First Senate Meeting!

Read the Post Below!

Hi everyone, DRACP President Monsterfully here to announce the details of the senate meeting! If you have not attended one before (senators) and are new to this, just keep on reading. If you’ve done it before, just look over the date, time, and chat.

I am going to be really encouraging something that was suggested, but this is extremely suggested. People who are not senators, feel free to present your ideas to the senators for them to present at the meeting. And senators, make sure to give them FULL credit on the idea. This includes bills, rules, ect. Don’t be afraid to ask! When senators present their idea, they will be asked if they were given that idea. Non-senators, if you do not feel comfortable giving your idea to another senator (which is unlikely), just feel free to PC me on ACP chat and present your idea to me.

Now, I’m going to go over the rules. You may not interupt anyone else when they present their idea. Each person has the chance to present their idea and will never be ridiculed (even if horrible) and just be given helpful tips on how they can improve their idea to better the DRACP, ACP, or CP Armies in general. I have had this idea for as long as 2 years and has not gone through, and this is my chance. It is called the “talking baton” which means if you have the Talking Baton, you are the only one (except Buck and I) allowed to speak! If you do not have the Talking Baton and you do speak, you will be given a strike. 3 strikes and you are out. Before and after the meeting you may socialize, but meetings should be kept polite and organized as possible.

Sunday, April 17th



3:30 EST

2:30 CST

1:30 MST

12:30 PST [Not Midnight]

8:30 GMT

If you have any questions, feel free to PC me and don’t be afraid to ask!

Signing off…

Monsterfully DRACP President & ACP Main Field Marshall

An Idea

ACP Bob: Here is some pictures of the warfare that Noka is talking about. Many of you have been in battles like these but most of you have not. I liked snowball wars better then emote and spamming wars which is what we have today. Anyways enjoy these pictures:


I think this idea might work if you take the time to read what I am saying and reread if you do not understand it.

I think if we can at least bring back the Snow Ball to Mammoth for ACP. Just Mammoth we don’t have to use it everywhere but just on Mammoth. The reason of this being is the following.

ACP becomes more fun- Our older vets in ACP like me and bob, jc, and others would want to go on more to have fun again.

Retired ACP might want to rejoin if we go back to using the Snow Ball on Mammoth.

This is one of the big reasons- The Mammoth ACP (ACP that only fight on Mammoth and don’t know about the ACP site) would see us on every day and we can tell them about the site which leads to lots of new recruit’s!

Give everyone a reason to be active and want to be on Club Penguin every day after school!

Having fun- isn’t ACP and other Club Penguin armies were made to give everyone something to do like having fun, and do something after school

New recruits get experience- They would go on mammoth and fight SWAT and noob armies which will prep them up to fight in a real battle so they will get used to Club Penguin warfare!

It really is not much to ask for just using the Snow Ball on Mammoth at least like the old days would benefit ACP and give people a reason to get on Club Penguin everyday again.

Mammoth is losing Club Penguin noob armies and we need to get back in there and help them so we have something fun to do.

Now on a side note I was thinking we could let every top 10 major army go in like the old days but only allowed to use the Snow Ball only. Before you keep reading this is just an option ( if you don’t like this don’t keep reading)

That way ACP and those armies would have something fun to do for once. But if you like this idea here would be some rules.

No trash talk- No going around saying BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ACP sucks, or BOOOOOOOO iw sucks etc…

No invading- you can’t claim Mammoth as your own land.

Have fun- No going around getting stressed out if your army is losing on Mammoth because it is not a real battle.

Some of you might be saying is this like a PB? Well in a way yes but it is a 24/7 Pb where any army could be on battling each other for FUN!

If you like this idea or both comment what you all think!