Senate Election…Results!

Shab: I am sorry to announce that the Grand Senator position was gotten rid of due to changes in the definition of President and Vice President. There is no need anymore for a GS, sorry to the person that got picked.

April 20th was too far away and there were a good amount of votes, so here are the results! Congratulations to all candidates who made it!

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3rd In Command – Updates!

Edit: Ken, I assumed the poll was basically over in the private post, as it had been a couple of days. You are entitled to change/cancel anything you want! It seems like a bit of deja-vu here.. *WARY*

Hey ACP!

You might of seen that recently Jcapp was demoted, then we put in a poll to consider what would happen to him and whether he would keep his 3ic spot.. It’s now official that the poll has ended, with some weird outcomes.. Read on to find out whether we have a new 3ic, or if Jcapp is staying as an owner on our chat! Also, check out how the CSS went down!

1.Poll Results

So, at around 9:00 AM GMT, a poll was released to decide whether Jcapp should keep his Commander General spot. He had originally been demoted, but after some support, I was convinced that he deserved another chance. The poll would be up for a day, and was on very strict settings.. Jcapp had to win by at least 5% [Was 10, had been cut down] so that a riot wasn’t caused once again if he got 3ic.

A day passed, and the poll was taken in to be modified and to find out the results.. We were very surprised when we saw what had happened, there was quite a small chance of it happening.. Remember, Jcapp needed 5% more to keep his Commander General role. There were 2 options: ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’. Fairly simple, right? Look below to find out what happened..


Should Jcapp keep 3ic?

  • No. – [94 Votes]
So, 5% more.. would it happen..?
  • Yes. – [94 Votes]
The voting had been tied with 94 votes each! This means, that sadly, Jcapp64, you will not keep your Commander General spot, and will be demoted to ‘Main Field Marshall’. But, keep your head high! There is always next time.. Show that you can push thorugh this minor blip in your career, and show the haters you are worthy of that Commander General role, whatever it will take!
Well, with a 3ic demoted.. that must mean that a Commander General spot was open! Instead of a public vote that caused much hassle, the owners decided to make it an ‘Owner vote’ where the current leaders of ACP would decide, along with any former leaders who would like to speak their opinion. This would be more efficient, and more helpful to the owners. As the two ‘MFM’s’, Johny4 and Monsterfully were the candidates.
It’s true, both have good qualities and are active enough to take the role, and the big responsibility of the title: Army of Club Penguin 3rd in Command. So, we added up the votes to see who had been chosen.. there were only 2 votes in it! It was so close, with both candidates deserving  it then the next. I’m sure you are all eager to find out, who the new 3ic of the Army of Club Penguin will be..

Commander General Results

First of all, Johny4, with..
  • Johny4 – ||||| | [6 Votes]
6 Votes from former ACP leaders, and current.. but could Monsterfully do better, and snatch it away from Johny?
  • Monsterfully – |||| [4 Votes]
It was so close, with only 2 votes separating Johny and Mike! But.. As you can see, there was one clear winner in the end. Welcoming..


As the new Army of Club Penguin, Commander General! We are sure Johny will continue to be a helpful asset to ACP, and be active with all his ‘might’!


Recently, I bought a CSS [Custom Style Sheet] for ACP, it allows us to customise the site a bit more, and makes it a lot more nice to look at! Etac14 designed it for us, with some neat GFX to go with it, we can’t thank you enough Etac, thank-you! The CSS updates changed:

  • Bigger and better header!
  • Custom BG behind the text of posts!
  • Custom ‘Sticky Post’ BG!
  • Custom Comment Box BG!
  • And general updates with will benefit ACP massively!

In a couple of days, in my opinion, ACP went from a dull, boring site, to the new and improved ArmyOfCP.Com with the best GFX in all the top 10! Talking with some ACP soldiers, they have joined armies for their GFX, so hopefully this will turn in some new recruits too! I’m glad I spent the money on the Domain and CSS, as it will benefit us greatly. 😆

From what I can tell, people have really liked this new CSS update, with ACP creator, Oagalthorp, hailing it a massive success! If you are still disliking the header, it is most likely to be changed when Etac/Whoever can find time to do it, but for now we must stick with this header, which I think, is still very good.

That’s all from me and the ACP owners,

-Flipper7706, Kenneth1000, and ACP Owners.