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Warning, Announcement,Problem,

A Note To Staff,Visitors,Volunteers,and especially our beloved Cadets,

Recently I demoted myself to General and steped down from the position of the Director of Training.Things have went well until April and stuff is starting to not get done.Staff start posting again soon or the Staff Application page will be reopened we need as much active staff as we go through these months together.Slider get these people graduated soon or I will have to do it while everyone is off on vacation lounging on ACP chat doing nothing.

  • Ryan-Active
  • Bunkerbumble-Partially Inactive
  • Jordi-Inactive-Post Immediately or you will be fired.
  • Totojess-Ich weiss es nicht(I do not know whether he is active or not…It’s hard to tell)
  • Declan-Partially Active(Doing Pretty well but do better)
  • Jcapp-Inactive
  • Me[Bruno,Jack]-Partially Inactive(I mainly observe and choose the right time to step in)


Events for the New Cadets

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ACPTR Are We In Need Of Improvement

ACPTR In need Of Improvement?

Hello, You may have seen me on chat but if you haven’t I am Slider, ACPTR leader, I have taken the responsibility to make ACPTR rise far above what it was before. Now what is the purpose of this post you ask? Well I think it would be cool to ask the public of ACP for improvement ideas! Dont be shy, if your idea is selected we will use it and give you full credit!

How to make a improvement submission


ACP rank:


Why does ACPTR need improvement?

Well we always can make ACPTR better! I want to see ACPTR as the great place it once was back in Twingy’s leadership, I could do it on my own BUT Why not get creative!? 😆 If you get to know me I have great ideas and guess what this is one of my great ideas at work!

What is ACPTR?

ACPTR is a group of elite members of ACP here to train new recruits or people who have got a low rank, we are here to teach them the ropes to become successful! I joined ACPTR once as a cadet, I enjoyed it alot, and I wanted to be successful, and look at that hard work pays off doesnt it!

Kenneth was one of our best students, because look at the success he made! Leader of ACP, success runs in the A+ cadets doesnt it? Why not be the next A+ cadets by joining ACPTR!?

Oh and one more thing…..

Noka has discussed bullying with us, let me remind you that cyber bullying is against the law. If you want to help make a new troop in ACP feel good, talk with them and help them out! Everyone needs a warm welcome and a good jump start! If you support, what Im calling the “Noka act” or “ACP act”, If you support the no bullying this is all we ask for you! Stop it! Report it! Be cool not a bully! Have extra room in your chat name? If you want you can put “I support the no bullying act of ACP” just a thought 🙂