Friday Recruiting/Practice Battle

Hello ACP,

We had a recruiting today which later turned into a practice battle between ACP and CPC. I was the only Owner on Chat at the time before Bob got on and only 3-4 mods were on ready to log on Club Penguin. I first logged on to check the server of Breeze then when I ordered everyone on Breeze to recruit moments later, some CPC troops were there with a line down from the Nightclub.

I like everyone else was bored of recruiting so I ordered to Clover Bomb the CPC, which turned it into a Practice Battle between the 2 armies. (they weren’t supposed to be on our server anyways 😕 ) We fought them for a little and when they left we kept recruiting. When a scout found them at the Snow Forts we hurriedly gave chase. They were positioned with a line under the Clock tower. I commanded ACP to do a Sick Faces Bomb followed by a Joke Bomb. The CPC promptly left after the Flower Bomb. I decided to turn this into a “You Lead Session”. Only BuckleyBeanz got to lead before we had to log off. The pictures of the battle are below. Click on them to make them appear larger.

At the beggining

ACP at the Snow Forts

ACP Line

ACP Flower Bomb

ACP practices firing snowballs at the Clock Tower

We had about 25-30 people on average. We started losing people when the CPC left. I hope to have an unscheduled event every Friday to help keep us active.

Comment if you made it! Commenting helps get promotions!


Hey ACP!

I’m Johny 4, and I’ve been chosen as ACP’s newest 3ic. You may or may not know me, but just in case I’m going to tell you little bit of my history. 😉

I joined ACP in January 25th 2009. At that time, Boomer was leader. Before joining, I had already found out about ACP around the end of September 2008 but I wasnt allowed to join. After I joined, I tried being as active as I could and come to all the events I could attend. I always  gathered all the knowledge and experience I could and rose through the ranks.

It’s an honor to be serving as an ACP Commander General. I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can, just PC me on chat or contact me here 😛 :

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Thats all for now!
: )
-Johny 4