WWFF Update/Bots

Boomer’s Edit: For some reason, WW got bumped off the first poll, and it won’t let me edit it, so maybe you could just leave a comment 😐 sorry…

Commando and I kinda combined our ideas, so here is the info for the WWFF on Saturday:

Date: February 28th, 2009


4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

Location: Summit, USRPF Territory, Everywhere

Sides: Anybody who shows up Vs. Anybody who shows up

Reason: To Have A War

Invited: Everybody, Every Army

Hosted Chat: http://xat.com/armycentral (We’re going to use a chat, so then people who show up can either verbally fight if wished and so leaders who show up can figure out who they want as allies to make up sides- if they want) – I want ACP to focus on commands given on CP

I made a map that I based loosely on where armies tend to recruit.  This could represent our “Nation” that we would need to protect from invasion.  I tried to base them on total size, not by number of rooms.


  • ACP
  • IW
  • Nachos
  • RPF
  • UMA
  • WW
  • Available for other armies


Armies not listed can pick any of the non-colored rooms.  I think with “Nations”,  it will be more realistic because you have something to protect and to invade.

The next thing we need to decide is a team thing.  If we want to do teams, we need to make them fair, so the outcome of this poll may mean we need a meeting to decide.  Or it can be spur-of-the-moment as things progress (kinda like the boardgame Risk).

Comment and let me know what you think!


Next, I feel like we need to discuss the bot stuff that has been going on recently.  Over the past few weeks, ACP has been attacked consistently at any public gathering.  Originally, all of the bots were blue and were saying “ACP Anti Club Penguin” and “Ice Warriors”, but after a recent attack of “RPF” bots, the bots have been promoting RPF, as you can hear from these two accounts:

“At the pool they all turned black and said
“Everybody get into the yellow submarine”
“Rpf rPf”
“It Was Us All Along”
“Save Billybob””

“Listen to me if we have a world war it wont be for fun rpf is evil they sent anti acp bot and said this on breeze:

Anti acp

it was us all along”

This is either IW framing RPF now because they feel we are basically blaming them, or RPF has been disguising it as IW so as not to be suspected.  Either way, this needs to stop, so I would hope that both leaders make a post warning their armies not to do this.  Thank you.