Some Bad News

I have some bad news….

I would like if I didn’t get 50 pcs that say “sry for your loss” because you don’t know me and didn’t know him so you shouldn’t say it just to be polite. This is why I made it so there is no commenting on this post.

My great grandpa died :(. He died when he had a stroke this morning. I won’t be on much on Sat other than at night and if I seem to act different on chat then this is why.



Promo Day

Shab: Head was fired and will continue to be fired from acp each time he joins because of the many revolts he has tried to have. He is still trying to have one but like every other time hes been unsuccessful so I’m gonna take him off the ranks. Leaders plz do not add him back even if he asks.

Congrats to all who got promoted!! 😀

Saint: there was a huge recruiting party a couple hours after the promo’s were published. Solraida lead it and it was awesome! I’m not sure if we got any people on the site but i did get some pictures that I’m not going to post. Also I’m almost finished with division updates I’m taking a break at the moment. Thats all for now.

Here are this months promos!!  I really went all out on this one to make up for being late on the last one because of all the computer problems.  I tried to promote everyone who was active, looking through pictures, comments, and whether I have seen you on chat.  Hopefully I got everyone!

If I missed you for some reason (it’s bound to happen with over 1500 soldiers to look over), please tell me in a comment on this post:

  1. Your CP Name (Or the one on the ranks)
  2. Why you believe you deserve a promo
  3. Current Rank

I feel that I also must mention, there was quite a bit of competition for ranks among the Major General and Brigadier General ranks, so not all of those who were active received promotions from that group due their being so many qualified soldiers.  Hopefully you will have a better chance next month.  I tried to limit the number of new mods, but there was a very high number of deserving soldiers who ended up receiving Mod ranks.  Because of this, we will be watching you carefully to make sure you are being a good Mod (check the Rules page to make sure you know what that means).  If a Mod is misbehaving, take a picture and send it to me at

Without further ado, the promos for March are in!

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Spring Break Promos/patrols/divisions page

Shab: My spring break doesnt start till next friday which is Good Friday and then it continues until a week after Easter.

Boomer is probably at school and doesn’t have spring break like some people in ACP do like me. So they will most likelybe out after normal school ends. Be patient they will come.

Already i have noticed people patroling more. Maybe they want to be noticed or maybe they just really want to keep our servers safe. Either or i know now that we have some responsible soldiers.

When the promo’s do come out I was wondering, if any other leader doesn’t want to do it, if I could put the soldiers who have gotten a promo into their correct positions in brigades. Also am i division one’s Field Marshall now? I just want to make sure before i edit that page.

Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

Read Boomer’s post below

Quick News Report

Yesterday’s battle went well, and we managed to recruit 24 new soldiers from yesterday alone, so that’s pretty awesome.  We also got over 5,600 hits, which is a very good day.  Let’s hope we can keep it up for this week.

We also broke the 100,000 hits mark again this month, which is the second month in a row that we have done that (would have been three, but we were short by less than 300 hits in January).

In other news, RG can’t stop complaining about whatever it is they are complaining about, but they said, “The Renegade is not responsible for alliances being broken,” calling it “a win-win scenario.”  I guess I will be talking to our allies to make sure RG doesn’t do any damage to that… Also, don’t comment on their site.  It’s not worth their time or ours considering about two-thirds of their comments are coming from us.  They will never take you seriously anyway.

Lastly, Promo Day is tomorrow, so I will be spending quite a bit of time on that.

Saint: One thing about patrols is, Yanksrule14 said he took a patrol out today and he also saw Dryvit, Divotoo, and 44gdog44, i think for Alpha Brigade the patrols are working out very well. If any more people start patroling it would be great :D. But im glad some people took control and patrolled. That’s it for now!

Oh also, Boomer, i don’t want to speak for the rest of the leaders but, if you need help with promo’s i’ll always pitch-in.

I’ll add more if I can think of any.


Government page

Boomer’s Edit: I replaced the Patrols page with the new Government page since there’s nothing going on with the Patrols page, so you can see it in the page tabs at the top.

Also, forgive me for not being on a lot today, I will be spending most if not all of today working on the promos.

Saint: Sounds good :D.

I asked Aber if I could do the Gov. page and she said sure. So.. its up… :D… All i did was copy and paste the stuff from the ACP Nation page to the new government page. I didn’t know if it should have been on the top pages so i tossed it as number 10 on the Pages.

Read Sheila’s post below


Saint1119 ACP 3rd in Command

Saint’s Story Is going to be on the ACP site, too!

