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March of Destoruction: First Wave

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In recent WW5 news . . .

Brought to you by ACP & Co. 😀

This weekend will wrap up an incredible week of success for the ACP and our allies! So far, we have taken six Night Warrior servers, tied one defense, and lost one battle (which we didn’t attend because we had an invasion at the same time). That’s incredible. And to think, one week ago no one gave the ACP a chance of making it out of this war alive. Great job troops! And thanks again to our allies, who we couldn’t have done this without—the DCP and Parkas.

Some soldier’s I’d like to thank in particular for their hard work: Flipper for leading 4 successful invasions with the ACP Euro Branch; Noka and Vedst for leading most of the Alpine invasion; Chase for helping to lead the invasion of Ice Age; and Bob, Matre, Ken, Matt, Ias, & Nosey for all leading to the successes at Jack Frost and Snow Fort. I know there are many more figures who helped, but we need to get onto the point of this post . . .

FRIDAY ( Today! )

Lots of invasions, lots of defenses. Troops, we need to be especially active today. We will steamroll through the NW empire and we will zealously defend our own. We fought for 4 hours to defend Snow Fort; very VERY few armies have the same level of dedication as us. I am confident that you guys will pull through and showcase our strength.

Invasion of Tundra

  • ➡ Our numbers were low but we did it.  We have gained control of Tundra!  The only opposing army was Nachos. 

Invasion of SUMMIT:

  • ➡  Amazing numbers, amazing tactics.  We did very well and we owned NW.  Thank you DW for helping us.

Defense of SNOW FORT:

  • ➡ Nachos were a no show, making a win for ACP.

Defense of BRUMBY (Klondike if full):

  • ➡ Nachos were a no show, making a win for ACP.

SATURDAY ( Tomorrow–most important! )

Two weeks ago, the NW and Nachos captured our capital server, Breeze. At this point the war seemed hopeless; everyone was certain that the ACP was doomed and would lose its entire nation.

As I type this today, we have done just the opposite. We have hit the NW even harder than they hit us; we have taken most of their servers, and haven’t lost a single invasion. We have defeated them time and time again, and proved that we are the true #1 army. Now we will use that momentum to crash through the NW gates and retake our capital! They will yet again see the power of the ACP, and we will have retribution.

Also, one soldier at the Invasion of Breeze will receive OWNERSHIP on the ACP Chat for one week! So y’all better be there.

This is one of the most important battles of the war; we will have a Battle Plans post for it tomorrow night.

Invasion of BREEZE (Klondike if full):

  • Time: 1:30pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:4:30pm Eastern
    :arrow:3:30pm Central
    :arrow:2:30pm Mountain
    :arrow:1:30pm Pacific
    :arrow:8:30am Australia
    :arrow:9:30pm UK
  • Who: ACP & DCP vs NW & Nachos

SUNDAY ( A little rest )

After 4 huge battles (and hopefully 4 huge victories) you guys deserve a bit of a break. So we’re gonna kick off our Sunday siesta by invading Oyster, one of the last NW servers.

Defense of FOG

Time: ➡ 1:30 Penguin Standard Time

4:30 Eastern

3:30 Central

2:30 Mountain

1:30 Pacific

Who: ACP vs NW

Invasion of OYSTER:

  • Time: 2:00pm Penguin Standard Time
    :arrow:5:00pm Eastern
    :arrow:4:00pm Central
    :arrow:3:00pm Mountain
    :arrow:2:00pm Pacific
    :arrow:9:00am Australia
    :arrow:10:00pm UK
  • Who: ACP vs NW


Wow. This weekend is packed. Remember, it’s times like these that the truly great soldiers stand out (ex. Boomer became successful when we discovered him in WW3). We’ve already noticed a few soldier standing out during this World War, and we will offer dedicated troops like them many advancements in the ACP. Your actions will not go unrewarded.

NOTE: We will only accept server changes at the Battles of Brumby and Breeze, because they are usually heavily-populated. But the change must be to Klondike (as previously stated), and we must know at least two hours in advance. If we are not informed two hours in advance, the battles will not change servers.

Until later,
March on!

❗ Comment with which battles you can attend!

