Freedom of Speech.

Flipper 2: I have bought a CSS for ACP! The CSS has been updated and with a TEMP-HEADER. This means a new one will be made tomorrow as our designer, 3 cheers for Etac14, didn’t have time to do it today! Comment your opinions on the new site change. But remember, the header isn’t here to stay.. We may even experience a GFX contest!

Flipper: Ugh. This took MAJOR decisions that we are REALLY sorry about. Jcapp, if Yes wins this poll by about 10% than you will continue as 3ic. if there is only a vote or a couple in it, you will be demoted.

Slider: No one gives Jcapp a hard time, and no rude or mean comments about Jcapp being demoted. Remember the chat rally is this Saturday! Start thinking what division you want to be in too!

Hey ACP.

This is kinda’ like a 4 part post, with the results of something that has been happening frequently on chat and something a former leader has been kind enough to do! Also, an update on what the site is going through, we must stick with it through these tough times! 😆

1. Freedom of Speech:

It’s with great regret that I make this post, as it lets down a very loyal soldier indeed. I’m going to keep this short and simple, and basically straight to the point. Basically, there have been protests and chat revolts over a selection of a 3ic. We have been tyring to defend this 3ic, but lately this hasn’t been good enough.

Jcapp64, I’m really sorry but after popular demand, a petition of over 70 soldiers, it seems like that you are no longer a 3rd in Command of the Army of Club Penguin. Like the other 3ic candidates, you will become a “Main Field Marshall” to replace the leaving MFM who will be promoted to 3ic.

We are so sorry that we have to do this Jcapp, and we can’t even think how you are beginning to feel, but please stay with us – Show that you are strong enough to get past the hate and critiscm and steam through to knock everyone down. We are truly sorry, and we don’t know how this happened.

But we must allow Freedom of Speech.

The new 3ic’s will be chosen by the owners of ACP, and will sadly not be run by with the public.

2. Shaboomboom Nation

Shaboomboom, former ACP leader, has been working very hard on the Nation page! He took the time out of his day to fix it up with Iasgae’s constitution – A more modern version. He has updated some rules and things too, including our long list of Servers! I want you to congratulate him on his hard work and effort for ACP.

The Nation page will be up sooner or later, but we aren’t sure yet! This is a short section of this post, but it was worthy enough to be mentioned!

3. Site Changes

Viewing the site, you might of seen some site changes that have been happening. First of all, I, Flipper7706, have bought a domain for ACP. The site, which used to be is now a short and sweet version: ArmyOfCP.Com. This new domain will help with recruiting and things on CP, so this is a positive change.

After much talking and consideration, I decided to see if ACP could set up our own ‘Private E-Mail server’ through some applications and things. I turned to this one application, and it allowed us to do it! As you may have already seen in an edit, there are now new emails based off our domain for each ACP owner rank. There’s even one for ACPTR and the Senate!

To get a full list of the e-mails, look below!















More will be added as more users are registered!

Also, ACP site may be getting a possible CSS to complete our upgrade! This isn’t confirmed, so comment your opinions below so we know how to make ACP the best site in CP Armies. Maybe even a possible GFX competition to light up the site? Who knows! you decide.

4. Divisions

I’m sure all of you are eager to find out when the Divisions might be coming back! I think a rough date is 20th April, while we try and get every site ready and up to perfection! If you check out the ranks, you should be able to find out who your commanders will be. There should be a 3ic for each divisions, and 2 FM’s for it too!

You will be able to join whichever Division you like via a join page on the Division’s site. This will be an easy access page,, and you will be joining your new divisions in the click of a few buttons!

5. Sign Off!

That’s all from this post, comment on the 4 things that are happening around us.. and most important: What your opinions are about them. Comment now!

-Flipper & Kenneth1000