*

ACP, RPF, and allies met on chat at 1 PST today shortly after declaring a cease fire for the meeting.  It was decided that the war wasn’t really worth fighting because half of the armies didn’t really understand why it was going on.  It has also been decided that because of disagreement over who is more trustworthy, we cannot declare Commando guilty.  I would like to apologize to him for any disagreements we had.  The ultimate decision is that the war is officially off.  We also decided not to pursue the Alliance for right now because it only complicates matters.  We can all agree that the war was fun while it lasted, but there’s not a lot of sense in tearing Club Penguin apart for something we’re not even sure happened.  We will still be allies, but we don’t need anything official to prove it.  Maybe we can schedule a party 🙂

War really brings in the hits and recruits like crazy though!  We got 373 Google searches yesterday (a record), and we already have 474 today (new record)!  We got 4,878 hits yesterday, the highest since January 31, and we already have 6,310 today (also a record)!  We also tied our record with 59 viewers at once last night!  As for recruits, we got an impressive 18 yesterday, as well as another 15 (already) today.


Get Ready

Jedi’s edit: I was of the same opinion, but I think that the chat was hacked or at least attempted in the morning.

Boomer’s Edit: I agree, I think we should stick with the current chat, no one seems to know where we are supposed to go…

Oagal’s edit: Don’t forget to read this post, which states exactly why we are going to war with the RPF.

P.S. So far, the RPF is the only army against us, even though Commando says everyone is against us. 🙄

P.P.S. This new chat arrangement is screwed up. I say we stay in one,public chat, and if the RPF hacks it, so what? We can just move to another one.

Jedi’s Edit: Boomer, we’ve a new chat. Contact me, and I’ll owner you there.

I will start out by saying, if you would like to join our efforts to take down Club Penguin’s most corrupt army, please comment below with your army’s name.  Anyone and everyone can help.

Allies in ACP vs. RPF

WW, UMA, Army Strong, PH, CPPD


Allies in ACP vs. RPF

Currently None

We need everyone we can get to make this war have a lasting impact.  One army will not change anything.  We need to make a statement as a collective body of armies.  We all claim to fight for the “good of Club Penguin”, but what does it say if we let one of the most corrupt leaders in Club Penguin off without punishment?

I want every soldier out patroling our servers today.  If you see any enemy activity, report it immediately to a superior officer.  This is a code Red, this is war.  We must all be alert to protect our borders.

In addition, I am calling for a meeting of ACP’s allies:

We will try to use ArmyCentral provided that Commando hasn’t reset it already…

1:00 PST

2:00 MST

3:00 CST

4:00 EST

9:00 U.K.

All allies (Nachos, UMA, WW, IW, etc.) should attend to discuss what is going on.  Smaller armies are welcome too, however please send only your elite soldiers (maybe just your owners).

If anyone needs to add anything, they can do so here.


Our Last Full Measure . . .


The RPF has done it. The RPF has obliterated the very last shred of hope for an era of peace and prosperity in in army community. That pitiful remnant of an army has destroyed the alliance we in the ACP and other armies spanning the globe have been building for months. And let me tell you this: We have had enough.

The RPF has betrayed us.

The RPF has turned nearly every other army against us in a display of might which they themselves cannot back without their allies.

The RPF has tried to invade our servers and has successfully destroyed their own dignity.

The RPF has hacked polls on nearly every major army’s website. Hacked their own blog stats to make themselves out to be far greater than the pathetic ghost of the army they once were. Hacked and monopolized the hallowed grounds of Pink Mafias’ UMA, for personal and commercial gain. Attempted to hack and delete this very website; the website of an ally since the beginning of alliances in WWIII — the website of a friend. Proven themselves to be no more than liars and traitors.

I was once friends with Commando, and  I can say that this has been one of the darkest days in RPF history. Not only is their once-great leader living a life in the shadows amonst hackers, but he has sunk low enough to attempt to destroy the website of his friend and ally. And when I tried to reason with everyone, and stop this war, he ignored my plea and stabbed me in the back. I am through empathising with this person, when in return I recieve nothing but indifference and betrayal.

Commando, we will show you as much mercy as you have shown us.


This battle will be this Saturday, February28: The anniversary of the end of the first Gulf War. Hopefullyit will also be the end of this war. I expect Commando to hide behind his allies, send other armies to invade ACP servers at the same time, and make some sort of excuse for this cowardice.

  • DAY: Saturday, February 28
  • TIME: 1:00pm – 1:30pm PST
    ——-4:00pm – 4:30pm Eastern
    ——-3:00pm – 3:30pm Central
    ——-2:00pm – 2:30pm Mountain
    ——-1:00pm – 1:30pm Pacific
    ——-9:00pm – 9:30pm UK
  • SERVER: Granizo (it’s a Portuguese server — press “Select Language” right above “Play Now” and choose Portuguese)
  • ROOM: All over (the ACP will start in the Snow Forts)
  • REASON: War


Mark this on your calenders. This will be the day retribution will be paid. This will be the day we pour onto the battlefield our last full measure of commitment. We will give Commando a fight he has never seen the likes of, and we will win. Hopefully then he will come to his senses. Hopefully . . .


Until later,

March on!

P.S. Throughout this week Jedi, Shab, Boomer and I will discuss strategy. You soldiers will receive your commands ASAP.