Hey guys. You know about Saint’s epically awesome stories, right? You can view them <- there.

Sorry for the edit sheila but in the story Boomer died in book 1 😯

Anyways, Saint-sama gave me permisson to post them on here, and since i’m working on the books with teh awesome trio of writers (Peguin, Saint, and moi <3), 

I’ll be posting some of the prolouge…It’s gonna be long. By the way, I’m not supposed to reveal who the villan is.

It’s going to be confusing…By the way, them= ambushers.

PS: I got bff-ed with Fox-chan =P


Part 1: Bellicose is ringing through my ears

I was happy, once. 

I had friends.
I talked to them alot. 
We had no worries. Hakuna matata, as one of my friends would say. 

We were truly happy and I felt loved.

It all changed one day. We were ambushed, beaten, and fought to death.

I was the only one who survived, but I was left with a brutal scar that haunted me every night.

One day, I got tired of it. I found the ACP, but I didn’t join. I merely watched from afar, never thinking I could be brave enough 

to join the valiant group of penguins 

who would perform noble deeds

in the night.

I was wrong.

Seeing as I could not continue with my old life, 

I left my name and my old life behind. I left everything behind, except my desire for hard revenge against them.

Cold yet fiery hands gripped my heart. 

I felt a feeling I had never, ever felt before. Ambition.

It was hard. 

Going through it every day. 

Looking up at my leader

and putting on a fake smile. 

Putting on a fake act. 

I rose through the ranks, 

no one suspecting of anything.

With my fake act, I grew higher and higher.

I was finally there. 

So close.

I was alone. 

I had power. 

A wicked smile creeped onto my face as I dreamt of the final kill.

As I said before, I had left everything behind.

Except my wish for revenge.

Prolouge 1.1


The moonlight glimmered off of the building the ACP had settled in for the night.

“I’m tired. . .” Chapa moaned, falling off the chair he had been keeping watch on. “Shut up and keep watching!” BigP snapped.

“You have to remember how young he is…” Another voice said, shifting in their seats.

“This is useless. We’re going to be killed!” A young solider cried, but another one clamped their hand over the boy’s mouth.

“Guys. . .calm down.” Boomer Aber soothed the crowd. (Saint’s edit: boomer is dead remember 😯 )

“A-a-a-and…I win!” Sheila crowed, while Fox moaned and handed over 5 dollars. “I told you he’d  be the first to complain!” Fox glared at her, and Sheila clamped her mouth shut.

“I’m going to bed. And you guys will, too.” Boomer Aber announced, walking over to a corner.

“Goodnight,” Boomer Aber concluded, “Everyone. We can make it through this.” 

“Goodnight.” Everyone echoed.

The hours slowly passed by as Saint twisted and turned in her sleep. ‘I can’t sleep for crap!’ She thought miserably. 

Boomer Shab dreamt of a vivid landscape filled with his family; his soliders.

“Guys, wait up! Where are you going?” He called, trying to catch up with them.

A terrible clamor wafted through the air, and the landscape changed. It was bloody and body dappled.

Boomer Shab looked down. He saw the bodies of Aber, Fort, and. . .he couldn’t quite tell who the other body belonged to.

His nose catched a disgusting smell coming from above.

He slowly raised his head, and his hair flitted in the wind. “What kind of wind is that?” He thought aloud.

He looked up instantly, and his eyes widened.

Coming right toawrds him was a river of retching blood. It was right by him.

“NO!” He screamed as the river of blood overthrew him. He was drowning.

Drowning in blood.

“NO!” He continued, and he gagged. The blood slithered down his throat in all of its salty goriness.

Black, taunting clouds fogged his eyes. He couldn’t see anymore…”No, Boomer, I did not do it.” A voice screamed in high pitched nature.

“HELP!” Ankita screamed, feeling the chain wrap around her throat. She could feel her body disorienting, twisting, the fabrics of time was collapsing…all in her body. “HELP! THIS NASTY SON OF A-” She coughed, gagged, and fell onto the floor. Her face was bloodily stained, and there was an odd pinkish purply aura dancing around her chest, where a large gaping hole was. Her last thought was feeling her body being clawed by a terrible sensation that broke out in a cry.

Part 2
Who killed her?

“Holy sh-” Shab screamed, and he stopped in his sentence. There, in front of him, lay a mauled Ankita whose heart had been. . .stolen?

Boomer Rap jumped out of his sleeping area which he had made in the corner. “What just-” He turned to face Ankita.

