Get Ready

Jedi’s edit: I was of the same opinion, but I think that the chat was hacked or at least attempted in the morning.

Boomer’s Edit: I agree, I think we should stick with the current chat, no one seems to know where we are supposed to go…

Oagal’s edit: Don’t forget to read this post, which states exactly why we are going to war with the RPF.

P.S. So far, the RPF is the only army against us, even though Commando says everyone is against us. 🙄

P.P.S. This new chat arrangement is screwed up. I say we stay in one,public chat, and if the RPF hacks it, so what? We can just move to another one.

Jedi’s Edit: Boomer, we’ve a new chat. Contact me, and I’ll owner you there.

I will start out by saying, if you would like to join our efforts to take down Club Penguin’s most corrupt army, please comment below with your army’s name.  Anyone and everyone can help.

Allies in ACP vs. RPF

WW, UMA, Army Strong, PH, CPPD


Allies in ACP vs. RPF

Currently None

We need everyone we can get to make this war have a lasting impact.  One army will not change anything.  We need to make a statement as a collective body of armies.  We all claim to fight for the “good of Club Penguin”, but what does it say if we let one of the most corrupt leaders in Club Penguin off without punishment?

I want every soldier out patroling our servers today.  If you see any enemy activity, report it immediately to a superior officer.  This is a code Red, this is war.  We must all be alert to protect our borders.

In addition, I am calling for a meeting of ACP’s allies:

We will try to use ArmyCentral provided that Commando hasn’t reset it already…

1:00 PST

2:00 MST

3:00 CST

4:00 EST

9:00 U.K.

All allies (Nachos, UMA, WW, IW, etc.) should attend to discuss what is going on.  Smaller armies are welcome too, however please send only your elite soldiers (maybe just your owners).

If anyone needs to add anything, they can do so here.


78 Responses

  1. uhh my army is CPP not CPPD

  2. CPWW will help ACP Boomer!

  3. 3rd, and MTCP will help you! we are about….um…5 people. But we will help!

  4. 4th wcp will help acp if i can get them to

  5. UMA, and the others are with RPF!

  6. I have just came back from UMA, MCP, and WW, I have a left comment asking if they willl help us, and also,the Nachos are helping RPF I think cough read their blog cough

    Tigers Class ACP captain

  7. Nachos aren’t with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Ncp will help for sure! I’m back from Mexico, well thanks!

    -Thomas0270,ACP Colonel,#1 Colonel

  9. can we plz have another practice battle today plz


  10. rpf has mad me so mad thinking their better then us trying to take all are servers well we wont let this happen im with acp forever and always and i will be fighting harder then ever i wont let you down GO ACP!!!!!!!!

  11. the UACP will gladly help how ever we are also a treaty i wish for you to join mine ok….

    heres the site, song, and we will send them ringing

    Leave a Reply here:

  12. boomer 20 i heard the situation and the UACP (united armies of club penguin) will help you.

    -tuxedo man47

  13. Why don’t you replace that stupid RPF banner with a USCP banner. 8)

  14. nachos arent allies for this war

  15. RR will help!

  16. My army is MCCP, we are going to help!

  17. i am hleping ACP even know im in WCP i will quit WCP if they don’t help ACP I WILL NEVER QUIT ACP BUT IM GLAD a few armies are helping Thank you other armies who are helping us ACP Thank you. WCP might help because me and spongie555 will quit if they don’t help ACP I WONT QUIT ACP

  18. Romans are probably helping the ACP, not confirmed yet.

  19. Hey if anyone is interested i have thought of a new army name if anyone likes it it is called “club penguin minute men”If you are interested in making an army with that name you can unless you are in rpf and you are an acp traitor comment if you do.

  20. EPFS is helping you

  21. you know the RPF banner under the vikings banner remove the RPF Banner because commando is getting everyone against us so boomer you can remove it there not our allies anymore unless they stop this big mess remove the banner untill they stop this mess which they problaby won’t stop this mess replace it with a MCCP banner and put a RR banner on it because commando is driving us crazy by getting every army against us

  22. We can crush them. Rpf WILL PAY for their malicious deeds!

    ☆☆☆☆☆sheila on meh wii

  23. what allies do u guys have? :devil: have a nice last 2-1 weeks. ha ha ha

  24. Johny 4 hereim leader of a new army PACP and im happy to tell you were on your side for everything you guys provided me! the time i was just a warrant officer you guys instrocted me explained me and showed me stuff in a good mood i thank ACP for that WERe on your side ACP! BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!

    ~Johny 4 (leader of PACP and ACP lieutenat)




  26. Im Feephill current leader of CPEQ yes i will like to help.

    Feephill-Acp lieutenat and Leader of CPEQ

  27. there on death row, there on the

  28. hey have you guys heard of the cp rebel force or the U.N. well im the leader of thoes guys and im stil loyal to the acp

  29. Brown Banditos (diffrent than black bandits) are there for you!!!!

  30. the Federal Union of Club Penguin will gladly help!

