ACP Wins the TTT Finals

Ken: Can someone fix the trophy? Joker noticed that the trophy say’s “Winer” instead of Winner.

Flip and Ken please read and respond to this

The title could not be any clearer. ACP did an outstanding job on the battlefield today under the leadership of Flipper. It was a great battle and I had a lot of fun; I hope you did too. This is a great day for the leadership of Kenneth and Flipper. Nachos could have been said to be number 1 at the start of the tournament, but we looks like we are back on top! ACP wins the Top Ten Tackle Tournament by CPAC!

ACP's Trophy going in the Trophy Case

➡ First of all, good battle to the Nachos and to the Night Warriors. I hope they gave it their all just like we did. Remember this was a friendly tournament so please no “ACP Won Ha ha” on other armies’ websites or chats. Like I said it was a great battle and it was a challenge for all the armies because it could have been anyone’s battle and victory. Here is how it went today:

  1. ACP started at the town, Nachos started at the dock, and the Night Warriors started at the plaza. ACP and Nachos had a greater size then the Night Warriors at the start.
  2. Nachos went to the snow forts and fought the Night Warriors there.
  3. ACP, after about 15 minutes, went to the dock where the Nachos were trying to get in the dock also. Acp flooded the dock faster then the Nachos could so Acp had the advantage. After fighting for a few minutes, Nachos retreated.
  4. I dont remember how it happened but the best part came to be when ACP stormed back to the dock and fought the Nachos for a while. After a long time, nachos retreated to the plaza. ACP moved from the dock to the town and fought the Night Warriors until time was up.
  5. ACP wins, Nachos 2nd, Night Warriors 3rd

Sorry if it is kind of confusing to read. The pictures will help:

Pictures from Ryan [Toon]

Picture 1A

Picture 1B

➡ Ok, so this is a time to not stop. ACP has been getting better and bigger for the past 2 weeks. We can keep this up because all we have to do is have more events like recruiting and training. Everyone who came today did an awesome job at following orders and the ACP leaders thank you for that. Remember, Mammoth is a public server so we still can fight and protect on it. Chat is doing better. Also, more people have been coming on and I do see we have a moderator problem. If you have anymore pictures please put them in the comments; it will help a lot!

❗ Comment if you made this battle!

Over & Out

>>>>Acp Leaders<<<<<



Note To ACP Soldiers Below 1st LT. JOIN ACPTR TODAY

To All the ACP Soldiers through Lt.Colonel and Field Marshall

Staff Applications are OPEN!!!

I have a mission for you.How would you like to be a staff member of the ACPTR?I bet your wondering why are you asking us? what are we suppose to do to? Who is our leader?Well all those questions will be answered once joining us. we have high expectations for our staff. What we are looking for in our staff is great knowledge in the Club Penguin Armies.What you will do is teach cadets about our beloved army and armies close to us.You may be thinking “HECK NO!WHY WOULD I WANTT TO TEACH A BUNCH OF NOOBS?WHO CARES ACPTR IS USELESS!” Well I have one thing to say.Without ACPTR we wouldn’t have as much skilled soldiers as we do now! Our own Co-Leader Ken was an A+ graduate and one of the first to graduate. If you don’t want to join our staff fine by me. even if you are not an ACPTR cadet as a staff member you will not only learn from yourself but the cadets also.


  • Knowledge of the ACP history,Government,Leaders,Branches, and Divisions:mrgreen:
  • Able to post,edit,and create pages
  • Knowledge of the Famous Big Three Major Armies(ACP,IW,Nachos) :D
  • Lt.Colonel-Field Marshall :0
  • Activeness :roll:
  • Fun :mrgreen:
  • Reading of the ACP Saga every once in a while(History Class)
  • Able to create Tactics from the top of your head(this is a very hard one)


Application Form:

1.)Penguin/Xat Name:

2.) Time Zone(EST,CST,MST,etc.) :


4.)Things you are skilled in and why you want this job:


~!ACPTR Director,Bruno!~


Chris’s Retirement

Slider: I’m am posting this retirement for Chris as he asked me to do so.

Well its my time to go. I never thought of this day if it was the day I was recruited to this army or the day I received modship. But before I do go here are some people who changed my experience in my time

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Welcoming Slider

Hello my name is Slider, I have been chosen as the new Commander General for ACP. You may have seen me on chat and I would be happy to help anyone who needs it. Now I feel this as a opportunity to tell you a little background info about me.

Dont forget about the TTT tournament today!

I joined Acp in the beginning of March 2010 but dont underestimate me, I have like anyone worked very hard for this rank. When I joined I didn’t go on chat very, but I attended battles and learned elsewhere, from the ACP site. I kept up my pace attended almost every battles but I took a break, it was during July and August.  Then I returned to ACP, on September 11 2010. I started coming on chat every day and attending every event I could. Months later I became a staff member of ACPTR and it was a enjoyable job. A few months later, I became Co leader of ACPTR. Then after hard work and long hard work, in many months I had become ACPTR leader. I soon after had been on the 3rd in command poll, and later in the week elected 3rd In Command. What a huge honor this is I am the proud next Commander General of ACP!

Now I couldn’t have got this far in the long run without great friends.

Skloop: You were always a great friend to me

Buck: You helped me up to this long road and talked with me when I was a member and I got bullied.

Johny: You are a great friend and always will be, you have a bright future ahead as we all do!

And to all my friends and the soldiers of ACP, I wont let you down at all trust me, I will be a great 3ic and I certainly will be on chat to help if you need it 🙂


TTT Tourney


What: TTT Tourney: ACP Vs. Nachos Vs. NW.

Where: Snow Bank

When: Saturday, April 9th, 2011



12 PM MST (Noon)