The Elusive White Puffle

A rare breed of puffle has been spotted around Club Penguin.  The discovery is of the long-awaited White Puffle, a rare species lacking color (like an albino puffle 😯 ).  Though the new puffle color was long thought to be Orange, Club Penguin has reported sightings of this rare and formerly undiscovered breed throughout the island.

Ok, enough with the scientist mumbo-jumbo.  Here is what you are really looking for:

*How to Find the Elusive White Puffle of Club Penguin*

The White Puffle has been spotted at two locations on Club Penguin. 

The first location is the Dojo Courtyard.  Rumor has it that this puffle can be spotted every half an hour on the hour and half hour (Ex. 12:00 and 12:30).  The puffle will appear in the bushes to the left of the Dojo door for just a few seconds before it disapears into the brush.  Better be quick!  You will need sharp eyes to spot the white puffle because it matches perfectly with the snow.  Don’t listen to people who say you have to do stupid things for it to come out, because it’s really quite simple.  Just make sure not to talk where the chat bubble covers over the area where the puffle can be spotted.  Here is my picture of the encounter:


The rare white puffle can also be spotted at a more remote and unthought-of location: the Mountain.  This may be your best chance to spot this elusive little guy because less people know about this one.  The same applies for the Mountain puffle as does the Dojo puffle, however the times are slightly different.  This little guy will appear on the half hour, but on the 15 and 45 minute marks (Ex. 12:15 and 12:45).  Because all of the puffle sightings take place 15 minutes apart, you have the chance of seeing it 4 times every hour.  Just make sure you know where it will appear next!  Here is my shot of the sneaky Mountain white puffle:


Remember to keep a sharp eye out, and catch this elusive little critter before the party ends!  Perhaps this will be Club Penguin’s newest house puffle 😕 .

Comment if you have seen this little guy!

As an added bonus, I thought I would tell you about the devilish little snowball warriors at the Snow Forts.  If you go to the Snow Forts, you can see all of the different puffles participating in a snowball fight.  The funny thing is, you can hit them with snowballs 😀 .


Remember kids, an ACP Green puffle is always a happy puffle 😉


Plus they kick ass in snowball fights 😛 .



P.S.~Don’t forget the info HERE!

68 Responses

  1. Funny post. XD

  2. saw the puffle

  3. 4.I found it, it’s funny. I like the post.

  4. Boomer you mean @$$ not a*s, *Looks for Chapa* Change it quick he’s coming, lol.

    -Thomas0270,ACP Colonel*See’s Chapa, OH CRAP!*

  5. Anyways,6th and 7th

    PS: Chapa saw it *Kicks Boomer’s BUTT*Underlines butt* not @$$, k lol.


  6. Hmm… a white puffle. I sense a USCP mascot coming up.

  7. ive seen it 21 times

  8. i always tought of the white puffle like that also Green Puffle pwns

  9. WOW BOOMER! YOU DIDNT EVEN MENTION THE BLACK ARMY TAKING OVER MAMMOTH! WE DESTROYED YOU AND YOUR LITTLE PATROLS! WE HAD OVER 80 MEMBERS THAT DAY! also there was a pink army that we easily destroyed. FYI. BUT COME ON MAKE AN ARTICLE ABOUT THAT! (also the black army calls the white puffle to be part of the army.(even though it dosent make sense.) so dibs!)

    Boomer: If you were anything but a n00b, you would know that Mammoth is neutral (meaning no one army owns it, including us). That is why no one cares about your tiny army… 🙄

  10. noobs will, apparently, never realize that we don’t take them seriously.

  11. Lol… Hey, it looks like an army is trying to take over Mammoth. *gets phone* Lets get 250 armies to kick their asses ❗

  12. there is one more it is at the beacon
    look on map then keep map on then
    look at the snow on top of the beacon
    you will see a white pufffle it will
    blink look very closly

  13. “Remember kids, an ACP Green puffle is always a happy puffle” Are you going to drive up next to me and ask me for candy?

  14. lol nice one Boomer.