Many of the soliders began to rise, but Sheila, Seane, Bat, and Hatt sat in a corner, looking like their eyes would pop out of their heads. “ANKITA!” They all yelled in unsion, and they ran over to her. “She’s dead!” Sheila reported.

“Who could do this?” Boomer Shab spat, walking around. He locked eyes with everyone, and his face was boiling with rage.

“Come clean. Now. Who KILLED ANKITA?”

The room was silent with the fact that no one knew the answer.





Congress Meeting

Boomer’s Edit: Sol has suggested that we make a Congress page on this site so it’s easier to track these kinds of things, and I think that’s a very good idea.  I guess Aber can make that when she gets the chance.

Hi Everyone!

The Meeting went exceptionally well and we got a lot done!
Few things we discussed:
-Reducing server size to 6
-Having brigades control the 6 servers
-Patrolling Sign-ups
-Demotions and Promotions
I am hoping to get these things passed in the next couple of days!
The Patrolling Sign-ups will be in a day or two.

Clearing Things Up

Boomer’s Edit: Welcome back Stev, you did a great job.  You will be rewarded with the rank of Major General on promo day in addition to being a Top Spy for SSACP.

Stev712 has been undercover in RG for Acp since RG started. He has been very successful as a spy and has completed all the tasks the Acp leaders have been giving him.

He is awarded the Top Spy Award and Rank in SSACP when SSACP is redo and started up again.

Do not criticize Stev for being in RG because he was just serving for his army.


PS: Stev says Renagade is in for a surprise in Mid-April.

ACP vs RG/Other Problems with RG

Edit: RG is currently “invading” Klondike, so come if you can.  They surrendered

Saint: After Boomer left to make this post RG started going around to other army’s servers like Alpine, Walrus, and Tuxedo. They came on Icicle and we battled them there. Then shortly after they moved to Klondike where they surrendered! I would like to thanks the following people: Pman Elite, Spaceybirdy, and Mat (dragonninja) for the info on RG and Jungle N for finding a couple of positions of RG for us. Also to thank JoJoFishy, Seanehawk, and Solraida for keeping control in the beginning of the battle! Thank-you to all the ACP that made it, we really had fun! 😆

The battle went really well (for us).  We had about 75 soldiers for the entire battle despite switching rooms constantly (which means we were probably over that number), and RG maxed out around 4.  So yeah…

Here are the pics:

ACP numbers upwards of 60 soldiers and RG is nowhere to be found at the start of the battle:


RG “invades” us by going to a room that we aren’t in… 😕


ACP charges into the Town:


Omega is somewhere on the Dock there 😯


A pretty little circle 🙂


Omega switches to ACP green 😐




RG then retreated to another server, which brings me to my next point…


After RG left Snow Globe, Omega announced on chat for RG to go to Tuxedo.  Tuxedo is an RPF server…

So some ACP went to check it out.

Omega then announces for RG to switch to RPF uniform, and then goes to RPF chat and says that we are invading… 😐


Last time I checked, Omega was retired from RPF, so he shouldn’t be commanding RG soldiers to switch to RPF uniform, nor should he be on Tuxedo.  Last time I checked, RPF was against RG, which means RG’s presence there would be considered an “invasion”.



I apologize to RPF for the conflict that Omega nearly caused.  But it’s getting serious now.  RG is specifically trying to break up ACP’s alliance with RPF.  Commando, can you please guest or ban Omega from RPF chat before we have another international crisis?

Here are a few pics from the battle worth noting as well:



Saint: Omega surrenders


That may have broken the record, I’m not sure, but it was really close…


Comment if you made it!



Shab: I will only be able to make it if I finish my essay which I’m close to doing so Saint or Rap better be there if I’m not.

Aber: I might not be able to make it today… I have a Biology project to do and have to go to the store! I hope someone else can make it!

Saint: I will be able to make it if i get off for most of the day (ono). My mom was pretty mad yesterday that i was on all day.

RG is planning an invasion on us (which they actually announced because they want a real fight).  Here is the info:

When: Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where: Snow Globe Snow Forts *NOTE: NOT SNOW FORT*


11:00 am PST

12:00 pm MST

1:00 pm CST

2:00 pm EST

7:00 pm U.K.

Strategy: Arrive at least 30 minutes early to recruit beforehand.  I won’t be able to make it, so it’s really important for Shab, Aber, Rap, or Saint (or even Generals) to be there.  When leading, make sure to keep everyone together.  If you are switching rooms, make sure everyone knows before you move.  Try to not split soldiers up in different rooms.  Remember to spread out, and listen for orders.

Comment if you can make it!


P.S.~Don’t forget the UAA Meeting.