  31. Lets crush them people!
    ~Neojet – ACP Warrant Officer – EPFS Leader

  32. Can someone email me the new chat? I’m an ACP Seargent, check the list in Kappa Brigade: Amitc87


  34. sorry i cant get my army to help as we have about… 3 people… anyway whats the new chat?

  35. CPP has 4 people one will probily come two maby mayby 3

  36. UA would help, except we think rpf hacked our site, and now UA is nothing, the reason i think the RPF hacked us is because Mocar1 and reaperdrone was on our chat and were calling us noobs thinking we did not know nothing more than the names of armies. Visit and join, just comment on the newest post or the second newest post to support UA or join.

    Thanks! -Spiff313 Veteran of cp wars

    “RPF’s blood will be on the bottom of our boots!

  37. Black Rockets will be their to support ACP.

  38. it was rpf that used bots to frame ice warriors

  39. CPPD is my police force

  40. CPPD is ready and waiting for you orders boomer

  41. me and feephill and the CPEQ will help u guys.
    P.S. how do we get on the chat?

  42. BTW even though my army may be small we fight like large army Like explained in this qoute;
    What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
    -Dwight D. Eisenhower

  43. CPC is ready and able to fight along side ACP.

  44. VCP will fight tell RPF are dead!

    p.s. 42th comment!

  45. CPFF(Club Penguin Fire Faclons)will help even thought we probaly only have about 7 ppl……….well we will help anyways P.S could u put CPFF on blogroll and allies list plz :D~Pman Elite

  46. As I said, NCP is helping ACP, I would like NCP [Navy Of Club Penguin] to be ACP Allies, I basicly made NCP to help ACP, thnx,


  47. Guess what boomer i invaded Snow globe RPFs and UMAs & Nachos, WW, UMA, ST, BB, and URA forces i invaded i get to chose who to share it with MCP SSACP UMA ST BB WW Nachos URA i invaded it off RPF not off MCP SSACP UMA ST BB WW Nachos URA so will share it with MCP SSACP UMA ST BB WW Nachos URA but not RPF i took it off RPF i invaded it by my self no one helped i went in every room Boomer20 Mrchatterbox~~~

  48. Well boomer20 i guess it wasn’t an invade an invade is a whole crowd of soilders fighting but it was just me so it might not count your choice

  49. I made a speech for my army you can see it here:

  50. hey boomer my army will help it is UCP which stands for unlockers of club penguin and plz add us to ur allies



    READY FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AIM

  52. BTA is all in on helping out

  53. Hello Acp, My name is Pat. I am from a site called Club Hangout. We would like to sponser the ACP. All we as is that our widget gets posted. Also we will make a widget leading to your site and post it on our site.

    Code for Widget:

    Thank You for your support,

  54. I will get facp to help

  55. The Brown Banditos will help figt against the RPF. Please comment back at

  56. WCP will help ACP 😀

  57. i will help acp my armies name is pinks

  58. i think we need a major army to win this one

  59. boomer u may not know this but i think nachos joined rpf

  60. my army, the Red Raiders will help ACP. (RR)

  61. never mind boomer

  62. lets get ready to rumblllleeee!!!

    sorry about that, its a song on ma ipod 😆

  63. I will help for this war i am a Lone Warrior i’ll tell you who i am on CP i was once an ACP.

    ~”You, Save the Donuts!” Tallest Red, from Invader Zim

  64. P.S I am not joining ACP I am just a lone ally

    ~ “You Save the Donuts!” Tallest Red, from Invader Zim

  65. Please make me an ally!

  66. Please make me a c

  67. Please make me a chat

  68. Please make me a chat member

  69. I Stev712, am putting my army WCP to help ACP in this situation.

  70. Yeah I am now the Lone Pink Warrior. I am Pen122 lol I like pink!

    ~”You, Save the Donuts!” Tallest Red, From Invader Zim

  71. Let me tell you somthing rpf is not the only army against you ok and rpf is defended

  72. Sir RPF was in Breeze attacking and saying Breeze was theirs but me and some ACPs drove them away but they said they own all your servers automatically!!


  73. RPF and NACHOS will defeat you ACP we dont want your war or your protection we never asked and i know you wont post this because you dont want people to think like i do but cp dosent want cp we have stated that already so this is our final stand and we will win.

  74. RPF and NACHOS will defeat you ACP we don’t want your war or your protection we never asked and i know you wont post this because you don’t want people to think like i do but cp dosen’t want ACP we have stated that already so this is our final stand and we will win.

  75. RPF just attempted to invade Breeze. They failed against bout 20 ACP soldiers. We pwned them! ACP won easily, before securing Snow Fort also. The Nachos never took Breeze or Snow Fort, but if they did, we just won them back!

    Get your war faces on :-x!

    Jingle Jay
    ACP Major

  76. Check out RPF’s new post. I’ve never seen a post with so many lies.

  77. Boomer post!:found it!

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