53 Responses

  1. I will seriously try my best!

  2. 2nd. yep i can make the saturday ones, the sunday ones i might make….. NW WILL CRUMBLE BEFORE US!!!!! :twitched:

  3. Only Tundra, why would i spend time in GMT wasting my life with no modship or ownership? Thanks alot Grandma I wish you made the event at 8pm GMT or something 😮

  4. I may not be able to make breeze. The euro times are just too late. I have made all the other euro invasions though.

  5. You guys must have no lifes to schedule events when everyones at school, while ACP just sits at the computer all day while others actually get an Education. We actually have lifes unlike you.

  6. I can make all of the Saturday battles except Tundra, and the Battle of Breeze.

  7. I mean Friday…sorry.

  8. oh and also thanks for adding australia events! 😀 YOU ROCK!!! i can make all the aussie events 😀 if is aussie eastarn 😀

  9. As always i can make all Euro Invasions, yet not American invasions

  10. My computer will be getting fixed. If it’s ready soon enough, I may be able to attend some of these.

  11. Was at Frost and Forts battle. I didnt see Matre and Matthew. Only Bob, Ken, Oagal and Ias.
    Why Dont we split Fog with NW:
    They get everything else. we get:
    Boiler Room, Cave, Mine, Mine Shack, EPF HQ, Dojo and Ski Lodge Attic.
    We can set up base there on our part and the NW can have their part.

    • They invaded Breeze, why would we? And I was at the battle of Snow Fort, I love that server so much, and about Frost, I only came up at the beginning.

      And Matt was there as well, we had many owners during the battle of Snow Fort. Sorry if you didn’t notice me…

  12. That wont work Alec and I cant follow all these posts WHAT ONE DID I READ AND WHAT ONE DIDNT I?

  13. i will be able to make 2days invasions and defenses and might be able to make 2morrows considering i have a tourney tomorrow. and sunday i will beable to make it

  14. I will be to all of them. The NW are crumbling beneath our power…


  16. OK, I will be able to make Tundra and I’ll try to smuggle the laptop up tonight 😆

  17. i can make them all EXCEPT defence of Brumby

  18. I can come to most of them!

  19. I’m coming to only the battle of summit and question if you take it If we win summit will it give back to dcp i mean it is there former capital please respond

  20. I can make them all (x

  21. we own

  22. Mkay. I will make nearly all! 🙂

  23. I was at all the europe events 🙂

    Just to let you know, it’s a lil’ unfair since europeans don’t really have any chance of getting the owner prize…

    But european invasions are still much appreciated



  24. What’s up with all of these World War 2 pictures?

  25. I can make the Saturday and Sunday invasions! Go ACP!

  26. I’LL try to make all of them.Im all pumped up!!!

  27. We need some troops at fog at the time of the breeze invasion. On they’re website, it said ‘invasion of fog’. For the time, it was 3:30-the same time as our breeze battle!

  28. ‘they’re” stands for night warriors!

  29. I can def make todays. (saturday) but i’m not 100% sure for sundays battle. I will try my best though (;

  30. Just because you beat one army a lot, it doesn’t mean that you’re the best. And by the way, I have a website so I can announce EPF’s invasions now. Go to http://www.kell0eight.wordpress.com and go on the page EPF ARMY!!!!!

  31. All on saturday

  32. i should make them alll YAY

  33. I can make all of them!

  34. I cant make invasion of breeze, going over to a friends house right when it starts, but i should be there on invasion of fog and oyster.

  35. SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON UTUBE Search Johnthegameguru

  36. cant come to breeze because my sister has laptop so i might make invasion after

  37. i can make them!

  38. I made the Wed and Thurs and Fri ones, but i couldnt make the saturday one BECAUSE i had to go to a really importn state math competition. i didnt know about it until yesterday. im coming home right now,

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  39. this isint funny stop using ww2 pic millions of lives were lost in that very picture…

  40. I made ALL of the battles(NW got crushed)

  41. I might not make today’s battles because I live in New Orleans, so I’m going to Mardi Gras Parades!

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  42. Sorry, ACP. I can’t attend both. 😦


  44. im coming to oyster

  45. I missed all of Saturday’s battles because I went away for the weekend and I will miss Sunday’s because it is 10pm UK time and that is too late on a school night becase I need to get up really early in the morning.

  46. at oyster nw was a no show!!!!

  47. I cant attend the battle on at Sunday at 10pm im going somewhere.

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