Boomer’s Edit: I was under the impression that Ankita made that a rule, but in case it hasn’t been said, No PC or Chat Votes.  I think as a way of hopefully validating the voting, if a candidate feels that they were defeated unfairly, the can appeal to the leaders.  If we agree that the votes do not seem to reflect popular opinion, we will use a Comment Ballot format, where only ACP soldiers can vote.  You would be required to sumbit your name so that we can validate that you are an ACP soldier, and we would count the votes by hand.

P.S.~Please don’t retire Jungle 😦 .  You can see from the poll that you are still wanted here.  It is merely a flawed voting system that needs some tweaking.  Please don’t retire…

[Boomer: Shab, I moved it to the newer post so it doesn’t get lost… xD]

Shab: Sry for this random thing but I’m proposing that the only mods on chat be the brigade leaders. It would limit the number of mods and the we would know that the mods would be responsible.

Oagal: The problem with these elections is that the votes of people who don’t even care matter just as much as the votes of those who docare. A lot of people voted for Trickster because of “PC and Chat votes,” (votes made simply because someone won’t stop bugging them to vote over the chat).

I propose that there should be a “No polling on the Chat” rule.

I’m not saying Jungle is better than Trickster, or that Trix is better than Jungle. But these polls would be a lot more accurate is there was a rule forbidding chat advertising.

Look guys, I’m sorry for posting over the Obama post, but this is very important, too.

OK I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m not wanted here anymore. If I’ve devoted my entire life to the ACP for 17 months and I put countless hours into a site and wars and everything, and I can’t even win a senate election, never mind do anything bigger, do you people even want me? I have more time put in than all the owner ranks, but I’m a General who can’t win a friggin election. So I want to know, should I stay or should I go?

27 Responses

  1. Stay! you are one of the most experienced ACP soldiers here.

  2. stay

  3. Trickster has just been campaigning quite a lot. I haven’t even heard of him that much.

  4. Extreme he PCed everybody asking for votes even if he didn’t know you.

  5. Dont leave us Jungle. You are a great soldier and for you to leave would mean a great loss to the ACP. People dont understand your great importance and why do you let them take you down. Ranks dont mean anything, its your pride and dedication for the ACP that counts. For you to dedicate yourself for this growing army is more than what anyone could ask for. Soldiers like you is what makes the ACP a great, powerful nation. Leaving isnt the right answer, even if the polls tell you to leave dont listen to them. Listen to yourself and what you feel is right for you. You have been here for 17 months. How about 18,19,20? Please dont leave us Jungle.

  6. i want you in

  7. No meat not that. I have good friends who are supporting me. Example:stev71

    and btw dont leave jungle over this election :Roll: its stupid

  8. Stay here! You are one of the Greastested ACP soldiers known.

  9. Stay, your one of my closest frriends in ACP. Who cares if you lose the election? Try harder next time. And, about the election again, I voted for you. And you got a lot of votes, thnx
    ACP Major

  10. The people who voted for Jungle to leave don’t have enough bal- . . . er, guts to comment why they voted that way. 🙄 Either they are adversaries of the ACP who want us to lose one of our best soldiers, or they’re just ignorant as- . . . er, bigots. XD

  11. Erm… the CPAF is starting to crash, we should try helping them out.

  12. Okey dokey, first of all lol at Oagal… secondly why would Jungle want to leave? Trickster is just getting votes by bribing random n00bs and newbs and people from other armies. Jungle seriously deserves to win the election and someday become the ACP leader. His site was almost as successful as this one. I look up to you, Jungle. This election shouldn’t make you want to quit ACP. ACP isn’t here to make your life bad, its just a fun game to play in your free time. Most people play it for fun. Jungle, that’s what you should be thinking. CP armies shouldn’t be about democracy and bribery and votes, it should be about friendly battles and rivalries. I joined so I could have more things to do on CP. It wouldn’t be any fun without high ranked soldiers, because ACP would crash and burn. DON’T LEAVE, JUNGLE. THESE DEMOCRACIES AND VOTES DON’T MATTER, JUST HAVE FUN.

    The Flapjack out.

  13. That was amazing Flap… btw this is Trickster. GUYS STOP BLAMING ME! I’m not “bribing.” Stop it! Dont blame me of what jungle cant do. Don’t blame me for something I can do. Jungle you rock, and I dont want you to leave. Nor do I want you to hate me. Just everyone stop talking about me behind my back! Its not nice, and its rude and disrepectful. If i do become acp senate one of my main priorites is for people being respectful. Please stop, Im not cheating nor am I “bribing” Just stop doing this and lieing about me. Please stop.


  14. I agree with Oagal.

    I agree with Rap.

    I agree with the above. XD

  15. speaking of bigots, i only learned what that word meant today in Language Arts! XD

  16. hey wait… i haven’t been here in several days. heh heh, it’s kind of nice to see you all. well, kind of. well, frankly, my interest in all this is lessening. and THAT, combined with the seemingly short amount of time i have in the day, has caused me to not come on a whole lot. (and i played zelda after the airsoft war we had on MLK day! i do enjoy war with plastic BB’s! :mrgreen: ) but actually, with the time spent on the computer, i’ve been working on my ACP story. yup. it’s about 25 pages of size 12 font right now. might end up to be 50 pages. maybe more. that’s because i’m not halfway done yet, so uh, yeah, good luck reading it, guys. ok, see ya.

  17. Umm Tom Twelve, we don’t want to read it. Put it on your fridge. Put it in a box. Burn it!! Don’t post your crap here!!!!

  18. amazing jungle… i feel exactly the same i have been in the army foc lub penguin for two years (sometimes not always myself) but still i get out in a poll with sheila and cooltier its like ankita is sending a message she knew i would lose against sheila in the govenor or pink state but i amazingly won by 1 vote thanks to some brilliant compainging by i think pop. and already sheila has 35 votes and i have 6 so i guess she’s won well goodbye acp

    i can’t beleive i’m going to say this.

    Boomer, Shab, Ankita, Aber and Rapidy you have been supporting illeagally,

    and for that i must say.


    Lt. general, former senator, gamma state gov, acp medal of honour holder (with a “U” for us english :D)

    —— Bluespeed 7 – Mitch ———

    Boomer: I can’t vouch for the others, but I can say honestly I have not supported anyone, nor have I even casted a single vote in this election. Please don’t accuse people of things they did not do just because you are losing. You claim to have been in ACP for 2 years, but you did not comment on the site until May, and no one had even heard of you at that point. You are losing to one of the better-known ACP soldiers, so please try to be gracious about it instead of pointing fingers.

  19. Please go here )>**)>

  20. dont un mod like everyone just un mod the people that are not suspost to be mods

  21. xD oagal called trickster trix… the foxified names ARE popular 8)

  22. Anonymous, on January 20th, 2009 at 8:42 PM Said:
    Umm Tom Twelve, we don’t want to read it. Put it on your fridge. Put it in a box. Burn it!! Don’t post your crap here!!!!

    Wow man, that’s a pleasant thing to say, btw thanks Trix i appreciate it.

  23. Eh? i thought i commented oh well thanks trickster and anonymous: have you considered READING his story? if you read it you wouldn’t want him to burn it in a box. if you wish things on a story, maybe you’ll get bad luck now

  24. Er…. LOL i feel so stupid it didn’t come up…

  25. So I’m guessing (AND HOPING!!! 😉 ) that Jungle isn’t leaving the army since he was also appointed a senator.

  26. I also know you didn’t quit, but here’s some encouragement NOT to.

    If you spell The Jungle N in Scrabble, you win. Forever.

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