I know the title of this post is different I know. But WE ALL need to stop being a bully to new ACP. It is not even funny it hurts people really bad. The new ACP recruits are new stop being so hard on them. They are just kids, living humans. Just like me just like Flipper and Ken. STOP BEING A BULLY. I understand the new soldiers act like a 3 year old but they just joined how they to know each and every single rule in ACP are? Just take 5-10 minutes with a new ACP and talk to them. This way they will feel welcome and accepted by another person. That will make more and more people want to join if word gets out we accept people for who they are not how they are different from the rest of ACP. I have been here for 36 months I have seen every single god dam day someone gets bullied. Every day for over 3 years now at least someone gets bullied on ACP chat. This WILL stop.

I have had friends in ACP who only join ACP to get away from being bullied in real. Now I am sure there are people only in ACP just so they feel welcome and accepted by a group of people. Don’t ruin it for them by being a bully to them. We are all just lucky no one has Committed Suicide over this or someone could be in BIG trouble.

What I am saying is that be nice to anyone that joins ACP from now on. They are just kids looking for something fun to do after School. Also don’t worry once they get used to being in ACP they will calm down and act Normal just like everyone else. They are just excited to be part of something big. Once they come to a few battles and learn the chat rules and make a few friends they will stop acting like a 3 year old.

With that said WE SHOULD have stricter bullying punishments on ACP Chat. This is going too far ACP is making a bad name for our self if we keep being mean to people. Like I said just talk to them when they join.  Something as little as Welcome to ACP can make them feel welcome. You don’t even have to be friends with that new ACP soldier but you should just be nice enough to them. If you can NOT handle accepting someone I think you should just leave ACP. Things WILL change even if I have to fight for their rights for the rest of my ACP career.

Medal Of Honor [Mch]

Noah[Mchappy]: Thank you so much for the MoH, and I’m sure I’ll still be able to help out.  I just don’t want to lead, but I’m always out there to help!

I am sorry that this post is kinda late, I didn’t find out that Mch had retired until 10 mins ago. I’m not sure what happened the last few months so when I talk about Mch, I’m going to be talking about stuff he did up to Christmas.

I would like to present a medal that is given to people and leaders who have shown commitment and dedication beyond what is expected and what is needed. This medal is given to people who are exceptional leaders, who have made a change to cp armies, who have improved the cp army community as a whole.

I saw who Mch was as a person before he became supreme commander, I saw how he automatically stepped up to fill Bob’s place when Bob was unable to lead for a short period of time. I saw how he reacted to problems, to arguements, to fights, and to war. I saw him lead, practice, and keep all of the soldiers in this army entertained.  He brought ACP to it’s prime time in his leadership of between ‘Bob’s Leadership through the beginning of February.’  He did what no one could do, and he wasn’t afraid to go declare a war.  He was a strong person, throughout his ownership days.  Tbh, he might have been the most best owner ACP has seen.

I watched Mch when he became leader. When he led ACP to victory, when he increased the size and strength of this great army. As Bob said, he was destined to be another Boomer.

Thus it is with great honor that I present the Medal of Honor to Mchappy aka Icey Cold27, 18th leader of ACP. I am sure that previous holders of the medal would agree that Mch is deserving of this award.

~Good Luck Mch. You were fantastic, better than I ever was. If you need any help with anything, you know how to contact me~