How to Organize a Tournament

I noticed a recent post on the IW site about how CPA Central scheduled an end of year tournament in which ACP and IW faced each other in the first round.  Agreeing with IW, yes, that sounds like a fail.  That means one of the top two armies will be eliminated in the first round…

Here is how you organize a tournament.  A typical tournament is organized by some sort of rank.  The Top 10 Army list seems like a good ranking system.  In a tournament (take the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament for example), the top ranked team plays the lowest ranked team, the second highest ranked team plays the second lowest ranked team and so on.  If the tournament consists of the Top 8 armies, it would look something like this:

#1 plays #8

#2 plays #7

#3 plays #6

#4 plays #5

If we were to organize this by the current Top 8, our tournament would look like this:

Round 1

Bracket 1

ACP (1) vs. UMA (8)

Nachos (3) vs. Tacos (6)

Bracket 2

IW (2) vs. FW (7)

HSA (4) vs. GW (5)

Assuming that the higher ranked army won in every battle, Round 2 would look like this:

Round 2

ACP (1) vs. Nachos (3)

IW (2) vs.  HSA (4)

The Finals would then look like this:


ACP (1) vs. IW (2)

Doesn’t it make sense for the Top 2 armies to meet in the Finals?  That seems like a better plan to me.

Note: This is how we will organize the Christmas Tournment.  Don’t worry about who won what battles here, this was an example.  It is perfectly possible for a 6th ranked army to upset a 3rd ranked army, etc.  It should be a lot of fun.  Hope this helps future tournament-schedulers.


9 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. 2nd

  3. i know i saw, thatw ould be no fun have the 2 top armies first round, but they could be doing that so that the top 2 wont fight eachother int he final and have more of a chalenge. idk think they may be doing this?

  4. Boomer,
    The purpose of that tourny isnt to have “ACP and IW face off”. Since there is a lot of controvery about what army is really 1st, 5th, 10th, and so on, this tourny had pairs of armies how are very close in the Top 16 fight to see who really is bigger.


  5. That kinda sounds unfair to me to put the 8th army against the 1st army because OF COURSE the 1st largest army will win! I say you make it so armies that are similar in size battle, for example:
    ACP vs IW
    Nachos vs HSA
    GW vs Tacos
    FW vs UMA
    This would be more fair and then for example it would be….
    ACP vs Nachos
    GW vs FW
    And finally it would be…..
    ACP vs GW
    I think that its more fair.

  6. We scrapped that tourney and scheduled another with ACP facing the worst army in the tournament in the style of March Madness. Its being postponed until sometime during the Christmas Break because Woton has other things planned. The Winter Tournament and the Christmas Tournament will still be back to back though, kinda like that day in January with all those College Bowls. XD

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