  15. they do kick ass and they make weard sounds to

  16. lol

  17. Pfft, even I know that is just a Black Puffle who is pulling a Michael Jackson 😯 I realized that when he asked me if I wanted to go to Neverland…. 😯

    Boomer: LMAO 😆

  18. there is one more it is at beacon look
    on map at the beacon the look
    at the snow on the beacon you will
    see a white puffle it will blink

    it is very hard to see

  19. I just saw one. 😯

  20. lol i hope its non mem

  21. I am a master of bots and I have 40 bots my self.
    If you have any bot questions, feel free to ask me on chat.



  23. Hey Black Army know what you are…


    We don’t care about your ridiculous claims with no proof.

    Funny post Boomer.

  24. I saw The White Puffle Like 5 Times

  25. i saw the puffle four times

  26. Woo hoo! I just was it in the Dojo courtyard 😀 (love the pics)

  27. kool! i saw it on the mountain!

    thx 4 ur time

  28. Exactly Boomer ‘ Exactly

  29. Black Army *Checks for guns* “You’re under arrest for invading Mammoth with no proof” Honestly, you idiot, you need to take pics 8)

  30. hey tux here yea i saw it…..

    ps boomer 20 i likes ur party outfit

  31. Wow I saw on another website that a new puffle with teeth has been spotted. Also the news hints about a White Puffle Coming. COOOOLLLL!


  33. i saw it but only at dojo. i tried looking at the cove but i only stayed there for about 2 minutes 😐 thats right im impatient 🙄

  34. its not at the cove its at the mountain

  35. lol an ACP green puffle is a happy puffle xDD
    lol boomah

  36. i know its at the mountain i meant i was trying to see if it was at the cove 🙄

  37. Also there is a hidden white puffle in the video in the Club Penguin blog.

  38. rumors say the white puffle is a master to change to each couler but is mainly white

  39. how u get green puffle if ur non mem

    Boomer: You can’t, but I already had it from before and they let me keep it.

  40. you dont 🙄 idiot. I saw the white puffle xP

  41. Obi Wan he is a member he just uses a non member uniform

  42. it must have been hard to take the pic….

  43. WE CANT SAY ACP ON CLUBPENUIN ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Hey guess what!I figured out something!It only appears in high places like mountains.

  45. i can’t find it

  46. oooooooohhhhh ahhhhhhh

  47. On Mammoth at the town, thier were these annoying green guys advertising some Goat thing….I just forgot what it was but it had goat in it….. Anyway!The bots were being led by this guy named R Y A N, (yes it looks like that in CP) I think he had like 30 bots with him or something advertising….goat something…..

  48. Truley, I just had to snitch on that guy, mainly cause I enjoy seeing others fall because of hacking and things like that, and me being the person who told the world that 🙂

  49. i saw it like 20 times

  50. Seen it. Shot it. Roasted it over a fire. Yum.


  51. We just lost our best ally. CPAF threw all of their respect that they worked for away, and merged with some tiny army called UPA. They are going to keep UPA’s retarded uniform too! PLEASE tell them that they can’t do this, I worked hard to get respect in CPAF, and the UPA is a stupid idea.

  52. Oh, and they are keeping UPA’s name. I want old CPAF 😦

  53. bFan, he is a non-mem.

    I saw it at the Ski Hill

  54. I didn’t get a chance to see the White Puffle.

  55. dang i was to busy partying to go to those 2 areas 😦

  56. Boomer 20,

    Meet me on Clubpenguin

    Where: Frostbite, Snow Forts

    When: Fri. February 27th 6:00p.m

    Why: I want to be your buddy and meet you.



  58. I want to join Army of Club Penguin and destroy the other armies PS theres a new army called NBP standing for Nachos Rule Bob alex cow and pwner777 we must destroy them!

  59. Boomer im so sorry i could not make it for the begining of the war. But I was there at the end. I had to go shopping with my sister (boring).So plz forgive me. thx Cookiepen

  60. BOOMER
    this is Major Hi Yellow Hi i was at each battle at the world war thank you if you promot me

  61. The white puffle is so awesome! I love him so much! His name is Frosty and I brought him yesterday. This is the most related puffle to Club Penguin, don’t you think? I still see white puffles spotted everywhere now. This IS NOT a joke. In the middle of July and it’s still in the Club Penguin Island? He’s still in the puffle kennel though…

    P.S. Is this a glitch, or is something wrong with my PC?

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